Brittany Johnson / LovelyPeaches / iamlovelypeaches100 / lovelypeachesmusic100 / lovelypeaches4ever_2001 - . 400-pound Insta/TikTok star famous for eating shit, supposedly pimping out her newborn, supposedly raping/killing puppies, and prostituting herself on Live

is it directly harming anybody? no, and whoever says that it is should get the fuck off the internet or her social media pages at the very least.

Are you suggesting that if you grew up and saw your mum had not only posted all of this about you, but encouraged many others to do so as well, it wouldn't have a profound impact on you? Peaches is pubicly proclaiming to hate her daughter, to the extent she wants her raped and murdered.

You could argue that Cora may understand it was due to mental illness and is no reflection on her (and I really hope there will be a plan in place and a network of support for her discovering all of this information), but this is something a lot of people struggle to truly believe (you can logically know something is true while feeling like it isn't, which can still be extremely powerful, eg: people with OCD often logically know carrying out rituals won't prevent something from happening, but the feeling that something bad will happen if they don't can cause them to engage in compulsions so much their life is completely consumed by them and they can be driven to suicide).

This is one of the ways mental health problems can cycle through generations: parent has mental health problems due to their own circumstances, the behaviour of the parent due to these problems causes the child to be more at risk of mental health problems (along with the possibility for genetic predisposition, which, according to the diathesis-stress model, the stress of the behaviour of the parent can be a trigger of) and if they do, the cycle continues.

Also, the idea that children following Peaches and becoming so desensitized to the idea of a little child being raped and murdered that they are calling for it themselves, even theoretically, not potentially harming them is ridiculous.

A lot of people who are mentally ill (and I agree Peaches seems clearly mentally ill) do things that aren't good and harm others as well as themselves (and even if they are "only" harming themselves, that's still a massive issue). Is it important we understand the behaviour so we can understand the root cause of it and hopefully treat it? Absolutely. Should we be excusing it or dismissing the effect of it to any degree? Absolutely not.


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so I see on instagram all of her accounts are gone, according to a few fan pages she attempted suicide (or is lying saying she did). fan page screenshot

Lovely peaches is in jail and livestreamed from it? Maybe its some kind of detention centre?

America is insane, i see prisoners going tik tok viral, the last thing peaches needs in jail is social media.
Archive of IG video

Could be a prison.

I found a few articles about this but they all seem to get their information from the social media posts mentioned ITT so I think these are probably just as unreliable.

These articles say that she's not in jail

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This was posted on the 22nd of August after a period of no activity on her snapchat
LovelyPeaches Goes 2 Mental Hospital Click Link N Description for 750 Via Cash App💖
~Says that she tried to overdose and was taken to the hospital and was placed in a facility
~A doctor has prescribed her with medication for depression
~She's doing fine now and thanks her fans
~Left the hospital about an hour and a half ago
~Leaves the camera for a moment
~Says she wanted to do youtube vlogs in the facility but they didn't allow devices in the facility
~Remembers waking up the hospital, going crazy, throwing her head against the wall, and being put into a padded room
~Wants to travel. She's currently in the Mississippi
~Eats and drinks with her mouth open
~Talks about Nicki Minaj and NBA YoungBoy and how they're great and the greatest rappers in the world
~Sipping on her drink while smacking her lips
~Puts her airpods in. More sipping and smacking.
~Ends with thanking her fans and saying that she loves them

Her snapchat now currently showing more shitty music tracks, calling her haters obsessed, and talking about Nicki Minaj.

Archive of IG video
Could be a prison.

I found a few articles about this but they all seem to get their information from the social media posts mentioned ITT so I think these are probably just as unreliable.

This is fake. The instagram that this is showing has been banned for at least a week now since all of her instagrams have been banned. According to current information, she does not have any instagram accounts. Also in an uncropped image of the video, it shows Malu, a teenage girl that she has shown her stank ass pussy to on Instagram Live, is actively following her when Malu does not like her at all and wants nothing to do with her.

Sources also say that the audio is from a 2018 instagram live recording but I cannot confirm that.
These are the current confirmed accounts that she has:
~Lovelypeachesmusic 100


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'medication for depression' I guess Peaches is fine now guys :^) (Seriously, let me guess, she's going to resist treatment and it will all be ineffective while she bleeds money into their pockets?)


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I imagine she's much different in real life than the internet. I can't imagine the arraignment would be much of note. People like Peaches tend to be pretty reserved in real life unless going through a manic/psychotic episode, but I'm pretty sure they'd medicate her if she was taken into custody.

Also, how the fuck does this IG account know the FBI is involved? And why would the FBI be involved because a untreated mentally ill woman is shock trolling on the internet? This sounds more like a bunch of teenagers who don't understand the world are trying to stop Peaches from her gross shock posts online and are congratulating themselves based off rumors they've heard.

Social media posts can be and often ARE used as evidence in criminal proceedings and custody hearings. If there's a competent case worker assigned (it's a gamble, but it could happen) all of this social media evidence would end up in a file in front of a judge. Peaches has committed several crimes, all captured on social media. The weird/creepy noncriminal stuff probably wouldn't result in any charges but would be used in the state's case to fully terminate parental rights. Also related to medication - no one can force Peaches to medicate, really. Maybe short-term? (which lets be honest it's probably antipsychotics and not anti-deps) Ultimately, she can decide to do so as a way to get parole, fulfill a case plan to regain custody/parental rights, but there is no forcing her legally or pragmatically.

(but you right about the IG brigade being mostly clueless I think)

Imagine being Cora's case worker/investigator :(

Also why isn't eating poop a crime? It really ought to be a crime. 😣

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New picture from her Snapchat. Most of it is usually just her using a filter but this seemed at least entertaining to archive. I can archive more from her Snapchat if people would like more of her mess.



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About the earlier discussion of whether she's a danger to other people: bugchasing (or simply just her disgusting hygiene) then fucking around passing god knows what at *least* makes her a walking disease vector. Sure, it's been said she probably showers more than she exaggerates... but she ate her own shit.

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She has a new tiktok account: lovelypeaches_4ever100. She already has vids up but it's just of her dancing and shilling a survey site for money.

The link sends you here:


It's just a dumb survey site.

And now you get to see her cellulite thighs bouncing around


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More tiktok vids. Also she deleted the tiktok about the scam. Link in her bio is gone too.

Also, while I'm here I should probably archive the clip where she shows her vagina to Malu on IG Live.

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More tiktoks. I wonder where she's living. Probably a hotel room. You see her in the same room in each tiktok. She's hitting herself again and it's only been like a week since she got out of the loony bin


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More tiktoks. Most of them are just her smiling while music plays.

She forgot to turn on the audio on these two

And back to more smiling

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