Casey Patrick Courtright / Locria Nyla / Valerie Nyla Fox / LewdTransTankie / VixenValeriee - commie, gay poly translady, sports writer, scat enthusiast (frmr @s: VulpineVanguard, Tovarischlisa)

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Sep 1, 2014

Meet Casey Patrick Courtright, also known as "Locria Nyla Fox," a 20-year-old Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania native majoring in computer science at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

This MTF polyamorous gay transgirl foxkin Marxist feminist Type 1 diabetic and aspiring sportswriter enjoys shitting on themselves, rubbing shit on themselves, jacking off with shit, and uploading gifs of these activities to the internet.

Don't click this link, you sick sick fuck.

Being unemployed and with "toxic" parents, Locria has "reluctantly" set up a gofundme account to crowdsource money for hormones and laser hair removal. For $10, they will write an article about anything you want.

Old Instagram:
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College newspaper:
SFW tumblr - visible to followers only:
NSFW tumblr:
Seriously, hideously, horribly NSFL tumblr.

Locria's selfies have been featured on the facebook cringe groups Stream de la Meme and The Cringe Channel. In response to weens alerting her to this fact, she temporarily shuttered her twitter and primary tumblr accounts, as well as her instagram. Consider this a reminder to archive all noteworthy content.
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Dec 28, 2014
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Meet "Locria Nyla Courtright," a 20-year-old Northeast Pennsylvania native majoring in computer science at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

More like majoring into turning into some kind of fucking monster. What the fuck is wrong with this face?


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May 21, 2015
She can't write worth a damn:

"One first-year on the men’s hockey team has played for many teams throughout his career, and this season he must adapt to a new team again."

"Coughlin, listed at 6-foot-2-inches, according to UVM athletics, describes himself as “a big body who can have a lot of net front presence,” and head coach Kevin Sneddon agrees."