Brittany Johnson / LovelyPeaches / iamlovelypeaches100 / lovelypeachesmusic100 / lovelypeaches4ever_2001 - . 400-pound Insta/TikTok star famous for eating shit, supposedly pimping out her newborn, supposedly raping/killing puppies, and prostituting herself on Live


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Lovely Peaches

Brittany Johnson, aka Lovely Peaches (b. January 14, 2001) is a deranged, morbidly obese zoomer edgelord who began cultivating an online following in 2017. As an underage runaway prostitute, Peaches would post videos of herself having sex with men, eating her own feces, and smearing her face with period blood. She would also hit herself in the head repeatedly on Instagram Live, and would occasionally have weepy meltdowns of questionable sincerity. Over time (and across numerous banned social media accounts) Peaches has amassed well over 1 Million tween followers on both Instagram and TikTok.

Young Peaches proudly smears period blood on her face

But wait, Lovely Peaches is more than just a deathfat troll. Believe it or not she can sing like an angel, and went viral with an inspiring anthem she wrote about her vagina, called "Burnin and Itchin."

Jokes aside... Peaches really can sing!

Here's a clip that encapsulates what Lovely Peaches is, and the core demo that made her famous:
Peaches hosts two presumably underage fans on Live while she sticks a pair of scissors in her vagina. The kids laugh at Peaches while telling her how much they love her.

Boomers just don't understand
Kids love Peaches’ edgy “humor,” poo-poo pee-pee antics and trainwreck energy. But most people over the age of 18 are repulsed by Peaches, and many genuinely fear for Peaches' baby daughter Cora Miracle (b. March 1st, 2018 ). The concern stems from the fact that a large part of Peaches’ shtick is pretending she hates her own daughter.
Cora Miracle as a newborn

Peaches has made claims of starving and physically abusing Cora Miracle, and she has uploaded videos talking about selling the baby for sex online. In the past Peaches has created ridiculous hate accounts on IG targeting her daughter, and she recorded “diss tracks” about Cora Miracle on Soundcloud (lost to time, sadly). Peaches even made a series of social media posts detailing a plot to murder Cora Miracle and then a confession video detailing how she had finally killed her.

Peaches would always fall back on "just a prank bro" when she was called out for her behavior on social media. And to be fair it was obvious that at least most of what Peaches was saying wasn't true. Nevertheless, many a pearl was clutched.

Pimp My Chile highlights: Peaches boasts about selling her daughter for sex online. People actually believed this.

Merely pretending / Karens on the case
Concerned onlookers contacted FBI, local police in several regions (given the transient nature of Peaches’ lifestyle it was difficult to pinpoint her location) and child protective services. But numerous sources of varying reliability report that the child has never been in Peaches’ sole legal custody. This is supported by the fact that Peaches was reposting the same batch of images of the newborn Cora Miracle for almost two years on social media. If Peaches had easy access to that child, she’d have more pictures to share. What’s most likely is that Peaches’ father Michael Johnson (reportedly a pastor) and his wife Betty Johnson have had legal custody of Cora Miracle since her birth, and that Peaches has spent very little time with her daughter.

A slightly less-outdated photo of Cora Miracle, safe and healthy

Animal abuse
This online posturing about brutalizing an infant may be nothing more than extreme edgelording coming from a place we’re not used to seeing it (a young mother). And although it seems Peaches was rusing about harming her daughter, there is believable evidence of Peaches abusing animals.

Youtube drama channel Repzilla covered an incident where Peaches had possibly killed a puppy. In one clip Peaches films a dead puppy, grabbing the body by the neck and sort of flopping it around. In a separate video Peaches describes how the dog died; some say she is admitting to killing the dog in this clip. But between the poor sound quality, Peaches' mumbling and her Nig Orleans accent, I personally do not hear a clear admission that she killed the dog. But even if others do hear it, we have to remember: Peaches LIES. She also told everyone that she had murdered her own daughter. So, we're going with alleged dog killer, for now. We don't know how the dog died.

Source: Repzilla on Youtube

Despite the absence of concrete proof that Peaches killed that doggo, there is no question that she is a twisted fucker, because we do have footage of a livestream where she put a puppy's genitals in her mouth and appeared to suckle them.

There's also countless clips floating around of Peaches letting dogs lick inside her mouth.

The Peaches of Today + the Future
Peaches all prettied up to do promo for her concerts

What you actually get at a Peaches concert

Music "career"
In the fall of 2019 Peaches released music on Spotify and Apple, filmed a music video, and began holding concerts where she’d pose naked in pictures for her adoring underage fans. Peaches is still shitposting pretty hard but hasn't done anything quite so edgy lately as pretend to kill any babies/puppies. She is however apparently still a prostitute and regularly streams grimy whale sex with her tricks on Live.

I've archived her music video debut in case you want to watch a Deathfat beat the shit out of a guy in super slow-mo (truly this is high art)

Lovely Peaches, Public Freakout Kween

Peaches has begun to diversify her content to include harassing waiters and retail workers, and stripping naked to “dance” and masturbate in front of innocent bystanders and just make a general nuisance of herself in public. She has also garnered a lot of attention for online sexual harassment of teen TikTok/IG influencers like Malu Travejo and then, if she can get the dox, trespassing on their property (archive).

Obligate acknowledgement of cow crossover: Tranny shitshow Blaire White produced a very late and very lame Peaches hit piece in April 2020

And finally, Lovely Peaches has gained well over 100lbs in less than 2 years. Welcome to Deathfats, sweaty!

So, What’s wrong with Peaches?
The only thing we know for sure about Peaches' young life is that her mother Cora died of multiple sclerosis when Peaches was 13. (source) (archive) You don’t die suddenly from MS, so it’s likely that Cora was ailing for years, possibly as far back as Peaches is able to remember. We could speculate that this traumatized Peaches, but the reality is we don’t know if Peaches had severe behavioral problems before her mother’s death. We also don’t know what other terrible hardships, if any, that Peaches endured in her early childhood..

A gentle reminder: This is Kiwi Farms, not Karen Farms. There is no need to be upset.
What Peaches has posted online about her daughter is sad and disgraceful but keep in mind that the child is safe, and kept away from Peaches. If you can't post in this thread without getting assmad or too pearl-clutchy then please, take a break..

Extra special sexy thanks to:
@dark_lob1111 for fostering the first 8 pages of this thread
@hamburgerlardraid #1 Peaches stan and resident expert who was the first to introduce Kiwi Farms to Peaches, back in the Proving Ground days!

So you wanna be a Peachling?
Lovely Peaches is forever dirty deleting, or having her content yeeted by the platforms she posts on. It would be nearly impossible to archive everything Peaches posts online but if you want to give it a try these are her current accounts
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I knew there was some shit on here already because I found out about her via the farms @dark_lob1111 check out this post in case there is more stuff in it to boost what you already have

Shout outs to @Piga Dgrifm

Edit: I know there is atleast a pic of her with human shit in her mouth just a fair warning

Edit2: forgot that YouTube vid was busted. Here they have some shit on here too. Good luck though I don't think these fuckers archive anything

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Also not sure if you have it but she actually DID kill that dog and then laughed about it. She legitimately did that. If you find the video or if anyone has it you should add it to OP

Blacks and pets don't mix. If you're an animal lover and want to be upset, go into any shit neighborhood and look at all the dogs you'll see on 3 foot chains where the dog maybe can take 2 steps in any direction. Also, water is rarely close by, even if it's 100 degrees outside. I'd rather see a dog euthanized than live with some of these people. They're gonna die soon anyway in their posession, at least they won't be absolutely miserable until they eventually succumb to their awful treatment.

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Sometimes that’s a good thing. Lets you know you’re normal if you ever question it.
I mean I have a pretty dark sense of humor, not so dark I'd sell my kids to a pimp for 60 dollars though.

I knew there was some shit on here already because I found out about her via the farms @dark_lob1111 check out this post in case there is more stuff in it to boost what you already have

Shout outs to @Piga Dgrifm

Edit: I know there is atleast a pic of her with human shit in her mouth just a fair warning

Edit2: forgot that YouTube vid was busted. Here they have some shit on here too. Good luck though I don't think these fuckers archive anything



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She's Ugandan, too?
Hey at least she makes her own food eh? Unlike those dirty Haitians with their dirt cookies this bitch stays all natural! Straight from her own booty hole

I mean I have a pretty dark sense of humor, not so dark I'd sell my kids to a pimp for 60 dollars though.


Yes. Pretty sure she legitimately went through with it on one occasion but luckily she is such a Tard she posted a bunch of logs and posted about dudes coming to fuck her infant. H/o I'll dig up the screen shots of some shit

Edit: so far can't find the OG screen shot of her insta but she posted messages she was getting from dudes. I'll keep digging but here is something I found


Edit2: will add more as I get them






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