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the quiet one that sits in the back
Holy crap, imagine if this thread was kept alive throughout all of this. I wonder if his sperging continued from 2015 until now, but it looks like it was a quiet death.

Captain Manning

Good luck, kid.

These people are all pathetic. Especially @MarzGurl and Bettik. You people need e-friends in gay online battles because real life people want nothing to do with you, and you offer nothing of value to each other outside of gay online battles.

I unironically hope God has a list of these people, and he accelerates his timetable. Stallings was a pleb tier shithead.

Big Meaty Claws

What did you say, punk?!
I love how that now that he is dead, so many "friends" are coming out of the woodwork looking for free asspats, or even free donations. Hell his wife is now rolling in dough now that her literal doughboy is fucking dead.

Really says alot about these people but also this man. If he was a actual good person with good connections, then I doubt people would be asking for donations and thanks and shit over YOUR death.

Big Meaty Claws

What did you say, punk?!
His bloated corpse isn't even cold yet and his wife is already grifting. Beautiful.

I'd like to imagine she had the GFM prepared in advance, like how newspapers prepare obituaries for celebrities before they croak.
Shes already ready to party with all of the money, and is only crying when face to face with other people. You just know that she is literally dancing on his grave.

Captain Manning

Good luck, kid.
Actually, Weeb Wars is ahead. Zac Bertschy died earlier this year.
Bettik is a shithead in his own right, but of course he would speak kindly to a fellow member of KickVic.

If Bettik drops dead, that would be an upgrade. That guy is insane and spends a creepy amount of time on Twitter stalking and throwing shit at Nick.

I don't want to sound like a killjoy, but a "KV Death Note" that contains just Zac and Stallings is, in the words of Immortan Joe...


Let's see some higher value targets on that thing. Make a deck of cards like we did in Iraq, if necessary.

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