BOXYCHARM & BIRCHBOX UNBOXING SEPTEMBER 2019 - 9/10/2019 - Day 84 of 100

BOXYCHARM & BIRCHBOX UNBOXING SEPTEMBER 2019 - 9/10/2019 (Day 84 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Oh boy! We're back to multiple vlogs being filmed on the same day! Get ready for the return of Timeline Chasing!

- Claims ALL of these makeup subscription boxes were HIGHLY REQUESTED.

BOXYCHARM HAUL (Does anyone really care about colors and brand names and shit? Cuz I don't.):
- Eye kit (vegan, so she plans to eat it?)
- Eyeshadow palette
- Recovery Sleeping Mask goop
- Liquid eyeliner
- Eyebrow pen

- A bag. It says "all the things".
- A box.
- Stickers. (ToddlerLynn is in full force today.)
- Prep-n-go cloths (2)
- Beauty blender pad
- Mousse
- Mascara
- Eyebrow gel
- Hairspray

- Bubblewrap antics at 3:00 in. Shocking she didn't film a separate 10-minute "ASMR" video of it.

- She loves glittery shit. No fucking duh.

- She is not good at doing her eyebrows (or anything in general, really).

- Hair products she will admittedly not really be using because her hair is either up, or down, and she gives zero shits about it in either fashion.

NO COMMENT OF THE DAY - because that was in her OTHER video she filmed yesterday!

TL;DR: Unless you actually give a shit about makeup/beauty products that our non-guru gorl will certainly not be using beyond shitty for-profit makeup videos, SKIP!


geh odahviing, hin koraav ahst zu'u ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ride The Lightening. Fade To Black.
That dry shampoo sample isn't nearly enough to soak up all ALR's hair grease. Hopefully she snaps/posts some good pics when she misuses it and gives herself a nice halo of whitecast.
Hell fire why doesn't she just use baby powder? I guess that wouldn't be good enough for Miss dainty hair.
Plus it'd probably take a good whole box to cover that big head.

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