Bryan Shickley aka Bryanfrogboy the prequel artist

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Dec 25, 2017
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Bryanfrogboy is the author of the Sonichu prequel comics that has gotten Chris's attention His comic can be read here
Name: Bryan Shickley
Registrant Street: 1202 Southwest Normandy Terrace
Registrant City: Normandy Park
Registrant State/Province: Washington
Registrant Postal Code: 98166
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.2062255991
[email protected]
Chris noticed him through his art 2018-01-05 20-54-12.png

Chris sent him a gift

He opened a shop with approved merch but quickly shut it and claimed he wanted Chris to have the money.


Their friendship took a rocky turn when Bryan questioned Chris's belief in alternate realities for cartoon characters and Bryan released a Sonichu paper medallion Chris did not approve of 2018-02-04 10-30-07.png 2018-02-04 10-30-21.png 2018-02-04 10-30-38.png 2018-02-02 22-22-36.png 2018-02-02 23-06-56.png

But their friendship seems to have been repaired and the strikes forgotten

Since he seems to be part of Chris's life now and sticking around since Chris has forgiven him. I wanted to make a thread about him so we can discuss him
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