Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread -

What is your favorite John?

  • "Political Sperg" John

    Votes: 138 5.5%
  • "Totally a Game Developer" John

    Votes: 268 10.7%
  • "Passive-Aggressive Shithead" John

    Votes: 49 2.0%
  • "Expert in Everything, Competent in None" John

    Votes: 379 15.1%
  • "I'm Totally Not a Tranny, Seriously You Guys" John

    Votes: 382 15.2%
  • "Master Chef" John

    Votes: 49 2.0%
  • "Victim of Everything" John

    Votes: 114 4.5%
  • "Guilty of Everything Gamergate Complains About" John

    Votes: 134 5.3%
  • "Pre-Gender Identity Crisis" John

    Votes: 59 2.4%

    Votes: 525 20.9%
  • Moon Rocks Wu

    Votes: 413 16.5%

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Grand Fucktard
"I can’t think of a single atheist I knew growing up. Pagans and demon worshipers, sure. But not athiests. "

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I only had 3 friends through high school. all we did was play
170px-GURPS_Vampire,_The_Masquerade_(role-playing_supplement) - Copy.jpg

and paint each other's nails black

Dr. Merkwurdichliebe

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I suspect if you add in deleted tweets, John is well into six figures. He's a lot freer with the delete button than many of his fellow Twitter addicts, suggesting a modicum (and only a modicum) of self-awareness.
I don't know. I suspect that a modicum of self-awareness may be several orders of magnitude more than John possesses.
Maybe Frank acts as a semi-human governor on John's Twitter sperging. I mean, before he met Frank, John used to brag (i.e. lie) online about committing rape by deception.


Bigger are better
John you could have just hired some more vulnerable women off of Craigslist and fired their bitch asses after paying them $1 instead of going through this trouble yourself. In fact since state lockdowns should be extended to 2026 you might even be able to get away with paying them 25 cents.

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Imagine if he learned that with a PC you can just plug in a Portable hard drive and backup to that. But then he would have to come up with fancy words for that.

"I attached a partition failsafe drive through a lighting cable into the Universal Serial Bus port that connects to the MoBo allowing me to recompense the data" or whatever.

Mola Ram

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Some asshole posting he's going to do a mass shooting on a chan board does not put the onus on the chan board for the mass shooting. The onus of responsibility falls on the guy who was holding the gun.
I thought it was on white hetero cismen.

Dr. Merkwurdichliebe

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@Jaimas go watch this dogshit and report back because I can barely deal with this fucking tweet.

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Flaunting his usual, total absence of self-awareness, John fails to realize that he could replace crying with any number of present participles -- laughing, talking, eating, sleeping, walking -- and they would all, in his case, be "ugly," regardless of whether a camera was present.


But I'm not mad at anyone.
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@Jaimas go watch this dogshit and report back because I can barely deal with this fucking tweet.

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Yeah John I'm sure a dude with a private arsenal would have cancelled his shooting spree he'd been planning for years because some imageboard shut down. Neck yourself John you dumb piece of shit.

Now maybe if you'd shut down Facebook he wouldn't have been able to stream from it, which is what he did.


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@Jaimas go watch this dogshit and report back because I can barely deal with this fucking tweet.

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Bitch, it wasn't Gamergate that made you say this about a website that had banned GG discussion in order to seem like a victim:

4chan Wu.png

It wasn't GG that caused you to call TotalBiscuit an "abusive harasser" less than a day after you expressed condolences for his cancer spreading to his liver:

It wasn't Gamergate that made you claim Jace was a threat to your life months and then years after you already publicly acknowledged he was a hoax:


It wasn't Gamergate that made you whine about the Police and FBI not doing anything about the mean tweets you got, while actively defying every attempt to help you by effectively publicizing your harassment, guaranteeing you got more of it, and when the FBI inevitably got sick of your shit and told you to fuck off, you claiming that their failure to do anything was because they had been infiltrated by Gamergate:

FBI Has Enough.png
FBI More.png

It wasn't Gamergate that made you go after the careers of your critics:

It wasn't Gamergate that made you completely ignore the advice given to you by Derek Smart, one of the world's most infamous flame warriors, to not involve yourself in the controversy, advice which, if you had taken, may well have led this thread never happening:

It's not Gamergate that led to you being caught conducting every interview during which you claimed to be on the run for your life due to death threats from your home, including David Pakman's interview of you in which you came across as visibly unhinged:
Wu in her home.jpg

It's not Gamergate that led to you being caught False-Flagging yourself on 4chan and Steam, after you had repeatedly been caught false-flagging for other reasons previously:
Wu Lying.png
Brianna Wu False Flags Herself.png

I could keep going about this, but I won't. Gamergate didn't cause any of this. You being an egomaniacal attention-whoring shithead did. More so when you remember that you intentionally baited harassment until pretty much everyone made fun of you, at which point you proclaimed it was GG's doing, because everything you don't like is GG's doing, including Donald Trump:
Gamergate america.png


Gorilla Channel Executive Producer
Glad you can joke about it after ugly crying on television about how you were almost raped to death.

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But what about all those excellent engineering skills you developed working on muscle cars and brit roadsters? Surely building some 80cc rototiller is childs play compared to having to get out the chain lift.