Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 400+lb delusional Canadian mukbanger trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Addicted to carbs. Pathological liar.

A sobbing laundry maid tells us that this time its 100% over, how long until she hurples back?

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  • Never! Chantal has totally learned her lesson this time

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Yare Yare ╮(︶︿︶)╭
Why is she feeling nostalgic in the middle of a passionate sexscapade with the Jihad warrior?? It was posted 6 minutes ago-1 am local time from the crack den
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I thought she was with bibi altogether 7 years, this looks like it would have been 20 years ago. Time was not kind on her (and with time I mean her godforbidden choice of life). 🧐


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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That mop grosses me out almost more than her constant nose blowing into brown industrial paper, or all the various picking and smelling.

Somebody said that mop had been there a week, but I knew it had been months. And several months ago SHE said it smelled. And if she thought that, imagine what normal people without their fingers in their noses must smell.

I suspect that water has changed from green to black and bubbling, big tar bubbles with methane pops. Certainly, there are gnats mating above and perhaps a fish or two by now. One of those fish who get oxygen from the air and whose natural habitat is a puddle in the middle of the street, like a beta. The chunks of cat shit have long disintegrated and there is half dissolved hair from Peetz’ beard, the cats, and the top of her unwashed head. If you pulled the actual mop up, it’d be just a stub. A crime scene cleaner, in choosing whether to clean a suicide’s freshly blown out brains from the walls or what’s in the mop would choose the brains everytime.

We need a sticker just for Chantel, one that is beyond horrifying, but means something on the level of an Ebola-type disease that also causes a radiation type illness where your skin falls off and also originates a magnitude 10 earthquake. She is that gross and that mop bucket exemplifies everything about her and the choices she makes and the way she lives her life.

The Moment

Dirt or the beginning of diabetic skin tags?

Fuzzy Little Man Peach

Drinking Baileys from a shoe
She wants to buy a computer. Not even some Apple laptop, but a desktop computer. Bitch can't even dispose of soiled cat litter properly or in a timely manner, instead likely clogging every pipe in the building with it, but she wants a desktop computer. She wouldn't even be able to connect an HDMI cable.

Assuming she gets a computer, I know she'll almost certainly just leave it sitting there as a $1500 brick of electronics as soon any issue crops up, or likely even before then because HOLY FUCK IS SHE LAZY AND INEPT, but it's funny to imagine her engaging in behaviour requiring mental capacity and dexterity beyond that of your average cow. Scientist Chantal in a lab coat, wearing safety glasses and nitrile gloves! Whether it's Null talking about how Chins "engineered" the audio to piss him off, or the thought of Chantal attempting to replace thermal paste on a processor, the idea of her doing anything like this just breaks me.

Do it, Chins; buy that PC and add to the infinite clutter in your greasy, cat shit encrusted hovel.

I need more gin.
Has that super spesh gaming chair been assembled yet, which would take all of 5/10 mins?! Pee will set up her desktop and three monitors, cute backlit MSI keyboard with all the pretty colours guisee!! She's going to become a pro gamer, variety streamer, get Twitch partnered and get a huge following with paid tiers that way too :biggrin: :biggrin: Imagine the emotes! Do Twitch Chantal, I promise it will be a great experience for you! POGCHIMP!
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American Shorthair

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I watch billy "I have so much credit card debt" finley too. A sadder sack has yet to appear in Chin's chat.
Does anyone else think he's just a little too pathetic? I think he's also claimed a drug or alcohol addiction. It wouldn't exactly be a shocking surprise that a Chantal fan could be such a complete failure at life, but there's just something about this billy finley guy. Is he trying to ingratiate himself through pity? Maybe.
I would hazard a guess that Sam is pissed at her
The chances are pretty good that Sam just has a new favorite spot which happens to not be within camera range. Probably near a window now that it's spring and there are more birds to watch.
God forbid she made some research about how subscriptions work before launching it
Maybe she did. Finding out how it works but then staging a quick cash grab before announcing "Ooops, sorry you guize!" sounds exactly like something she would do.
I'm guessing she's found out about the other women?
"But now he's explained that those other women are just whores. I'm the one he really loves!"
Edited to make it clear that she hasn't actually said this. Yet.

Man, when this "relationship" finally implodes it's going to be epic.
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Oliver Onions

Stop sinning, that's literally all you have to do.
It’s probably the one Mukbang Chantal HASN’T done.
I know it's an urban legend, but I can totally picture Chantal sending an airplane into a death spiral because she refuses to stop livestreaming her in-flight meal and her phone signal is fucking with the cockpit.

"HI MARISSAAAAA" as the plane torpedoes upside down into a fuckin mountain.

Anne Onimous

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She posted it as a weird flex to him bringing up his past “lovers”

Pretty sure he means his past "lovers"... from a few days ago. Based on how Chantal first painted him, the guy is fucking around and she's absolutely not exclusive. It's also probably why she said last week that it's not working with him (before running back to him), and why he goes quiet for a few days here and there.

She's most likely not the only pet pig sleeping on the floor mattress.

But knowing Chantal and her delusions of grandeur, she probably also believes she's superior to all the other cum dumpsters and she's girlfriend material so it's just a matter of time until Tutankhanmeth realizes it and asks her to move at the crack den.

Till then she'll keep telling him she spends all day cleaning and bringing him chicken slop to show she's the perfect wife.

I call shenanigans
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Dirt or the beginning of diabetic skin tags?
She's admitted to the skin tags, even quite recently in lives. She hasn't however admitted the association of skin tags with insulin resistance and diabetes. In one of her lives she expressed her disgust about them and (as per usual) consulted her significantly more intelligent audience [/sarcasm] who told her to cut them off with scissors. I admit to some surprise that she has yet to have been hooked up with a diabetes educator or diabetes clinic, although I guess Covid could be playing a part in that. Still no recent A1C, let alone a glucose tolerance test which should have been ordered and done by now. She hasn't even been taught how or when to test her blood glucose in a meaningful manner, any readings she takes are just almost meaningless randoms. Then again her GP would know a referral is a waste of her time given Yabba's consistent non-compliance with all things medical.

Edit to not double post
Bold of you to assume she would either accept being told to go to a clinic and keep the appointments when she blows off therapy and other appointments.
Perhaps read the whole post before commenting. I made it perfectly clear in the last sentence that her GP knows her well enough by now not to waste her time on the referral.
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She is both extremely lazy and extremely full of herself.

And we all know Egypt is no prize, but I can't fathom why he keeps going back to Chantal. He must be really hard up because she has absolutely nothing to offer. EDIT: When she drops food off to him she always brings forks. Does the man not own any?

She hasn't done anything for the membership except for the rat-faced "badge." She still hasn't even figured out the emojis. 🙄 Figure out what you're going to do before you start charging the money. But hey, her dipshit "fans" deserve it.
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Whizzbang Wallop
She hasn't done anything for the membership except for the rat-faced "badge." She still hasn't even figured out the emojis. 🙄 Figure out what you're going to do before you start charging the money. But hey, her dipshit "fans" deserve it.
In the live before the first members only one, people were complaining about this. Her response was “join up and then you can complain” or something to that effect. An offer that can’t be refused, no? No wonder one of her previous jobs was scamming old ladies out of money, she’s still fucking doing it to this day. Cunt really is an understatement.

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