Orbiter BSV / Vidar Viking Elvi / BrightSideViking / DarthRadeonViking - Banned from Twitch, Sociopath Nazi, WhiteKnight of DSP, Ritualist, Stolen Valor, hates women

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Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective
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Jan 9, 2017
Notice to Twitch Staff;

Vidar has claimed in this post he sent a link to this thread in his ban appeal.
When I complain to twitch support using this very site as an example and they write that I am a DDOS master.

I would like to point out that immediately after claiming to have used this website as evidence he does not send violent threats and is the victim of harassment, he told one of my users to kill himself.
go take a rope and tie your neck around it. And jump of a bridge dynastia. It's not you, you self important LARP

BSV is genuinely mentally disturbed and an imminent threat to people around him, in my personal opinion. I can be reached for comment at [email protected].

The following content of this post is the original language used by user @FedoraManManMan.


Meet Vidar Viking Elvi, or BSV for Short.
He is the Head staff member of DarkSydePhil and his number 1 Donator averaging over $700 a month between Cheers, Bits, Donations, Subscription and Patreon(stated during our first ever debate, video below). He has a tendency to practice double-think and become excessively autistic or malicious to anyone who points out his flaws.

his antics have been presented repeatedly on Kiwi under the account https://kiwifarms.net/members/bsv.9502/ and his sock account https://kiwifarms.net/members/diabeticshitheadphil.17358/
UPDATE: New Sock accounts:

Allegedly, He has advocated for "Pedophile rights" with multiple users in public and in private, its comes off as an odd conversation at first but



(a Twitter account was previously referenced here that appears to have no relation to Vidar and I (@neger psykolog) have decided to remove it with my explanation here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/bsv-v...darthradeonviking.33539/page-193#post-3094764)

The title comes through Google translate as "Should we start to seize toys for adults?"
https://www.nrk.no/norge/tollere-har-beslaglagt-21-sexdukker-fremstilt-som-barn-1.13406461 (The article featured in the video)
Here's Vidar once again commenting on child sex dolls. I would think the average non-pedophillic man could go a lifetime without bothering to even comment on child sex dolls, but here is yet another instance of him going out of his way to voice his opinion on the issue.

The video's description from Youtube :
"Jeg synes dette er helt absurd. Når jeg leser saken til NRK virker det nesten som de har glemt at det er dukker som ligner på barn de skriver om og ikke barn.
Skal vi virkelig bry os om noe så dumt som voksne men som leker med dukker?"

I don't speak Norwegian, so I can't be certain, but the other two seemed unimportant.
With Kind Regards,

His defense of Phil seems to know no bounds as that if he is too find out you are attempting to discredit Phil in ANY WAY, he will personally look into everything he can about you and attempt to harm you financially to silence your criticisms as to protect Phil from anyone talking shit about his Gout. He has done this to myself after a Debate here: https://www.smashcast.tv/CuckenJohnson/videos/1288235
On Skype multiple times here: https://www.smashcast.tv/CuckenJohnson/videos/1291092
Even others he deems "dangerous to DSP" such as a female named Nicole

going as far as to say he "Hates all women" and then trying to save face after his Fruedian Slip.

He LOVES to email you his problems randomly and do BLOOD RITUALS to curse you and your family when he is upset. its quite the show as you can see here:


He used this Account "WhaleKermin" to make multiple videos with an autotuner on Youtube with the same music and sounds he uses on his main YoutTube Channel. He decided to make claims that He(Vidar) had raped women in Highschool and had past troubles in regards to the Law. He has stated on RECORDING that he lied about all this in order to "Troll me". You decide for yourself


He has repeatedly emailed people to defend his reasons why he wants to fuck DSP in the ass. Even making DSP jesus pictures to "defend himself".

following I decided to touch up on some of his antics as he has a tendency to gather up the DSP fanboys form an online autism center in this video:

He also loves to stream himself 24/7 in his studio apartment randomly.

I'll be updating this with his alt accounts, more antics, and more soon.
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Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective
True & Honest Fan
Jan 9, 2017
Just a quick update: his twitter account has some gems of him trying to find Nicoles information to contact her employer. https://twitter.com/VIdarVikingElvi/status/888024742841769984

and this email he sent my employer. Anyone fucked up enough to try to get others fired to protect Darksydephil is a nutjob.


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Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective
True & Honest Fan
Jan 9, 2017
Update: he recently tried to bribe me $200 dollars to "stop me from talking about phil". I refunded it to him on livestream and told him he cannot buy me. This led to some serious spergery over twitter.

Stream here @ around 1:57:43 to 2:00:00. I'll leave and you can also see the chat as he was posting. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/157786611
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Jul 3, 2017
That feel when there is a DSPfanboy dickriding Phil harder than Kghaleon.

BSV has so much impact on the farms that people think Phil's main force of fans come from the EU, even though BSV is from Norway which never has been a part of the EU (and actually voted against joining). However Norway has the highest life standards in the World despite BSV living there.

In a long line of dickriders like KG, UmbranAlchemist, JamieScoins, Sammy Samosa, hardcoreparkour, Icureditwmybrain, Ginosaji and Ashish this is the most exceptional one, donating a fortune of money just to keep some lazy man-child's ass afloat in exchange for little power in a chat where he can pretend to be an important person.

Also for a European of his age, his English is terrible. Notice he infested the King of Pol thread with his native language like someone outside of his idiot village gives a fuck in which language he curses his entire existence.


I'll shit on you
May 8, 2016
Don't worry BSV, DSP's problems are probably really bad enough and you can swoop in, the hero you are, become DSP's room mate and hero, help pay his bills and give him back massages and cook him dinner and defend him from all the detractors who are probably definitely camping outside his house to do... things, and stuff. Then you can push the mattresses together and touch tips and be his #1 power botto- I mean, mod, and wield all the mod power for all 500 viewers and totally be respected by DSP for all eternity

#Head Staff for DSP!!!!
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