Ashley Lynch / Sean MacLaggan / Media Offline - Award Winning Screen Writer who complains about Alt-Right and Trump

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I will continue to update the OP as I find more on her, suprised there hasn't been a thread on her yet. She lives in Vancouver British Columbia.



Ashley Lynch owns a failed media site and constantly complains about Trump and alt-right things as seen in these screenshots.




She was going off about "Chan Trolls" and this tweet is what made me decide to make the thread.

KIA Reddit mentioned her:
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Ashley Amber Lynch

Personal Website: (
For older posts: (
Facebook: (
YouTube: (
Linked In: (
Vimeo: ( (If you wish to view her stuff, most of it's hosted on here)
Medium: ( ( (Somewhat active)
IndieGoGo: ( (Launched 2 campaigns; 1 successful, although it never came out)
Flickr: (

Attended the University of Saskatchewan from 1994 to 1995; not appearing to graduate.
Was physically crippled by a drunk driver in 2003, she made a short documentary about it:

I can't find evidence of a screen-writing award. She doesn't mention specifics, oddly enough.

It appears her short film that she wrote, "Don't Make Us", was a selection in the Geek Horror Short Film in 2012 and a selection in the Rio Grind Film Festival in 2012. Can't find much about that though. She also was one of the winners of the "From Our Dark Side" genre concept competition for "Suicide Girl": (
Age: 42, not a 30 something like her social media profiles suggest. Lies about age in the documentary stating that she's five years younger than she actually is. See: 11:35. At 11:49, her real age at the time is shown, contradicting the earlier edits.
Date of Birth: 1/11/1975 ( (
It appears that she is trans. Look at the 7 Year Impact video, around 11:40. Almost all instances of her name have been replaced as well as pronouns. Except for the one at the top which says "he denies having previous right-sided knee or ankle pain symptoms." Later, it mentions "his right hindfoot". For being an editor, she didn't do a very good job of editing out all this. Started transitioning in late 2007.
Original name: Sean MacLaggan
Has a daughter and ex-wife; never mentions either on her Twitter so I'm guessing her ex isn't letting her have contact with daughter.

How is she connected to the others on this subforum?
She's a friend of Nyberg's: from: ashleylynch&src=typd
Has Tweeted with Alex Leal: from: ashleylynch&src=typd
Has had some contact with Jake Alley: from: ashleylynch&src=typd
Knows Katherine Cross: from: ashleylynch&src=typd
Tweets with David Gallant: from: ashleylynch&src=typd
Is familiar with Tim Craig: from: ashleylynch&src=typd
Talks to Izzy Galvez: from: ashleylynch&src=typd
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Wasn't she doxxed by /baphomet/ and people tried to play it off as Gamergate being behind it?

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