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Is Ejup Man gone for good?

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Featured on May 1, 2021 at 4:18 PM: Chantal has admitted that she smoked meth with a strange Arab in a crackshack.
✨Meth Stream Recap✨
She says King Tut and her did hard drugs just two nights out of all the ones she spent there.
She "just wanted to try it once" but she's "never doing it again"
She thinks she almost died of overdose, googled the symptoms and had all of them. She did a mixture of 3 drugs. She threw up for 2 days, was sweating a lot, made her pee smell and thought she was dying. Her throat is swollen and didn't eat for 3 days. Says she's still recovering from that, and might go to the ER if necessary.
He cried because he let her take that. Also he is not a drug addict you guyssss.
Her chat said they were right to worry about her and she says she "just learns the hard way"
Time line:
Night 1: Coke
Night 2: Coke + Molly (she asked him to buy it) + Meth (left over pipe that was at his house)
Night 3: Edibles
All that plus Ozempic + Blood Thinners + Effects of not taking antidepressants

ETA: Deleted the stream
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Holy shit for fucking brains.. "So I Asked him to get Molly, then he pretty much had me smoke this stuff from a glass pipe, like with stuff in it and it tasted nasty... and I almost or had overdosed" and she's disappointed in herself. She doesn't know if it was meth or crack. And now saying "these drugs are not a joke". At 37 she's realizing doing drugs with strangers that beat your titties when you first meet them is bad. Now talking about smelly reddish pee after doing these drug with Ejupt. Fucking woman with lung issues smoking shit...

BTW, I also did some catching up on not watching her for over 6 months. Seem January was a bit of a ride - doing the nutritionist, diagnosis of a more than fatty liver, 7 bags of shit from her bedroom and the Luxury villa being just as cluttered with shit, garbage, buying all sorts of things and trying to sound all cheffy about bulgolgi....

But hey, she's taking Peetz to get groceries and is out of cat food. She might go to the hospital because she's not feeling well after a hard weekend of partying and should get everything checked out but may not because it's embarrassing.

EDIT: She says she's going to delete this live so she doesn't "Trigger" people.
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at this point I don’t give a fuck whether she is lying. Announcing publicly on YouTube that she did METH had my jaw on the floor. Her life is a dumpster fire that she just keeps pouring gasoline on. It’s almost better if she is lying. Chantal, you fucking retard. Never change.
Edited to say: Ive decided that I think telling everyone is worse than all the drugs she supposedly did. Perhaps her technique is to announce so much disgusting fucked up shit that it becomes impossible to process and people stop paying attention. I mean, her shitting and puking all over that couple’s bathroom after being rejected for a threesome barely even gets brought up anymore. ....maybe her meth-od is working.
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She seemed extra speedy, bitchy and irritable for E. She's either lying to us (as usual) or someone was lying to her (very plausible since she's dumb as shit) or a combo of the two.
Sounds like Ejup was trying his best to incapacitate her in the most basic predatory way, but it's hard to gauge how much a normal human dose would act on someone the size of a grizzly bear. He was crying, because if she OD'd in his apartment the body would be impossible to move.

She really is too stupid to live. Most people figure out not to do party drugs with random Egyptian men looking for sex in the internet well before age 37.

Of course, Chantal lies. I Wouldn't discount that even some of this latest story arc isn't exaggerated. We have the contrite "I did drugs, guise. That's why I was acting like a mega cunt" narrative. Now all we need is an ER visit to fish for more sympathy. She has to try and save face for her actions the past week. Anything to get sympathy, attention, and asspats.


If you admit to doing hard drugs and delete it from the internet later, did it even happen?

Spoiler alert, Chantal, it did.

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So far in 2021 we have had:
  • A legendary chimpout at Death By Jen (lasted several days)
  • Multiple trips to the ER for shortness of breath
  • Workout video where we saw her actual burger asshole
  • The OnlyFans saga wherein Chinny wobbled on her bed in granny panties to elevator music
  • Rage-quitting OnlyFans because of the filthy sneed requests
  • Multiple blood sugar high scores
  • A diabetes chimpout video (seething at Jen again)
  • Meeting Frank for bubble tea and never hearing from him again
  • Nicholas groping her gunt, stringing her on, then blocking her
  • The edibles saga, marked by losing over 1000 subs
  • A titty flash on 4/20
  • Falling in love with Egypt Seinfeld: a man that sold her TV for coke and punched her in the tits then dumped her for being a ditchpig
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The most amazing thing about this story is she smoked meth and her house is still a pigsty. If she’s going to wreck her life with dirty drugs, you’d think she’d at least take advantage of the temporary energy. We did see her grit her jaw a couple times so she was high at home. But instead of cleaning, she just lay in bed, not sleeping or doing anything.

Now that fake fentanyl is a thing in illegal drug world, it really is stupid to take unknown drugs. I guess she’s lucky she was looking for uppers.

That bitch really hates herself, eh?