Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams - Fat, Rapidly Declining Divorced "Nice Guy" Middle-Aged Youtuber, Former Edgy Porn Blogger

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What will Boogie's fate be?

  • Arrested, charges dropped/found not guilty

    Votes: 217 11.3%
  • Arrested, community service or some other minor sentence

    Votes: 1,101 57.4%
  • Arrested, gets slammed with major sentence, becomes Boogie1488 in prison

    Votes: 234 12.2%
  • Dies in violent shootout with the law

    Votes: 365 19.0%

  • Total voters


jfc this fat faggot is insufferable. 'a lifetime of defending minorities'. fucking lol

I went back in this thread a few hundred pages here and there and was curious what he was up to back when I was still a fan. I believe I was watching his stuff casually in 2014 and watched all his YouTube content from 2015-late 2019. It’s crazy to see how obvious his manipulative lies were in his videos back then compared to now. It’s was almost as transparent as it is in 2021, but he disguised it a lot better with the whole ‘wholesome’ approach I think. That and he had an actual direction with what he uploaded.

Props to all you who saw through this dude a long time ago and posted on here. I’m surprised today’s fans haven’t caught on quicker.
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Sometime last year Boogie specifically went out of his way to say "Groom under age girls? I've never even talked to teenagers, how could I groom them?!?". This girl is 19.

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He's completely floundering and has no idea what the fuck to do. Notice how at the very minimum he posts two polls month asking his followers on Twitter what kind of content it is they want to see from him. Hey guy, you're 47 years old with 4 million subscribers on YT, figure it the fuck out. He's basically adrift at sea and can't help but sink any potential life rafts thrown his way (like DDP, Dez, H3 connection, all the ass pats, weight loss surgery, new teeth, YouTube lottery, etc.). One day his channel is focused on exceptional internet drama, then outdated/poorly edited gaming news, morbidly obese skits, muh mental health :(, travel channel AKA Ripley's Believe it or Not in Branson, MO, pretend/make-believe weight loss lies, OnlyFans girls, reacting to viral videos, etc.

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I pulled these Tweets from December 2019 because I did a keyword search for "old me". To nobody's surprise you get 18 hits when doing this. He loves trying to frame the pathetic parts of his entire life story, meaning the only history about him that isn't fabricated, as simply a phase that he's since grown out of. Myth = Busted. If you go back to his videos filmed just a month after his divorce and around the time he was holding Lucy Foxx as a hostage, he goes on and on telling viewers about how actually his life had never been better and he was finally feeling happy and optimistic about the future, blah blah blah.

If you search any variation of "in the past" or "in the past I [...]" you literally get hundreds of results lol.

Addressing "Boogie's Porn Blog" that he's talked about for a decade+ now. Every post on it was written in his exact cadence, had his exact typos, and ended using the signature "-Boogie". He's ranted in length about how he operated this blog at the same time he was the worst off financially and was barely scraping by on disability checks. However these days he wants you to believe that he had employed an entire team of Pajeets overseas to write "Boogie's Porn Blog" for him. With outstanding articles like how hot Mary Kate and Ashley were underage (his words), how devastated he was after 9/11 solely because it impacted traffic to his porn blog. and how disappointing Kelly Pickler from American Idol's tits were. This "Boogie's Porn Blog was a company I founded and outsourced all work to overseas employees to help people struggling financially and give them opportunities in life" lie from him is a personal favorite of mine - it's so outrageous lmao.

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How I wish Boogie had a detractor community that went into detail on these topics on YouTube.

The other day Boogie uploaded a pic of himself from 1991 which got me thinking: If he dated a black girl for 7 years, where are all the pics with her? If they remained best friends after the break up, surely he uploads a selfie with her to prove that he had a black friend?

The only image he's uploaded of her is a some pic from a school event where she's not even standing next to him. Of course they never dated, but no pics together after 7 years proves that.

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jfc this fat faggot is insufferable. 'a lifetime of defending minorities'. fucking lol
The fat exceptional individual can't even handle gentle criticism from his own fans without throwing a hissy fit and threatening "muh self harm" but he really expects people to believe he would have what it takes to stand up to someone being racist irl? This is the same pussy that said faggots should have just gave up their right to marry for fear of making other people angry.

I seem to recall a hilarious shop of melon being beat by a cop in a race riot. Anyone have that one? It was created around his "I defended this country against racism!" meltdown back in 2018 or so.

This kiwi thread ( boogies official kiwi file ) is the ultimate fan page for boogie.. He says fans don't leave when things get tough.. Bullshit. People lose fans all the time when they do something that goes against a fans core beliefs like Michael Jackson when he slept in same bed with little boys, he lost a lot of fans.

When a celebrity has been found to have done something really stupid they often lose fans. Boogie lost a lot of fans with his pity party, stupid jokes about razer blades and clits or his tik tok videos with preteen girls.

However The kiwi community fan base has been growing and supports boogie being true and natural self. I can't speak for all fellow kiwis but I for one fully support boogie making me laugh daily as I browse his kiwi file and catch all the latest news about him.

May he continue to put forth quality content that I can laugh at.


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Yea Melon, Keemstar Ajay and ReviewTech TOTALLY aren’t using you for views because you TOTALLY DIDN’T reach out to them privately and guilt trip them into being nice to you again right?

Stuff like this is further proof of my conspiracy that Boogie has some serious health stuff going on and is only telling people close to him.


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