Are we really jealous of Phil's success? - Gout, Bankruptcy and Vitriol. Sounds good?

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If offered Phil's income to play video games, then I think 90% of people would say yes. But Phil's life? No chance. Just look at what that $120k p/a comes with:

- bankrupt
- gambling addict, possible alcoholic
- poor health
- sham marriage
- known for jacking off on camera, such a laughing stock that even big companies feel free to publicly insult you.
- no friends
- no savings
- never leaves the house except to buy food
- too paranoid to even play games with his fans
I'd take all that over what I have now, which is breaking my back for less money than he makes, only to be ignored at best, and more often degraded, insulted, and condemned for my station in life.

Jealous of Phil as a person and his job? No. His "You gotta be shitting me!" pigroach luck? I'd be lying if I didn't say "A little."

Guys,I can believe than any of you can be jealous of any aspect of Phil's life. Money? What money?? He haven't buy a new t-shirt in how long?! Jeans decade old (he said it). He's broke and bankrupt.
If you wanna have paypigs like he is must be prepared to be scum of a man,manipulator,to take money from disabled persons and have no problem with it. And most important you must dump a big shit on your pride, self-respect,be a shameless slime.
He's miserable. Loving wife,family etc it's just a narative for lonely paypigs who think they are part of his life. They paid 2000 f*** $ to see a cat.
I'm living in a 3rd world country. Destroyed in '90s wars and bombing. Earning about 1k$ a month and have a wife,daughter and a pudl. I'm working as a train engineer and happy with my choice.
With all that said it never crossed my mind to be jealous on pigroach.
Paypigs throw money on him cos they think Phil in their name is fighting evil in this world and ppl that made them sad and lonely. Nobody watch his gameplays just drama surrounding him.
Don't be ever jealous on Phil. He'll be known for the REST of his life how he Slapped his monkey live stream,being the most hated person inside gaming community and out of it.
Cheers 👍

Bored Euro Trash

Imagine caring
I just got done catching up with the pigger (heh) and seeing him get banned AGAIN actually put a smile on my face. Despite that it didn't make me sad or angry when I saw his ban was lifted already.

That's the beauty of the snortex - if he sticks around we continue laughing at him, and should he actually get yeeted for good one fateful day, we point and laugh and move on with our lives.

I want to say to those who it may be concerned with the amount of troll Super Chats and people on the main forum seem pissed that Phil is getting hundreds of dollars. Here's a checklist to see if you're actually jealous:

1. Do you have family around you that love you?
2. Do you have friends?
3. Are you happy with your career path?
4. Have you traveled outside the hotel from the location you've traveled at?
5. Are confident with yourself?
6. Can you look at yourself in the mirror?
7. Can you go to sleep at night?

Even if you only check one or two of these boxes, you have more than what Phil has. There is no reason to be jealous of Phil who if you google him shows all his bullshit.

We all have bullshit that we have to over come, but as long as you learn from it, you're ahead of Phil. No matter if you're making $20,000 or $200,000 a year, money doesn't make you happy. Just look at Phil for an example.

Believe in yourself. Surround yourself with people who care about you. Live your life to the best of your ability. Don't be jealous of some idiot who has to lie and scam for 6 figures but scared of everything outside his bedroom/office.

If you're at a low point. My DM's are open.


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Not a chance. If I want to make as much money as Phil, I would do it in a way that would protect me from fucking up.


war! huh? yea! what is it good for?
Am I jealous of the fact that he makes 6 figures by playing video games for 9 hours a day? Fuck yeah who wouldn't be.
Even if he was making triple what he currently does, he would not be any smarter of a person. He will still find ways to make himself feel miserable on a daily basis, he will still bitch and moan about everything, and his spending habits will still be shitty and he will still find himself stuck in a situation like this.
Phil is just a loser through and through. I personally don't enjoy wading in a pool of sorrow and misery like Phil does. I will never be jealous of him.

Am I jealous of the fact that he makes 6 figures by playing video games for 9 hours a day? Fuck yeah who wouldn't be.
Even if he was making triple what he currently does, he would not be any smarter of a person. He will still find ways to make himself feel miserable on a daily basis, he will still bitch and moan about everything, and his spending habits will still be shitty and he will still find himself stuck in a situation like this.
Phil is just a loser through and through. I personally don't enjoy wading in a pool of sorrow and misery like Phil does. I will never be jealous of him.
Exactly. Am i jealous of the money he makes sitting on his ass all day? Yes.

Am i jealous of how he does it. Or why hes there or his legacy. Pretty much anything in his life...Place, food, relations etc etc. Everything besides the lazy money he gets? No. Not at fkin all

Philly May Lyrus

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The money he makes is crazy like spongebob said. I'm not mad though because he's paid a steep price being so greedy and grade A dick. I wonder if leprechaun in da hood was phil's origin story lol? No friends, No partner, dumps all money on junk,booze, and a game with no prize or end. I think had he been somewhat self aware he could've semi retired when his 10 year plan goes into effect. F me he could've part time as a store greeter and lived out his life with little struggle. Also, I'm HIV positive he has erectile disfunction something fierce lol.


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Phil is in a very blessed situation, if it was the phil from 10 years ago you could have something there to envy. But his current situation is terrifying, the SOK thing revealed how mentally unhinged his trolls were, and they're still around, they're just using different names. Not to mention the debt situation is terrifying, you exhausted you credit and barely scraped by what was obviously fraud, but where is your life going? are you gonna be e-begging for another 10 years? we know your finances got exhausted you can't leave your situation. The sweet irony is that he has a finance degree, he is supposed to be a literal subject matter expert on finance, and that's his biggest weakness.

If I really needed the money I would be jealous, but as a guy that thinks 5 or 10 years ahead, Phil has one of the most terrifying positions you can be in. Just imagine the pressure that guy has from people stacking the stadium to see him fall on his ass and quit streaming.


Kwhality Khantent
maybe in 2012 i was. Now? no way. I like to plan for my future so I enjoy working and saving up money. When i am DSP's age I will be in a pretty good position. At that time i think he'll be like 44 and probably either still beggin or living with mom and dad. I wish I had a horse for a gf tho.

I wouldn't say jealous, but I do envy the fact his job over the past 10+ years has been essentially just making YouTube videos. But there's two sides of Phil's "career on the internet" that you have to take into consideration. His early years, when he was partnered and just uploading gameplay videos with commentary, making good money, that is enviable. But post partnership era? Not at all, I'd rather work at a mundane 9-5 that I hate with a guaranteed pay-cheque than living day to day wondering if a whale will come in and save the day. So to sum it up, his partnership days were definitely a time which I would've liked to have, but post partnership begging era? Noooo way!

Am I jealous of a man living on his back foot all the time? Nope. Not even a little.

I think Charlie Brooker showed it best when he went around asking people if they'd like to be famous, and then asking everybody who said yes to name a famous person whose fame made them happy and they all went "errrr..."

Besides, I couldn't stand the thought of turning my hobby into my job.

Full Race Replay

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Why would I be jealous of Phil. People out there are getting infinite money from day trading and buying corvettes and yachts, why would I be jealous of Phil for how much money he has?


It's like poetry, it rhymes
In a way, I'm jealous of Phil. Instead of studying, and spending time doing something with my life, I might as well have stayed home and streamed. Phil undeniably earns very well from what he does, but since he has a financial perception like that of a shoe, his fucking his business up. Without talent and ambition, he has built up something semi-lasting in his streaming and you must at least congratulate him for that.
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Why did you do this to me Anon
Not jealous of Phil in the sense of how his life is, but being somewhat known/"successful" on getting into the Gaming scene? Oh yeah I'd love to do that and hang with people/make money off of it.

It's just that his whole spell is about ripping off his "fans" and lying continuously. It's depressing and disgusting.

Flavius Anthemius

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He clearly hates his job so much now more then he ever has, that much is certain, he used to be somewhat entertained by playing video games during his very early years of his YouTube career, he was so laughably garbage at them and his commentary was mediocre, but he had a sizable following at least back then and when he wasn't under that Machinima contract, he wasn't solely fixated on drawing in the big bucks (however as soon as he made it his full time job, you could argue the monotonous repetition of playing video games for the rest of his life set in from there).

I think this huge amount of money he was earning from that point on completely blinded him, he was buying more shit then ever before, going on so many expensive trips, using his wealth to seduce his young house maiden (Leanna). He thought he was on the top of the world, but nothing good last forever, that goes for any job, and now it's blatantly clear that the gravy train has come to a fault in the tracks.

He despises his fans who won't give money to him unconditionally the way he wants, he's so incredibly ungrateful to people who give money to him by certain methods anyway (i.e. superchats), he has provided no incentive for new people and older viewers to join his membership program, his selfishness and entitlement towards his bahttom line of meeting the tips goal has turned him into a streaming hermit that has to blatantly milk people for money in order to keep his current life afloat.

I certainly wouldn't want that sort of life, Phil is one of the best examples that turning your hobby into your job is one of the worst things you can do if you go the completely wrong way about it, he has no exit plan, no other long term strategy, refuses to think of anything else that will improve his lifestyle, he's even said himself just recently that he will probably have to stream games for another 10 more years when he's 50 and who knows what his life will look like then, what an incredibly boring existence those next years are going to be.

His life will probably not much better then it is now, and he'll be scratching his head wondering where it all went wrong, I know for certain he'll always continue to use the excuse that dah trolls ruined his life again, they're his public enemy number one when his life throws him a curveball.

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