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kiwi faggot enabler
Apr 30, 2017

Aug 2, 2017
And he's only 29? Dude looks well into his 40s


IMO, his brother is more attractive than he is (albeit a little overweight). Maybe the source of his insecuity?

Wow, he really does look like he's in his 40's. WTF do you have to do to yourself to end up looking that haggard that young?

And yep, the brother looks a lot more assertive (and a bit lowbrow bogan) than Bennie- I wonder what he thinks of his brother's shenanigans.

Blue Footed Boobies
Aug 1, 2017
So, wait, is he in the US now? The initial post says he's from South Africa, and the initial tweets seem to imply that he lives there, but then the truck tweets seem to imply that he's in the USA.

The background in the beach photo looks like local beachfront, I'm pretty sure I recognise the buildings although there has been more construction in the area since . The odd phrasing and incorrect tenses he uses is a South African thing, it's typical of an Afrikaans speaker translating to English.