"Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle - The Famelic Cashcow Webcomic of Sophie Labelle Verville, a crazy fat tranny.


Still 100% Daddy, don't ever think otherwise.
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I feel this is some heavy doublespeak from LaBelle especially that last panel. "Transitioning is a prerequisite for happiness!" and then "It won't fix all your life problems" .... you fat fucking hypocrite. "It isn't a competition!" while bashing lesbians and FtMs in other comics, "Let's uplift each other" meanwhile on Facebook "you disagREEEEE WITH ME YOU'RE NAZIS"! "Authenticity is a journey, take your time" while pushing that little boys should be on titty skittles like yesterday.

That sad thing is these would be decent messages coming from literally anyone else. This is one time I refuse to separate the "art" from the artist.


Still 100% Daddy, don't ever think otherwise.
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New webTroon comic

Trans Lobby
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Kids remember, white spaces are made with the $3000 tablet, it's made by professionals.
Don't try at home, it won't turn you into a talented artist making money overnight.
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White noise
Comic number #280 partially erased, this faint shadow is made with a $3000 tablet
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Wow 3 whole comics of nothing but bitching, hoo boy here goes.

Comic #1: You have basic human rights already and are a protected class in Canada so stop whining. No one wants to hire your insane ass because troons are walking lawsuit machines. Doctors have to treat you with the biology you were born with not some shit you made up yesterday and everyone knows you all exist because you won't stop talking about how trans you are online all the goddamn time.

Comic #2: Fight back you weak faggot. Tween girls don't need to see your dong so toughen up, YOU CHOSE TO BE THIS WAY.

Comic #3:


Still 100% Daddy, don't ever think otherwise.
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God forgive me for saying this, but Dobson really is the better of the two and using a comic of his to take LaBelle down a peg gives me mixed feelings.

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