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UPDATE 1/20/20:
Ashleigh has changed her name to Hunter "Hunty" Ashleigh in keeping with her current fake trans/nonbinary identity and has adopted they/them pronouns.



Never made a thread before, but this cow was just too compelling not to.
200w_d (1).gif

Essential info, courtesy of @Ride:
Ashleigh Shackelford
DOB: August 20th, 1987
1370 Westboro Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA (

Ashleigh Shackelford is an insane, unemployed, morbidly obese black supremacist con artist from Atlanta, GA. She's a supporter of BLM, vanquisher of "antiblackness", champion of chimpouts, and has a penchant for stuffing her fupa into too-small leotards. But most of all, she's a professional victim and an unrepentant e-beggar. An e-beggar who has websites, blogs, speaking tours, etc, yet is somehow always completely flat broke. Somehow. And it's all your fault.

She came to my attention when someone showed me this video, which nicely sums up her beliefs in a nutshell.
Surely this must be a joke, even some kiwis suggested it must be a Poe, albeit a very convincing one. As it turns out, she's been around a while and is just now coming to notice because of how shamelessly she has been trying to use the tragedy in Charlottesville to make money for herself.


What about MEEEEEE?

Now, you might think that "antiblackness" is just a cute made-up term for racism. Well, you'd be wrong. You see, BLACKNESS=HUMANITY, you subhuman demon. But don't think that absolves you from the original sin of antiblackness. Oh, no, you owe a debt you can never hope to fully repay, you owe REPARATIONS. For what? Well, for existing for starters. But there's good news! You can pay our lardantuan friend personally. No shit, she sticks her paypal address on everything.
Fork it over, honkey!

You too, fatty!


And you too, DeGeneres!

Oh, and also everyone she doesn't deem "Black" enough.

Dear wypipo...


She's never worked a day in her life, as you'll see, she's "disabled".

She really REALLY doesn't like to be called a beggar.
She's got a facebook, where she surrounds herself with asspatters, spews racist hate, and demands white people buy her everything from birthday gifts, to drugs, to rent, to a wheelchair (muh fibromyalgia, not, you know, morbid obesity).


She likes to demand rent from whitey, and also feels she should be paid to protest. And demands refreshments after.

Just wow.

Is cis, but wants to be genderspecial. Gets triggered often.


Deep thoughts right here:

Is disabled due to "chronic illness" like many other cows. Begs for drugs and supplies. That you owe her. NOT OBESITY. Yeah, she's a HAES fat acceptance cow too.

I'd bet money she's collecting disability benefits.
Oh and she's apparently a prostitute of some sort. But she only fucks white people, because they can pay.

Now seeing all this begging and racism, you might assume she's tapped out already. Nope. You see, I've saved the most interesting for last. She's actually got a professional website full of loony articles and horrifying pictures. The reason I'm posting it last, is so you can compare it to the crazy ass ranting and begging above and wonder just who designed and made it for her? Who feels her brand of nuttery needs to be shared with the world? Who translates her shrieking rants into plain English?

It's worth a look around to really get a sense of the massive ego on this one. The number of made-up titles and achievements she bestows upon herself are impressive. It's pages of big words, but it all says precisely nothing.

I think this one has definite potential. She's just starting to really get noticed, though she's been around for a few years. She's noticeably becoming more and more aggressive and unhinged since the election and she looks poised and eager to try and profit off civil unrest, which she seems confident is only going to get worse. She's got a huge and expanding social media footprint as well, and begs on multiple platforms. Oddly enough, while she spams her PayPal link everywhere I haven't seen a Patreon yet.

Her latest scam is something called "The Fat Census". What is the goal? Well:
fat census.png

"Creating and taking up space at the same damn time!"

It makes no sense whatsoever. All proceeds seem to go directly to Ashleigh herself. The necessary 5000 people completed the census, but nothing has been done. Most likely, Ashleigh has spent all the money, as it seems to be gone and nobody knows quite where. We're now over a month overdue for whatever the results of the "census" are. Ashleigh has decided to keep begging, rolling the fundraising into next year because this census is "now an annual event."

The fundraising results as of 12/20/17, stalled dead:

And here's what she's asking for:

Again, absolutely none of that makes any sense at all, and it didn't get funded, all the money is gone, the full number of applicants took it and will surely be expecting something. Ashleigh has gone silent on it.

Latest update promises results in the new year. Don't hold your breath.

So the "Fat Census" results are out, (in April) and you're more than welcome to pay for them:

Bit racist...
Or you can just have them for free right here, and still feel good about yourself. the choice is yours!
Download link (thanks @Ginger Piglet):

Here are the relevant links, I'll try and keep them archived and updated, let's see what we can find!

Homepage of "The Fat Census" Scam:
Fat Census Fundraiser:
Facebook of her latest scam "The Fat Census"
Twitter for "The Fat Census" scam:

[email protected]
[email protected]
Other emails:
[email protected]
[email protected]
YouCaring link to pay for her birthday (Aug 20):
Her articles on WearYourVoice:
On Buzzfeed:

How you owe her for all she provides:

More stuff:

National Review piece featuring some more of her quotes:
ZeroHedge Article:
2013 Campus Interview:
How she's fucking up and dividing BLM:

She's also got some more videos that are absolute cancer. There's always more and it's always worse. I have a feeling this is all just the tip of the iceberg...
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"She only fucks white guys" :story:

I thought that was pretty amusing coming from a racist lesbian-yet-somehow-also-nonbinary-femme-but-not-female whatchamacallit like her.

Here's something else from her site I found amusing:

Notice "Ratchet"?

Now take a look at this logo from her website frontpage:


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