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The author Cori Falls is a great example of someone who was clearly mentally ill, and had way too much time on their hands. She's widely known for single-handedly ruining Rocketshipping. She did this for a multitude of reasons.

For starters, she created a fucking massive extended alternate universe for her fics involving Team Rocket that's so expansive it has to be seen to be believed. She was cranking out fics and chapters that's word count exceeded ten thousand words on a nearly weekly basis. I cannot understate this. This series is so huge that she created her own timeline for it.

On top of this, Cori was pretty much the poster child for rabid, insane shipper. She shipped Jessie and James (Rocketshipping), and if she came across someone who didn't, or didn't do it in a way she liked, she would flip the fuck out, and she'd write page long rants, spitefics, and therapyfics to make herself feel better. Here's an example of the latter that was in response to the fandom, and specific author writing deathfics about TR.

Cori also loved to shove in her own interests into her stories and make TR love them too. Things like South Park, D&D, general 1980s nostalgia, her music preferences, LoTR, (which she even wrote a huge-ass fanfic about TR seeing Return of the Fellowship in theaters), the Match Game, and other real world shit suddenly magically became apart of the Pokemon world, no matter how contradicting, ill-fitting, or random it was.

She also really, really, really, really hated Ash, and would present him as a mentally challenged child who attack TR for no reason because Cori didn't seem to understand that TR trying to steal his pokemon was a bad thing, and would justifiably warrant self-defense. Because she didn't get this, didn't think it was a big enough deal for the amount of retaliation Ash and co. dealt out, or she just didn't care, she frequently had Ash be brutally beaten by TR or a bunch of OCs she made to serves as allies for TR.

Also James got magical Wiccan powers at one point, because he's a descendant of witches or something. And he got a baby Arcticuno, but I don't remember which fic it debuted in and I'm not looking through dozens of chapters and fics to find it.

After leaving the Pokemon fandom, Cori moved on to Yu-Gi-Oh, but sadly all of her fics are gone, and there wasn't much documentation of what they actually entailed. Reportedly, they involved Rex Raptor and Duke Devlin, the former of which was given a girlfriend named Pagan, but that seems to be the extent of what was known about them. One, or two of them were posted somewhere a while ago, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

After getting kicked of the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom for something, I can't find a record of what it was specifically for, Cori then tried to get into the Harry Potter fandom by announcing that she was going to a write an unspecified fanfic involving the series. However, possibly due to the massive outcry this caused, she never did and seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth. I keep seeing reports that she apparently laughs at her old stories now, but none ever provide a source for this claim, and no one seems to know where she is now.

What makes Cori Falls stand out is that she's by far the most technically skilled, and dedicated bad author I've ever encountered. If you strip away the bad characterization, the character bashing, the cringy romance, and dialogue, the horrific implications, dumb shilling of real world products and pop culture, all the weird shit like magic, she's actually not that bad.

Her prose was good, she was great at describing locations, and scenes, her grammar, and spelling were top-notch, she could be genuinely funny, and for as stupid and outlandish as some of her plots got, I have to admit they were pretty creative. If she wasn't batshit insane and exceptional af, she would've been a great author.

Unfortunately, as it stands now she's just remembered as one incredibly sad, and mentally disturbed fangirl.
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There is the Hannibal X Will Graham swan AU where... yeah they're swans, I don't know what else to say about this one. It's fucking surreal to read and it had some minor degree of infamy in the fandom when it was initially posted.

This is a personal favorite badfic of mine. It's a Mob Psycho one where Reigen molests Mob in an alley, which is bad enough, then you realize that it's written like a Seuss book and actually rhymes. It's stunning and I highly recommend reading it aloud and trading off with a friend who won't judge you.

Twist and Shout once held the crown of highest rated fic on AO3. A sweepstake was held where actual printed copies of it was given out. It is a 70s Supernatural AU with Castiel, Dean, and AIDS. It is a godawful cliche-fest and, again, worth reading with a friend.

IMO you can just go onto AO3, click the non-con and m/m searches and 95% of what you find will be dogshit. More so than regular fanfiction. The plots are very standard Yaoi shit and it's a good laugh picturing what are usually characters who are adult men transforming into uwu uke blobs.
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