AxelLycan / AxelKatten / Neeksy / Ryan Magnusson / rymagnusson - SA goon Macrophile Furry Artist&Animator and Host of Animation Dissection and BarkingPoints podcasts


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AxelLycan aka Neeksy aka Ryan Magnusson is a modern day renaissance SA goon describing himself in his twitter bios as:
"Jack of all trades! Animator, Artist, Voice Actor & Host of the Animation Dissection podcast. AKA Neeksy" - -
"Artist and weirdo that likes to draw funny animal-people being big and whatnot. Also a host of @barkingpoints podcast.【Art: @AxelLycanArt】 【 日本語も話せる】【He/him】" - -

Starting from the top here is Ryan:

He is an animator

and you can see his work online - - -
and here is one of his animations

A lot of his school projects were furry focused like his major school project to graduate featured this character, Ken Kanin, his protofursona if you will:

He is an artist, a furry artist:
Here is his patreon to support his macrophile arts-
He doesnt have an FA because its "trash" so he posts his macro art and porn on twitter ofcourse.
The recurring cat is his old fursona axelkatten he abandoned in favor of his pokesona Axellycan, which is funny since he is anticapitalist to use a copyrighted work with no variation other than "giant size" as his character as opposed to his original work
My favorite is he has to inject his political opinions into porn censoring.

Moving on his voice actor work is just cameo shit voicing some 7 second on screen characters in his friends animations. Basically a worthless addition to his bio.

Now onto the podcasts is where it gets interesting:

First off we got Animation Dissection a SA goon hosted and ran anime podcast starring host Neeksy aka rymagnusson and cohost Zorak, the moderator of ADTRW (the anime subforum of somethingawful)

(his typical icon)
You can read more about SA mod zorak offsite here: or

You can check out the official animation dissection webpage here and listen to all 50 episodes: - or you can go on Zorak's youtube page to listen to the episodes for example
Its pretty standard goony shit where they discuss sexism and racism in japanese and western cartoons. And its recurring guests are some SA notables such as demodded sports forum goon HulkaMatt (@HulkaMatt on twitter) and bobservo who is a front page SA writer (@bobservo on twitter)

Of note Axellycan's favorite anime of all time is the movie Perfect Blue and he drew this for a anime convention officially because of Perfect Blue and Satoshi Kon's death

Rare non-furry art

His other podcast and current focus is BarkingPoints

You can read more about the cohosts rybark_ and AMillennialDog here:

and you can read about Junius_64 here:

Its a furry political podcast because when I think "mature, sensible, and nuanced opinions on current events and politics I think in-your-face fetishtastic mongrel dogmen whining on mic about twitter posts"
Its hosted on the same site as animation dissection here -
Here is the cutting-edge killer insight you can expect from them:

Neeksy is his handle on somethingawful dot com

He's been a goon for over a decade now and has a post rate of more than 1 and a half per day. His 6490 post history is what you'd expect. Left wing politics, anime, cartoons, and scandinavia.


Scandinavia is very important to Axellycan as he is proud of his swedish heritage and especially proud of sweden's progressive politics.
His facebook is Ryan Peterson - facebook timeline facebook photos

He lives in Point Loma Heights, San Diego, CA which is consistently rated a top ten place to live if not the best large city to live in america due to things like weather/beach/art scene/health/employment prospects

and loathes it and wants to live in frozen shithole sweden because San Diego, CALIFORNIA just isnt progressive enough for him.

He spends his time daydreaming about being a gigantic pokemon stomping on civilization in a tantrum with his dick hanging out so he can get his revenge on american society for not being sweden. I think he'll produce a lot of tard cum as he has two podcasts and twitter posted porn to sample among his daily twitter screechings. If someone could download and save his youtube/vimeo etc videos I'd appreciate that.

[email protected] -- august 28th birthday - - - - -
facebook is Ryan Peterson - facebook timeline facebook photos - - - - -

This is the only thing I found offsite SA for neeksy

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Worth noting too is one of the ways Axel managed to get Twitter followers is through a Telegram sticker pack he made (something every furry has to have at this point to be popular online). A tweet showing off his sticker pack got 103 RTs and 452 likes.

The sticker pack is your average "furry reaction" sticker pack complete with a few fetish stickers thrown in.


It's no wonder he got so many RTs, especially when you consider that he made a sticker pack for his Pokemon "Original Character" and that said original character is based on an obvious furbait Pokemon that's popular due to porn.

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He's worked for DC and Apple and he lives in fucking San Diego. This asshole isn't a member of the exploited proletariat, he's the bourgeoisie.
My favorite is how proud he is he went to Vassar College. He's so proud it's in his SOMETHINGAWFUL PROFILE PAGE above. If you don't know what Vasar College is take this excerpt:

"It was the first degree-granting institution of higher education for women in the United States. It became coeducational in 1969, and now has a gender ratio at the national average. The school is one of the historic Seven Sisters, the first elite female colleges in the U.S., and has a historic relationship with Yale University, which suggested a merger with the college before coeducation at both institutions."
"Tuition for Vassar College is $52,320 for the 2015/2016 academic year. This is 95% more expensive than the national average. Vassar College is one of the 100 most expensive colleges in America. On campus room and board is provided by the school at a cost of $12,400 per academic year. One Year Total Cost is $67,740. 4 Year cost $270,960 without financial aid/scholarships."

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Strange, I've never heard of this guy before. But I just checked my list of blocked/muted accounts on Twitter and there he is, so chances are he probably posted some toxic or other kind of retarded shit that somehow ended up on my timeline so I nixed his account.

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Strange, I've never heard of this guy before. But I just checked my list of blocked/muted accounts on Twitter and there he is, so chances are he probably posted some toxic or other kind of exceptional shit that somehow ended up on my timeline so I nixed his account.
Wouldn't shock me considering how he shoves his politics even in his art. Even ArtDecade or ShugoWah do a better job at keeping that kinda thing separate.

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He got a clip featured awhile ago on this site -
same animated clip as in the OP with the skateboarder

Animated Fragments #6
By Amid Amidi | 05/13/2011 4:36 pm | 0

"It used to be that animators posted only finished films on-line, but increasingly I’ve noticed that even short animation tests and experiments find their way onto animators’ video streams. Promising ideas and techniques are often explored in these fragments, and while they don’t necessarily merit a full blog post on the Brew, I wanted to create a space to share them. And that’s how we ended up with Animated Fragments, a semi-regular round-up of noteworthy bits and pieces of animation."
"Cartoon Brew is an animation news website created by Amid Amidi and Jerry Beck. Launched in 2004,[1] the site has published news articles, commentaries and reviews regarding the animation industry.[2]"

As a goon he is into let's plays on the LP subforum and has made small contributions here and there especially to pokemon lets plays or those done by his buddy Zorak (his website is here ).
neeksypoke.png 51/index.html

a video he did for endless ocean LP

some fanart for another pokemon lets play
neeksyfanart.jpg 69/

He made it onto a photoshop phriday once

blank wikidot acct
github one contribution
4 post reddit acct mostly asking about how to upload stickers (probably the kind mentioned above)

FP 208

facebook is Ryan Peterson - facebook timeline facebook photos

Someone has made Axellycan aware of this thread as they essentially hide their facebook timeline / photos (you can consult the archive above that works best on the photos)

However its twitters are still public and they are still sperging on about their macrophilia:

also their latest release of "BarkingPoints" is found here: and this is the description:

"THIS FUCKING WEEK we are joined by Prat (@PartyPrat) to talk Trump's State of the Union, Dumbass Watergate, Boss Baby, Bitcoin's collapse, the newly-resigned head of Health and Human Services, Boss Baby, and why you shouldn't eat all those hormones.

BARKING POINT: What kind of Home Alone-style trap will Trump build to avoid the Mueller Investigation, and how will he inevitably fuck up? Send them to @BarkingPoints!"


Expect lisping, nasal voices, lilts, forced giggling, awkward cussing, references "hey remember that steamed hams sketch from 90s simpsons?", and a lot of the host droning on with the "cast" there to give a response talking over each other.


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Bigots and Weeaboos go together like peanut butter and jelly, the sandwich will taste horrible though from the autistic ingredients that were used to make said sandwich.
I think you mistake this thread for some anime altright or something.

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