Big Lenny / Leonard W Persin / The Big Lenny Show - Failed bodybuilder & Pornstar, DELUSIONAL, politisperg/hitler admirer, tranny hunter, hospitalized due to PED abuse, questioning the age of consent, dramawhore, prankser youtuber, SNOT ROCKETS

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ya'll often get the deets wrong
True & Honest Fan
Big Lenny

Meet the Tom Platz of abs

the Delray Delusion

He gets "turned on" by dressing as a tranny


Big Lenny or Leonard Persin, "bodybuilder"/youtuber/prank videos/podcaster/minor ecleb, is 6'3", over 330 lbs RIPPED and over 50 years old. He got his introduction to his youtube ecleb fame through lolcow Jason Genova, both of them being apart of the Delray Misfits at the time. Big Lenny is an absolutely delusional maniac, constantly getting in beefs with people, failed bodybuilder & pornstar, 4chan /pol Hitler admirer/politisperg, hunts for big black trannies, questioning the age of consent, is a self defined "porn addicit", absolute degenerate and currently chronically ill from his PED and recreational drug abuse. He is also obsessed with actor Christina Broccolina who he thinks is a goddess. The PED abuse has caused Lenny to have an enormous stomach, a condition formerly call "Palumboism" after the bodybuilder Dave Palumbo, now called "Lennyism" after Big Lenny. He also because of this, refers to himself as the "Tom Platz of Abs" due another bodybuilder Tom Platz, who embraced his giant legs, but in Lenny's case, his stomach. Note for this, he finished last out of 9 in his weight class for the 2015 NPC Ruby Classic.

Leonard first made his appearance on camera on the Delray Misfits Channel, although he had been a member of the "Delray Misfits" since the 90s. The Delray Misfits are a loose group of powerlifts/bodybuilders/gym goers in the Delray Beach area. He quickly earned the attention of the fans of Jason Genova/The Delray Misfits, and later renamed them "Misfit Maniacs". Leonard loved the attention, while raging at the trolls in the comments.
Lenny raging at the comments

From there on he would become a regular fan favorite on the channel, for his delusions, politisperging, motivational speaking, candid way of talking, failed bodybuilding shows, degenerate stories about sucking off black trannies/eating snickers bars out of tranny ass/drinking tranny piss and his various calls outs to challenge other famous people such as Hulk Hogan, or Vegan Gains. This lead to the great beef with Dale Chance. Andrew was the primary camera man, until Brad took over this role. Their main gym closed, causing them to lack a place to film their antics causing Lenny to not be filmed, aside from the occasion group meet up, as Lenny refused to learn how to use a camera. This lead to the Delray Misfits Podcast, where Lenny shared more of his life and stories, in addition to his politisperging about Trump and Hitler. From here, Robzilla moved down from Boston and started to film Lenny, and Lenny now does daily gym videos/shopping/prank videos, on his channel The Big Lenny Show in addition to his appearances on various podcasts. Robzilla also got Lenny a job at a swinger's club. Lenny can kinda use the camera now, and occasionally films himself from boomer angles. Since losing his job at a hospital due to his sex tape with a tranny and threatened with homelessness, Lenny desperately wants to become famous and earn a living doing his youtube streams/body building, on his channel The Big Lenny Show. He refused to have a phone for the longest time due to his porn addiction and has his mom look after his data usage.

A good introduction to Lenny is the Beige Frequency documentary.
Also the Dank Net video.

One thing most notable about him is his ability to tell stories of his degenerate past, which he shares openly and candidly. He is not lying and completely honest with his fans about his entire life
One Story that I will never forget - Lenny talking about going to a crack house in the 90s.....

Early Life
Big Lenny was born outside of Pittsburgh, PA, in Oakmont to Croatians in 1970. His grandfather committed suicide when his dad was little, contributing to his dad's toughness. His dad was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1968 as a defensive end but never logged a game in the NFL after suffering a career-ending knee injury in a pre-season game. Afterwards, he imposed his lost dream onto his son, Lenny. Despite Lenny being a talented baseball player in high school, his father ordered him to focus on football instead and spend all his time in the weight room to get a division 1 NCAA scholarship so he could make the NFL. During his sophomore year, he got multiple letters from colleges after playing well as a defensive end. However, he got into an argument with his coach one day and quit. When he went home, his father beat the shit out of him and forced him to rejoin the team. During his senior year, Lenny's father thought that Lenny's comic book collection was a distraction from football, so he ripped it all up, including a Spider Man comic that would have been worth $25,000 today, declaring, "There, I removed the distraction for you". Lenny retaliated by dropping out of high school and running away to do basic training for the air force. His father said that he was no longer welcome in his house. He would never hear or speak to his father again. Lenny has a sister that is mental disabled, however his mother still talks to him.
Lenny's father Len Persin's football archive (a)

Young Lenny and Baby picture

Unable to complete his father's dreams and his father's harshness had significant effects on Lenny, leading Lenny in my opinion to have degenerate sexual fantasy's of being humiliated and punished, more on this is discussed later. As well as made Lenny adopt a uncomfortable lifestyle of suffering, and adopt this as his life's purpose to suffer, and take the hardest path.

Lenny joined the airforce but this was not to last as Lenny assaulted his Black training officer and got into several other fights resulting in Lenny getting kicked out on a Section 8, mentally unwell. When Lenny returned from boot camp, he finished high school and attempted to get into college football, running a 40 yard dash in 5 seconds flat at a body weight of 300 pounds in a tryout for the University of Pittsburgh, but he ultimately wasn't able to make the team. He is now forever haunted with letting his father down by failing to make the NFL. Afterwards, he went into bodybuilding and powerlifting moving down to Florida, in the Delray Beach area with his mom. He got a job in the hospital kitchen to gain access to huge amounts of free food to fuel his goal of becoming "700 POUNDS, RIPPED!!" and worked there for 28 years, until being fired as the result of his fans sending the hospital his failed porn tape. He teamed up with his best friend Andrew Collura and together they terrorized Delray Beach gyms for years, where they were known as the "Bronco Brothers". Lenny benched 462lbs raw in a 2002 meet (Collura benched 650lbs raw).
(some material sourced from genovapedia)
The raw bench by his gaylover friend Andrew was Lenny's proudest moment, and he talks about Andrew constantly.

On a podcast on the Delray Misfits Big Lenny and Andrew Collura reminiscence about this time together and double teaming a juiced up Jamaican woman, and their excursions of "going under cover to a gay bar"
full episode
Lenny and Andrew talking about double teaming a "Syrena Williams" look alike

Big Lenny, now in Florida, got arrested at a mall, in 2013 for telling multiple women and an underage girl (he said he was 17) at a mall that they were "cute", and smack talking a female officer at the scene.
police report
big_lenny_police_report (1).jpg

Lenny, having received a large amount of steroids, was once raided by the FBI. In the paper, which gave the total amount of drug seized, Lenny realized he had been shorted by his contact.

He also had a Haitian wife at one point, despite being into trannies.

Physical Condition
That GUNT / Lennyism named after Palumboism of Dave Palumbo
Currently unknown, and is permanent, theorized to be a result of liver issues from his PED consumption. Causes limbs to shrink



His bodybuilding gunt physique

Palumbo by comparison

Diabetic Leg Holes

Snot Rockets

Snot Rockets

snot rockets

snot rockets

snot rockets


Yellow Eyes, possibly due to liver health issues from his PED abuse

White Teeth, probably the healthiest part of him

dark skin, due to melanotan 2, what he takes when he prepares for a show, from light to dark skin

facial/nose/eyebrow twitches

Nose Twitch

Toenails, cant bend over to clip them. He also cant bend over to tie his shoes.

Tiny calves, a source of shame for Lenny

His Training Style no ROM (Lenny Reps)
Bench, both arms have bicep tears so he cant extend them, had two surgeries on his arms


His squat is just as terrible

He cant even fit into a machine

Tased / News Story
in an effort to prove his manliness/physical toughness Big Lenny got tased by a kid and it ended up on the news

Lenny has been hit by a car 2x on his bike, and refuses to get a car because "cars are for cookie cutters"
his bike

Drugs / Hospitalizations
Lenny's stack in 2017 was; 600 mg of test 2x per week, 1.5cc Tren Ace 2x per week, Anadrol 3x ED, 3iu GH 2x ED, 40iu insulin when he has a big meal, GHRP-2 when he needs to eat more.
Other substances he as used for performance are; elephant abortion inducer (for weight loss), cat nip and melanotan 2 (which gives him his dark skin).
He does all this to come in last place at his bodybuilding shows.

In terms of reactional drugs he uses GHB / G and recently used DMT for a "spiritual experience", but hates weed, Tabaco and alcohol because they are cookie cutter drugs.

Car accident GHB 2013
Big Lenny overdosed on GHB while he was driving, crashed his car, and went to the emergency room. The G caused Lenny to shit himself. They injected him with tranquilizer for two days that made him feel so horrible that he became determined to break out of the hospital. He looked around the emergency room and said, "I don't think there's a single person in here who can kick my ass", got up, walked out the front door, called a cab, and went home

Hospitalized in 2017

Video of this event, you can see how delusional Lenny is, unable to stop himself from being in this situation

Concerned for their friend, Brad and Jay Masters (part of the Delray Misfits) visited him at the hospital, for this, as Lenny was there for over a week
part 1
part 2

Hospitalized for edema and breathing difficulties (atrial fibrillation / atrial flutter) in 2017

Hospitalized for heart attack in 2018

and again in November of 2018, had a medical emergency while shopping for groceries.

out of breath after taking out the trash

Note he does all this to compete every year in bodybuilder and consistently come in last place, every year, causing harm to his health. Other health issues of his are the fact that for a time he could only sleep standing up.

Since then and being fired and kicked out of his apartment, and Aladdin (Lenny's Arab financer/fan) taking care of Lenny around 2019, his health has dramatically improved, getting a CPAP machine and cutting out some of the PEDs he was using.

Year of the Cat / Drug Freakout / Doo Doo Doo
when working for the swinger's club, Lenny took ALOT of G and this happened. Note Lenny wanted this filmed. Lenny was also sent to the hospital for this.

Raw Whole Egg

Lenny eats an entire raw egg whole, says its "for his joints"

Other than tranny cum and piss, Lenny uses Flank Steak/Quart of Milk/Box of Cereal/Oats for breakfast, to grow.

Lenny enjoys pre chewed food, which he calls "baby birding"

Living Situation
for his current registered address
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
Lenny believes in the philosophy of not wasting any energy as that takes away time from growing massive. As a result he doesnt clean his apartment. One of his commonly said phrases in response to how filthily his apartment is "Just needs mopped".
Just look at it, black mold in his bathroom

bottom of his fridge

videos of his old apartment
part 1

part 2

Brad and Andrew have to hire a cleaning company, until they arrive and refused to clean his apartment.
the cleaning lady leaves

So they got another company, and Lenny requested that they beat him with a belt, which didnt happen.
call with second company

For some reason the cleaning ladies threw his underwear in the street after

After losing his job at the hospital, Lenny go kicked out of that apartment and was going to be homeless until a Misfit Maniac called "Aladdin" took Lenny in and gave him his own apartment, while Lenny trained him, and helped him gain 30lbs of muscle.

Delusion / Failed Bodybuilder
Lenny competes in bodybuilding, when he looks like shit and finishing in last place in his weight class, and causing him to suffer multiple health issues in the process. Believes he is the "strongest most ripped bodybuilder on the planet" despite constantly placing last in competition. But continues to do this past the age of 50, and putting his health and body in jeopardy by taking all sorts of substances for his delusion of being "the most ripped human being alive". Also He thinks that he can making a living off of his fame. He thinks the gym is a war zone. He thinks he will be 700lbs ripped and that there is a whole fetish for big lenny and that he is the most famous person that people jack off to. And despite his health issues, Lenny thinks he will live to be over 160 years old.
Absolute Delusion

He is a baby, extremely health, most famous and the "jim thrope of our time"

He also says he can read minds and thoughts and thinks he is a genius.

He thinks he is going to live to the year 2072, over 100 years old and that he could live to over 160 if he didnt want to be a freak

Failed Bodybuilder
Lenny compared to other at the 2014 Dayana Cadeau Classic, coming in last and not even able to appear on stage for the trophies, he failed so terribly.

Lenny's 2015 NPC Ruby Classic, last out of 9

Lenny's 2016 NPC Ruby Classic results

Lenny's 2017 NPC Ruby Classic results, last out of 2 in his category

Christina Broccolini
One of his biggest delusions is that he believes z-tier actress Christian Broccolini, whom he saw when watching Mystery Hunters, is a goddess, that he feels he will meet in Heaven when he dies. He also thinks she wants to meet him in real life, and his fans have spammed her in her comments on multiple videos of hers to come meet Lenny. He praises her during his work outs by holding up a C for Christina with his hands. He also wears her face on shirts his fans have made for him. He even celebrates her birthday as a holiday.
His love for her is beyond sexual

One of the shirts he wears of Christina, that a fan made for him

Quest for Love
He meet a girl waiting a table. He delusional thinks this means they are now in love, and sings in the street to get her to come be with him. He also declares his supremacy and challenges all the cookie cutters in Port Charlotte Harbor, during the Delray Misfit trip there.

Absolute Degenerate / Porn Addict / Failed Porn Star
In my opinion, as a result of his failure to live up to his dad's expectations, Lenny has a massive humiliation/degradation fetish. This primarily resolves around Lenny's wish to be dominated by big black trannies prostitutes which he calls "Tan Ten Tens" or tans, black men, with a "ten" out of ten face and a ten inch cock. His fantasy's revolve around sucking tranny dick, being humiliated, eating cum, shit, piss, boogers, being beaten etc... anything that is degenerate he will do. He has on multiple occasions eat a snickers bar out of a trannies ass, as they walked around, "like a microwave". Big Lenny is such a porn addict that he had refused to get a car (so he didnt go see prositutes), and instead rode a bike. In addition he has his mom control his data for his phone because of his porn addiction.
Big Lenny - "theres nothing like having a dime blow a load in your mouth"

trannies / the Goddess
as stated above, Lenny has a fetish for big black men trannies who are tan with a 10 inch dick and a 10 face.
Lenny has extremely degenerate sex with a Tranny who pisses on his and fists him with his finger. Around the 13:00 mark is when he gets fisted

Here is Lenny with two trannies at a bar

There is also audio of Lenny being dominated findom by a tranny. I cant find this for the moment.

Big Lenny wants to get farted/shitted on

Big Lenny's idea of a "leisure activity", calling out the cookie cutters as well
the forgotten Cookie Cutters of life

Story of getting beaten and chained up by Jamaican woman, who called her friends over to watch

Big Lenny goes more in-depth about being handcuffed and beaten by the Jamaican roidded up woman on the Delray Misfits podcast

Failed Porn Star.......
Lenny attempted to achieve fame and success through becoming a porn star. He attempts to FUCK A TRANNY. He failed miserably and couldn't get hard
As a result of this video, some fans called his workplace at the hospital about this, which got Lenny fired. Robzilla would help him get a job later at a swinger's club.

Swingers Club
After being fired from the hospital, Robzilla get Lenny a job at a swinger's club. Podcast with their tales of degeneracy.

Lenny in bondage gear swinging a Katana

Various Beefs
Big Lenny likes to call out people, challenging people to come fight or shoot him, people ranging from fans of Martin Luther King Jr. to Mel Cauncy to other youtubers like Vegan Gains or the infamous beef with Dale Chance. Although whenever Lenny meets one of the people he calls out, he is always nice and sucks up to them.
Dale Chance
After challenging people on the internet, Dale Chance sent in a video of himself rowing, to which Lenny mocked, and really started Lenny to hate and shit talk Dale.
Lenny beefing with Dale Chance, after seeing his video

When they meet, aggressive at first, but Lenny starts to like him

Halloween Party with Jake / Jay Masters
Lenny comes as a tranny, Jay puts cake on his face. When Jay is trying to bang Jason Genova's mom, Lenny and Jay almost come to blows

Jay "Cookie Cutter" Cutler
Calling him out for years.
They meet in Las Vegas and Lenny is all smiles

Other various Beefs
  • He had two eating challenges with Nate Figeroa, and lost both. Lenny is attracted to Nate and talks about how he wants to sodomize him all the time.
  • Vegan gains. Lenny hates that he is vegan, and makes fun of him for this.
  • Mel Chuancy part of the hells angels. Lenny called it Queer's Angels, and cookie cutters, telling them to come fight him. It is implied that a member of the hells angels taked to him, then Lenny does an apology video
  • random vegan guy at a bodybuilding show that challenged Lenny to a fight
  • Rich Piana, Lenny calls him a cookie cutter.
  • Kali Muscle, angry at him for calling Jason a retard. Lenny calls him a porch monkey, and to come fight him.
  • Hulk Hogan, called him a cookie cutter, until he met him at Port Charolette Harbor, and instantly fan boy'd him.

Politisperg; Political Philosopher, Hitler Admirer, Questioning the Age of Consent
Big Lenny is also a massive politisperg, constantly ranting about Trump, Hitler, the downfall of the US, minorities, feminists and manhood. Part of his philosphy is that he believes life is about suffering and going through suffer and taking the hardest path, while being completely honest, unlike people he calls "cookie cutters". Some of his other political beliefs is that he thinks the US is going to become a satellite state of the Chinese, and constantly uses racial slurs like Nigger and Porch Monkey.

His thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr. got them banned off of Spotify. Lenny encourages his haters to come find him and give him a "good shot", and is celebrating the marksmanship of "James Earl Ray"
Lenny on MLK jr.

Lenny's saga advice and out look on life.
Have you ever felt good? Are you a cookie cutter? Are you curious about what you should do? Well Lenny has the answer for you!

Cookie Cutters vs Porn Addicts
One of his great philosophical contributions is the dichotomy of cookie cutters vs porn addicts, and everyone is one or the other. Cookie cutters are people that "follow the trends", where as porn addicts are complete degenerates. He proudly identifies as a porn addict.
Lore on "cookie cutters"

Sometimes people point out how the beard and bald head is "cookie cutter" Big Lenny says its a psychological tactic.

Another Lennyisms, or phrase is "Freudian slip", which Lenny uses constantly for implying that people's comments are actually revealing their hidden desires of a sexual nature. Lenny constantly tries to get him male friends this way into saying they like trannies.

Hitler Admirer
Lenny has a lot of admiration for Adolf Hitler, even going as far as saying the Holocaust didnt happen and that it was a Typhus epidemic that killed off a lot of the Jews. He is also very concerned about mass immigration, deterioration of US morals and porch monkeys, despite being almost exclusively attracted to giant masculine Black Trannies with large penises (Tan Ten Tens). One of the other notable things about this, is how Lenny says that he is inferior because "Hitler viewed Croatians as subhumans, meant to serve the Germans".

Questioning the Age of Consent
Lenny believes that woman should be barefoot a pregnant and that women shouldn't go to school but instead get married at a very young age to be housewives. He thinks "feminist" propaganda has raised the Age of Consent. "Back in the old days women got married at 13 and 14".

Las Vegas Patreon/GoFundMe Debacle
Initially Big Lenny was helped by the Delray Misfits through their Patreon, which they used to help pay for the cleaning of Lenny's apartment. Eventually, after making all this free content, the Delray Misfits set up a GoFundMe to go to Las Vegas to attend Mr. Olympia. A large part of the funding came with hopes that Big Lenny would face off with PJ Braun of Blackstone Labs and Jason's former coach, which ended in an awkward confrontation leading fans to feel scammed.

When Lenny lost his job at the hospital, due to his tranny porn tape, and fans calling his former work place, the Delray Misfits announced they were going to start doing paywall content to fund more things like the Las Vegas trip, although this caused the Delray Misfits to replace their regular content with paywall content, with the Delray Misfits making over $2,000 a month. It is leaked by Lou, that he is giving Lenny $1,200 a week for 4 hours of work at his peptide business, that causes a backlash, as the money is being used for Lenny's drugs, strip clubs, tranny hookers and Andrew and Brad's child support. This causes them to shut down their Patreon and stop making videos entirely, especially with the fact the the old World Gym is now closed. But this would change with Aladdin, the reintroduction of Robzilla, and Brad's home gym. The peptide business also closed down.

After the closure of their gym in Delray, Lenny could only really get the spot light by going on podcasts such as the Delray Misfits podcast or the Dave Palumbo podcast. He regularly talks about Trump, the Death of America, Hitler, minorities other 4chan /pol shit. During this time period they also occasionally film Big Lenny at Brad's home gym. Additionally Aladdin, Lenny's wealth benefactor helped film Lenny occasionally, aside from Lenny's boomer angle livestreams

The Delray Misfits podcast, where you can hear Lenny rant about everything from the Chinese to how much he loves to suck tranny cock. On one episode Jason Genova's former "gf" came on, who was a pornstar. Lenny gets her to strangle him with a plastic bag

Dave Palumbo did an interview with Big Lenny. Which started off with Lenny listing Hitler as a great man of history. Also notice Lenny's bizarre facial expressions.

Big Lenny would occasionally appear later on Dave's other episodes.

The Big Lenny Show
In trying to make a living and become famous, Big Lenny has taken it upon himself to stream his daily life with Robzilla as his camera man, filming shopping, lifting and now prank videos on his own youtube channel The Big Lenny Show, that other people had to set up for him. He also rants about politics, minorities, Hitler, Trump and the "decay of America", giving his out look on life. Eariler Lenny was helped out by Aladdin, who acted as his camera man and producer. He also did a collaboration with larger youtuber Cassidy Campbell.

Licking the arm pit of a black woman, on his video on his new channel, The Big Lenny Show with Robzilla

His video collab with Cassidy Campbell and Robzilla, now has close to 300,000 views.
Lenny doing "pranks" from the collab

Recent Arrest
Recently he was arrested for drug possession.
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Clip of arrest

From the body cam footage, Lenny is stop in his company car. Officers ask him about his past and Lenny tells the officer that he was sent "steroids in the mail", referencing his previous raid. Lenny had dropped off his "girl" Jackie/Jacklyn, his "gf " of two years. Then have him step up and go up against the car, followed by an officer searching his car for drugs. Lenny tells them he is on "aspirin" but he gets handcuffed. The police found his "stash" in his eye glass case and found two baggies.

Lenny tells the officer it is moly, after being confronted. He says its his gfs, but he will pay the price. Lenny tells them has "a couple of black girlfriends" that like it. Lenny said the girls bought it. They also found this container in his right hand pocket, which Lenny tells them it is "aspirin". Officers think it is a "big ass aspirin".

They arrest him and put him in the back of the cab. Lenny complains that its too small, and that it "hurts".

Arrest Body Camera Angle 1 (sound cuts out), contains drug search/no audio arrest

Arrest Body Cam Angle 2 (sound cuts out)

Arrest Body Camera Angle 3 sound is on entire time, contains arrest/questioning

In the police car (no sound)

He is out now, and still filming with Robzilla, their prank, lifting and shopping videos.

The Delray Misfits Characters
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

- Wealthy works in finance and from Canada on a visa, Arabic and helps Big Lenny out when he was forced to be homeless. Moved Lenny to Miami and was Lenny's camera man for a brief period. He also donated Brad gym equipment. Big Lenny helped him gain 30lbs of muscle. Aladdin helped Lenny get a CPAP machine and to attempt to get Lenny a MRI.
Andrew Collura
- Big Lenny's former lifting partner in the 90s and the 2000s. Moved to North Carolina. Did a 650lb raw bench no shirt, no wraps, no elbow sleeves, no arch on his tippy toes. Lenny idolizes him and lives through him. They would double team Jamaican woman and trannies, in addition to "going under cover at gay clubs". Met up with Lenny recently and appeared on the Delray Misfits podcast. Now a "vocel"/MGTOW. Lenny talks about him all the time.
Big Lou
- paid lenny $1,200 a week, after Lenny got fired from his job at the hospita for working in his now closed peptide business.
Big Richard
- used to give Jason shit and in very good shape for being so old. Tells rauchy jokes and stories. Appeared on the delray misfits channel alot, and once on the podcast. Got into a fight over a guy parking in the handicap spot at the gym. Currently lost all his muscle mass and doesnt lift, after getting treatment for throat cancer and getting off TRT.

"Nothing is better than ass licking. Asshole is really good. Except you can get salmon-- not salmonella, E. coli. I've vomited before, I vomited all day, but it was worth it."
Big Rob Fitness
Tried to grift off of Jason, and cut Jason off from them, got owned by Jay Masters and had an epic meltdown.
Brad / General Bradolf Shitler / Bradford Murray
- Calls Lenny out on his delusions and tries to bring Lenny back to reality. Lenny has a crush on brad, wanting him to be a "leather daddy". One of the remain major characters of the Delay Misfits and the podcast. Got into eating ass thanks to Big Lenny. Currently has a home gym that the remaining misfits sometimes film at. With Taco Queen. Works for the post office and proud atheist and democrat turned Trump supporter.
Cassidy Campbell
- Appeared in a very early Delray Misfits video for clout. Now an extremely larger fitness/prank youtuber who wanted to help out Big Lenny with his channel by filming with him doing "pranks" in public. Very annoying and cringe. The Misfit Maniacs/fans of Big Lenny hate him, as seen in the comments on one of the Delray Misfits podcasts that he was on.
Christina Broccolini
- Quebec Canadian Italian actress that Big Lenny feel in love with after watching the show mystery hunters on the discover channel. Used to talk about he constantly in every video and wanted to meet her. Lenny's fans spam her public social media about this. Lenny says his attraction to her is more than sexual and that she is a goddess who will greet him in heaven.
Chuck the Cat Abandoner
- One of the few natural Misfits, very strong lifter. Abandoned his cats, to which Lenny and Andrew Collura rag on him for years. Likes to play "Clash of Clans".
Dale Chance / Chucky Cheese Chance
- Responded to Lenny's call out to "all the haters", by posting impressive lifts, that Lenny mocked. Built up their beef until they finally met and Lenny again, backed down and immediately became friends after seeing how strong he was. They still have a friendly beef, and they competed in the Ruby classic one year with Lenny coming in last and Dale coming in third place. Had a car accident a few years ago, and still gets third place trophies.
Dave Palumbo
- Famous lifter/bodybuilder. People compared Lenny's gut to his. They met up in Las Vegas and then had a podcast together, where he gave Lenny advice.
- Felonfor destruction of a police vehicle when she was being arrested and former Heroin addict. Has posed infront of a Nazi flag. Lenny took a liking to her and helped her train. Wanted her to kick and spit on him. In 2017 she ODd on heroin, had chucks of her calves cut off. Now is fine and a massive liberal. Has appeared on the Delray Misfits podcast.
- Brad's skater friend from childhood. Refused to go into a tranny bar with Lenny in Las Vegas. He also helped run their failed Patreon.
Prince Andrew / Andrew Fiedelman
- original Misfit and one of the main characters, knew Lenny in the 1990s and started out on youtube filming/editing Jason Genova's videos after the "camergate incident". Built the Delray Misfits youtube channel and switched filming Lenny. Used to work at gold's gym which would become the Delray Fitness. From New York, once lit a firecracker in a homeless man's mouth. He works at a country club and current hosts the Delray Misfits podcast at his house with Brad, Lenny and the occasional guest.
Jake / Jay Masters (kicked out of the delray misfits)
- Alcoholic drama whore. Constantly starting fights with other people, and uploads racist/schizo/drunken rants on his instagram live. Extremely strong powerlift that tried to help Lenny with his form. Almost got into a fist fight with Lenny at Jason's Halloween Party. Recently got a injury from squatting. Currently banned from the Delray Misfits (again) for talking about Brad's childern on one of his drunken lives
Jason Genova (kicked out of the delray misfits)
- See his thread. Recently stopped filming, due to his uncle.
Jason Sanzone
- Misfit Maniac from Louisiana. came to Delray Beach and was going to start training and film with Lenny. He passed away before this could happen.
Jon Bravo
- Does documentaries. Once attempted to get a Netflix Delray Misfits doc, but failed. Did a highly produced Big Lenny interview for this.
Mark / Synthol Mark
- Massive arms, to the point where people accused him of injecting synthol. Right Wing libertarian conspiracy theorist and Big Lenny respects him for this. Extremely strong bench, accused of being a coomer and scared of women. Appeared on the Delray Misfits podcast a few times and gave his schizo take.
Muscle Mania IN
- Meme channel for Big Lenny.
Nate Figueroa / Kneewrap Nate / Transsexual Nate / Pinworm
- Mixed Puerto Rican/Korean decent, and former meth addict from Las Vegas. Had a small fitness youtuber and gained support from filming next to the Delray Misfits. Lenny took a liking to him and wanted to fuck him, would call him knee wrap Nate because Nate wore knee wraps on squats. Now a youtube star competitive eater and twice competed against Lenny and won twice. Also went with the Delray Misfits to Las Vegas, dated a Instagram model Olivia, and Big Lenny wanted their sex tape "release the tape".

"Martin Luther King ... I think he started the movement of ending slavery, right?"
Olivia / Dumbo
- Nate's ex german girl friend. Filmed a sex tape with Nate that Lenny wanted.
- Lenny's current camera man and training buddy. Confronted IP2 stream Broke Malone. He moves from New England to the Delray Beach, lived with Jason until having enough and starting The Big Lenny Show youtube channel with Big Lenny. Helps Lenny get a job as a part time bouncer at a swingers club. Post a video of Lenny freaking out om GHB on their Patreon. which angers Brad, and Robzilla has a drug infused melt down on one of their podcast. They eventually accept him later on, and he is now the main cameraman for Lenny, and helping to grow their channel.
Sol / Saul
- Very old lifter in his 80s-90s. Innocent old man, had moved to New Jersey. Got along with Lenny.
- Former porn star and Jason Genova's one time gf. She went on the Delray Misfits podcast, and Lenny feel in love.
The Goddess
- Big Lenny's name for a Tan Ten Ten (big black tranny), that findom's him and dominates him.
Transform X
- Big Lenny news/memes
- Haitian, extremely fit lifter, owns/works at a car detailing shop. Lifted with Big Lenny and Dale Chance once.
- Meme channel for Lenny. Used to cover Jason when he was active.

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Credit to @vulgar. Also to Beige Frequency for the intro video, and genovapedia
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Posting the Beige Frequency doc for posterity.

Lenny seems to be a genuinely good dude who is just kinda retarded and got fucked up by has dad. However he's definitely a lolcow and may be the biggest one (in content and sheer mass) from the Delray Misfits group.


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Does anyone have an archive of Leonard being "sodomized" by a hooker/stripper/short creature. It was live streamed on Instagram I think and definitely mirrored to youtube(lol) before the bots got it.

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