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Jun 27, 2014
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Brianna Wu mocked during the infamous Trans Samus Incident.

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With three threads on her (and counting), Brianna Wu is the careercow to end all career cows. A failure at pretty much everything she's ever done, Brianna Wu claims to be an engineer, writer, linguist, business manager, and programmer, but in actuality failed out of college repeatedly and possesses no qualifications in any field. She also claims to be a motorcycle hobbyist, but this too is false because she has no license and no vehicles registered in her name and rides taxis everywhere.


Wu (as Flynt) with Janet Reno in 2006.

Her primary claim to fame is being the "head" of Giant Spacekat Studios, and the "developer" of Revolution 60, a $400,000 botch for IOS that was supposed to have a PC and Mac port over a year and a half ago. She also claims to be a woman, but this too is a lie.

Notorious for her bizarre, outlandish behavior and even more bizarre appearance, Brianna Wu is a unique breed of lolcow in that she's managed to thus far sustain over 2100 pages of ridicule and mounting regarding her shenanigans, a feat that places her in a unique tier of lolcows aside Marijan Siklik.

But what do we know about Brianna Wu? What is it that's made her such a compelling lolcow and so eminently mockable? Well, that's something of a complicated story, but here goes:

Brianna Wu, like many Gamergate opponents, butted into the controversy to oppose Gamergate. There were two reasons for her doing this - one was her cozy relationship with a number of "Game Journalists" who had been involved in causing the controversy in the first place (like Leigh Alexander and Ben Kuchera); the other reason was that she intended to false-flag herself to attract attention and to promote her shitty game. Brianna Wu then proceeded to shove her head into the controversy and attempt to actively antagonize Gamergate supporters in an effort to do just this. Unfortunately, what she was doing was so obvious that nobody fell for it, and Brianna Wu was left flailing, trying idiotic attack after idiotic attack - being caught in each one - until she tried to create an image macro that used an image of a screaming autistic child.

At this point she attracted dispassionate ridicule, and began to scream about how she had been victimized by a hate campaign. Brianna Wu had successfully gotten herself labelled a victim, and we were off to the races.

Brianna Wu's infamous David Pakman appearance, in which she becomes visibly unhinged.

What would follow is one of the most darkly fascinating and outwardly hilarious tales of idiocy and madness we've chronicled on the Farms. Brianna Wu is clearly delusional and lives within an extreme echo chamber on Twitter, so her fucking up was not only a bygone conclusion, but she fucks up with such clockwork regularity that it's almost like she's doing it on purpose. First, she had an infamous breakdown written about her by Milo Yiannopolous. This revealed many factors about Wu, including not only her trans status but her long and glorious history of being an absolute maniac:

Daily Mississippian said:
The first time I met him, I was the opinion editor at The Daily Mississippian, and I turned to see this creepy fuck standing behind me. I shook his hand, and he pulled it away, saying “oowwww.” He then explained that he’d broken his wrist in a bicycle accident that had almost killed him and had given him amnesia. He explained that he wanted to be a columnist and that he had previously worked for George W. Bush in the white house but that he had since realized how retarded and evil all conservatives were. About this time my phone started ringing, and I politely ignored it while I talked to this guy. Then it rang again, and again until I answered. It was the managing editor, who had ducked behind the front desk and was whispering, “stay calm, and don’t react to this, but this guy isn’t supposed to be here. He has a restraining order. Get rid of him.”

By this point, I was concerned the guy might knife me at any moment; so I told him to write me three columns and that I’d evaluate them and get back to him on whether he could write for me. (I’m still proud of my ability to remain poised and convincingly pretend that the Daily Mississippian had any fucking standards.)

Turns out, a year prior, he’d come in wanting the Daily Mississippian to run a comic strip that he was doing. When he was told they weren’t interested, he flipped out. He called one of the workers a fat dyke, and when Dr. Husni came to her defense, he called him a “raghead” and a “sand nigger.” They got a restraining order to keep him away from Farley, but when they moved to Bishop, it no longer applied, and he was actually able to weasel back in to working for the SMC."

Every single time Brianna Wu has made a claim like that she's been driven from her home or she's received death threats, it's disproven by Internet detectives with a basic understanding of common sense. Virtually all of her "threats" and "harassment" are absolute bullshit - being the works of trolls, coming from one-off accounts, or being done in response to something inflammatory she herself said/did.

Wu repeatedly would be baited into going after false-flags by Something Awful or trolls, only to label them clear and present dangers to her life for fucking years after she publicly acknowledged them to be hoaxes. One of the most legendary of such incidents was the Crash Wu Incident, in which Brianna Wu attempted to exploit a dying family pet for Twitter asspats in a move that drew widespread criticism from both sides of the GG divide. In fact, one thing both GG spergs and their counterparts agree on is that Brianna Wu is an asshole. By far Brianna Wu's most infamous moment was her conflict with Jace Connors and Tyce Andrews, which not only exposed Brianna Wu as being a complete mental case but ultimately led to the end of Deagle Nation as we knew it, and widely would have considered the perfect end-point for it had Jan not torturously tried to drag out its end.

Brianna Wu ejects Ethan Ralph from a conventional panel she was speaking at because he tweeted at her.

Many of these instances had the interesting side-effect of showing Brianna Wu to be an absolute lunatic who will latch onto fucking anything in order to promote herself as the victim of absolutely everything. This has resulted, more than once, in her doing something in terrible fucking taste, like declaring a national tragedy to be Gamergate's fault so she can proclaim herself a victim of it:

She's a piece of shit, as you can see.

As time has gone on, Brianna has repeatedly proven herself to be a terrible and often outright abusive human being. She's often seen emasculating her husband and exploiting him for comic relief, but this is solely an act - her husband, Frank Wu, is the one pulling the strings, and "Brianna Wu, Godzilla of Feminists" is a two-man act (pun intended).


Brianna Wu and her husband, Frank. Note the sheer size difference and Brianna Wu's forehead and throat scars.

Ironically, despite her "Victim of everything" status, Brianna Wu is a notorious harasser who has led multiple hate campaigns against people critical of her. She was instrumental in helping along the targeted harassment of John Bain, who Gamergate opponents harassed en masse and sent death threats to his family whilst he was undergoing chemotherapy. When Brianna Wu learned he was dying of cancer, she showed candor and offered her condolences, less than 24 hours before a video in which she labelled him a "serial harasser" surfaced.

She also has close ties to Twitter Support due to an IRL mutual friend, which has allowed her to essentially get any account critical of her permabanned solely on her say-so on Twitter. To this day, posting this image is capable of getting an account permanently locked:


John Walker Flynt next to Brianna Wu.

Brianna Wu is the very definition of a Twitter addict; she spends over 100 hours a week on the platform and is constantly using it to discuss any stupid thing that pops into her head. Very often this takes the form of declaring herself an expert on something, asking a question that even an idiot would not ask, then declaring that any respondant who answers is mansplaining. Other times, it's getting triggered by Sonic the fucking Hedgehog. Brianna Wu is quite versatile. Brianna Wu also has a "Twitter secretary" who screens her tweets and in all likelihood does not actually exist, in a similar fashion to a previous ex-girlfriend Brianna Wu had back when she was still John Flynt that also does not exist. In fact all of Giant Spacekat's employees were glorified temps and Brianna Wu used and discarded them with great frequency. Here I will quote brother @Luminous Being from the previous thread:

Speaking of Wu's tech knowledge, the has also contributed to the writing of a book called Women In Tech - Take Your Career To The Next Level, which is hilarious if one considers that Wu has no tech career and has to constantly lie in the chapter attributed to her to seem interesting. Many of the lies in her chapter completely contradict not only lies in the same section of the book but also ones that Wu told elsewhere.

Every lolcow has a tragedy behind them, and Brianna Wu is no different. In Brianna Wu's case, it's a tale of arrogance and hubris; she was warned, when this first began, that trying to be a professional victim was a zero-sum game by none other than inveterate flame warrior Derek fucking Smart. Odds are good that if Brianna Wu had actually listened to his advice, these three threads on Brianna Wu would not exist, nor would her Lolcow Wiki Article.


Speaking of, Wu's Lolcow Wiki article is the most-referenced and most-viewed in the website's history, with thousands of hits. It's also one of the largest articles, going on for hundreds of pages. Due purely to this article battery, Lolcow Wiki eclipsed SJWiki in hits earlier last year, in an incident that continues to amuse several.

The final thing to discuss of Brianna Wu's thread is perhaps the most important part: Revolution 60. The game was Kickstarted back in 2014, and had a release that @Smutley played through in his infamous Let's Sperg series. The game was supposed to be released for PC and Mac as well, but hasn't yet and is, as of the time of this writing, almost two years overdue. This led to a backer revolt and a series of her Kickstarter Supporters to begin threatening action against Giant Spacekat if Brianna Wu doesn't get the game out by the end of August.

We are currently waiting with baited breath to see if Brianna Wu can actually get her game out by the deadline, and, if not, what the fallout is going to be. Brianna Wu is a train-wreck of the most glorious and impressive kind, and we're going to be doubtlessly following this one as it derails completely and smashes through a special-needs school.
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