Best/worst video game you've played? -

honestly pokemon is #1 best for me, as i've been playing it for a while. but i like rpg games as a whole.

but the worst for me? that would be boyfriend to death (i just don't see the fucking appeal of whatever this shit is)

so what are your best/worst video games? (i'm fine with if you pick something overhated, but don't be too annoying about it, don't be an autistic sperg)


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Best game I've played is either Morrowind or Super Metroid.
The worst is probably SSX 2012. As someone who played the shit out of SSX 3 on the PS2, the 2012 reboot just felt like a slap in the face.

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I think there's already a thread similar to this...

but anyway, Best game I've played is Pursuit Force Extreme Justice
Worst game I've played would be the Simpsons Skateboarding
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best has to be warcraft 3 because of the custom map scene it spawned. hanging around mid to late 2000s playing hundreds of custom maps with your friends was the greatest gaming experience you could ever have

worst, hard to tell. probably guild wars 2, because it was such a huge disappointing letdown compared to how good guild wars 1 was.


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Worst: Too Human. The controls were fucking hell and the game was sheer crap. Great setup for future games, but the whole delivery was trash.

Best: Bioshock(Infinite) don't care if it was on rails, or a shooter, or any of the other bs reasons. The ending stuck with me and made me think which is by far one of the best endings in a media content, where years later you recall the time you spent on the game and go "Yup, I remember it all."

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I've played too many different styles of games to narrow down 1, so have a top 5:
  • Metal Gear Solid 3
  • Chrono Trigger - This would be my top if I had to choose
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Pokemon Gen 5
  • Donkey Kong Country 3
Honorable mentions to Terraria, which I can't comfortably put on this list because I'm into it now and don't know if it'll hold, and Retro Game Challenge/Game Center CX for making me appreciate retro games again.

As for worst, most games I play now that I don't like are based on personal taste. Couldn't get into Warframe even though it's a pretty good game. The one I remember most from when I was a kid was X-Men Origins Wolverine for the PSP. Luckily I only rented it, but it went back before I even got it home.


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Shadow of the Colossus. Easily. No other game really captured the same kind of feeling and atmosphere it gave off. Absolutely beautiful soundtrack and a story that says a lot without really saying that much at all. And no other game before or after has nailed how awesome and consistently well designed all the colossi are. Even if there are ones that aren't quite as good, they're still pretty high quality.

Games likes Final Fantasy IX, Oddworld Abe's Oddysee, SMT: Nocturne, ICO, Thief 1 and 2, Klonoa 2, We Love Katamari, Haunting Ground, Planescape Torment, ect. all follow close behind.

Worst game I've ever played... I'm guessing it would be Sonic 06, but that game is also kinda fun and charming in how terrible it is. A lot of other games are much worse in that they're an absolute chore to go through, but this game is just so absurd, weird and broken it's hard not to enjoy it on some level.

I do remember absolutely hating Mirror's Edge. But credit is where credit's due, it had a pretty neat idea.

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The worst? I'm having a hard time choosing between Arcania: Gothic 4 and Two Worlds 2. The former was a bad continuation of the infamously buggy Gothic series, both in terms of plot and gameplay. The latter was just fucking bad.

Best is also a difficult choice. I always have Jagged Alliance 2, Deus Ex, and Arcanum installed, those are my classic favourites. The games I'm re-playing once every couple years are Alpha Protocol, STALKER ShoC and CoP, Metro 2033 and LL, DE:HR, FO:NV and Pathologic. I've had a lot of fun with C&C3 and Kane's Wrath, but I don't miss them much, same with the TES series in general.

Sunless Sea and the less popular Square JRPGs for the PS1 - Chrono Cross and Xenogears - are also memorable to me, but I haven't re-visited the latter two in something like 15 years, so it might just be nostalgia.


I have several candidates for Best, and one of those is Planescape Torment.

Worst? Batman & Robin for the PS1. Little me had no idea what he was getting into.
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Best is probably Sonic Adventure 2 but that might be nostalgia talking, other than that probably Super Metroid.
Worst is probably Big Rigs but that game's so atrocious it's funny.
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Best gameplay wise? Devil May Cry V.

My personal favorite game? Radiata Stories.

Worst game? Iunno. Assassin's Creed 1 or Illusion of Gaia or some shit. I kind of try my best to avoid playing legitimately bad games.

@DumbDude42 I want you to know my hobby for 10 years was making custom maps, and look at me now. Blizzard ruined my life.


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Best/worst of all time is a crapshoot and we've done it before recently so I'll do best/worst simultaneously.

In recent memory the award goes to Kid Icarus : Uprising. It's criminal that game didn't get a proper wiiu rerelease so it could be played on a touchscreen that didn't give players hand cramps after half an hour. It's so polished and such a good game, but I swear it's carpal tunnel incarnate to a level that Ouendan can't even compete with.

A few years back from that, Orcs Must Die/OMD2, which are actiony tower defense games which are great fun in multiplayer.. but if the network hiccups for even a fraction of a second the entire game will crash to menu for all players. There is no reconnecting, and even playing it on a LAN doesn't prevent this.

Damn, so many games have made me go "10/10 BEST FUCKING THING EVER", so I guess I'm gonna have to narrow it down to genre's then.

FPS: Okay, I'm cheating a little here but I gotta put two here. First place goes to Half Life 1 and it's expansions, because by god does creeping around the Black Mesa facility make me feel like a nerdier version of John Mcclane, gunning down alien scum and power armored soldiers like nothing. It's even better if your playing as Barney in Blue Shift, or (IMO) realest nigga Adrian Shepard, what with the new toys to play around with and new baddies to face off against.

Second place goes to System Shock 2, because being berated by cyber-waifu goddess SHODAN makes my pp hard uwu. But for reals, the atmosphere and many, MANY ways to play through the game is just top notch. Not to mention the overarching plot and excellent pacing, to say nothing of the awesome voice work and characterization. Also, MARINE CLASS ALL THE WAY, CRAYON MUNCHERS UNITE! I would legit take SHODAN's offer at the end of the game, her being the mission control was so fun and interesting.

RTS: DOW: Dark Crusade. Hands fucking down. SPACE MARINE MAIN 4 LYFE NIGGA. Slaughtering Eldar/Tau fags by the hundred by the dozen with permenant corpses and a buddy or two is so fucking fun I tell you.

Survival Horror: Silent Hill 2. There's nothing better than going into the game blind and screaming your ass off at all the mind warping horrors in that hellish town. Great fun.

Stealth: Thief 1, straight up. Thief 2 is awesome too, but I liked the more supernatural horrors more in the first than the technological uprising in 2. That's just my preferences tho, both are just amazing little specimens to play through.

RPG: Can I put System Shock 2 here again? Fuck it, I'll put it here again. I would have put Bioshock 1 here, but I thought it through and realized it's not much of an RPG, more an FPS with RPG mechanics.

Mech Sim: Mech Warrior 4, with the addons installed. So many options, so little time. I actually got emotionally attached to my teammates, something only Spec Ops and XCOM did to me. Speaking of Spec Ops...

TPS: Spec Ops: The Line. By god, I was weeping like a little faggot by the time the game ended. I will NEVER look at sandblasted cities the same after what I went through in that game.

So then, what's the WORST game I played? One answer to this one, and one only.

Aliens: Colonial Marines.

So, I have some history for this one.

Long ago as a little boi, my public school had a magazine area in it's library, and naturally as a kid obsessed with vidya I immedietly read through every gaming magazine there. I saw Halo 3, Gears of War 2, and all this crazy shit my little mind was so hyped up for. But then I saw a specific title, one that made my heart skip multiple beats; an Aliens FPS, with a focus on survival and squad management.

Thing was, I was (and still am) a massive Aliens and Predator fan, and AVP2 is one of my favourite FPS games to come out of my childhood, so when I found out about this glorious new FPS being made by the fucking Opposing Force devs, I was practically nutting in my size 5 shorts. I saw the release date, blabbed about the game to my parents and friends, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Time passes by. New vidya comes along that I enjoy, and I have fun only a kid could back then. But always at the back of my mind, A:cM was there, like a Xenomorph waiting to strike at any moment. Occasionally I would hear things about the game, but as always I would get hyped for a while, and then it would return to my subconscious, just waiting for that pivotal moment.

Then when a solid release date came to by, I commited an infernal sin I shall never forget for the rest of my living days.

God help me, I PRE-ORDERED the fucking game.

I was naive. I didn't realize the history behind the devs, or Randy, or even realized that these were the same people that shat out Duke Nukem Forever. I just mindlessly pre-ordered the game and waited for the promised time.

And it came. I remember clearly the conversation me and my dad had when we were driving home, him saying he saw reviews that damned the game and that I might want to reconsider my choice. But I was desperate, I couldn't wait any longer. I refused to refund my purchase, and when the time came, I played the game.

After 3 hours, I quit, and actually cried to my dad to somehow refund the game. This was at the time when Steam refunds weren't even a thing. Naturally, my father refused, saying this was a rightful lesson to be learnt, to not literally buy into the hype. Of course I freaked the fuck out and that nailed me three weeks without the computer.

To this day, I stare at that cursed icon on my steam library and think to myself, "Damn you Randy. Damn you for taking both my money and my childhood innocence". I will NEVER, EVER forget my experience with this game, and to that end I have to say with all due frankness, it is the WORST fucking thing I have ever played.

TLDR; Aliens: Colonial Marines made my 12 year old self meltdown and cry like a little bitch because my money was robbed by Randy "The Great Satan" Pitchford. For that, his game gets the noose.
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best game, maybe doom 2 for replayability (I play with brutal doom because I'm a zoomer), god hand, diablo 2 with friends
worst game I've played... the old final fantasy games? JRPGs are such a massive waste of time and FF1's the worst offender. pretty good music though
smash bros. melee's simultaneously one of the best and worst games because of the depth of its mechanics and its awful awful fanbase
kind of a hard question to answer because I've consumed so much media about bad video games without actually playing them lol. thanks AVGN
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Castlevania Rondo of Blood, Silent Hill 3, Dark Souls, Suikoden II, Dragon Age Origins, Final Fantasy 6.

I seriously hated Dark Cloud 1 because of the water mechanics. In fact, I hate food/water mechanics in games in general.