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HNN has edited up the Recent Charlie Gold react to be a reaction to her own Dark Side of Obesity video [...] CG is looking rough these days.
Archive for comments - Channel landing page archive

An old favourite, Trumoa J (archive), has resumed posting Fat Fuck Chuck reacts. She deleted all her previous haydur nation content but I archived the good stuff in this post back in October. I really enjoyed when she said Chantal had every right to call Charlie a nigger and that she wishes Charlie's mom would've scraped her as a fetus. Quoting it below but it will be easier to view the video archives from its original post.
I'd like to share a new (to me) haydur, Trumoa J (archive). Her bio reads (archive):
Trumoa J said:
Trumoa, AKA Jessica Jones, is yet another fatty mad about fatties being mean to other fatties. Her first haydur adjacent upload was her most successful. Charlie Gold reactions exposed was posted 13 June 2020 and may been discussed upthread, but I could not find it. I'll refrain from commentary on that one just in case. Of her 222 videos, it is her 5th most popular.
13 June 2020
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The next day, June 14, Trumoa made a GoFundMe (archive) in hopes of capitalizing on the throngs of haydurs seeking a new black queen. She hoped to purchase "a holds gym VIP membership". Her pitch concluded by assuring the reader that "nothing will stop her journey to a healthy life."
(Update: as of 27 April 2021, Trumoa is still over 300 lbs.)


She posted "On Program situation cyber bully exposed" later that day, likely hoping that mentioning Fat Val (archive) in the title would put sympathetic eyes on her GoFundMe.
She brought scathing commentary with statements like:
Trumoa said:
...talking shit but you look like a Raggedy Ann got super big ass red lips red dyed hair drawn on eyebrows off all this kicked up make up … I'm just gonna keep it real…
14 June 2020
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your both insecure - money pls.jpg
Though Jessica linked her fundraiserin the description of that upload, it's received zero donations.

She's still accepting contributions.

Note: As of 27 April 2021, the GoFundMe is active. Nobody has donated. (archive)

Her next five videos are embedded & archived below:
After a two month absence from the Deathfatosphere, Trumoa returned to share her thoughts on Charlie Coal. In her video "Charlie Gold is a Foodie Beautie Buttholefeeder", Trumoa, an obese, black, ebegger, supported Chinny calling Chuckie an obese, black, ebegger a nigger. She encouraged Foodie to visit Florida and put the cow out of her misery. I've included some highlights below.
Trumoa said:
…as soon as she finally snaps you want to get up here and play the fucking race card after all the snide and fucked up shit you've said to this girl about this girl oh well i hope she attacks her family i hope she gets in her car goes to your mom's house and fucking throws all of her body weight on to your mother and suffocates her to death for bringing you into the world then i hope she goes to your dad's house and sits on him with her big ass and suffocate him and then i hope she goes to your house and live streams her shooting you 150 times with metal bb guns bullet pellets she has every right to call you the n-i-g-g-e-r word she has every right to call you charlie coal she has every right to say any racist remark ever known demand to you every video is about chantal or amberlynn you are not a creator you are a cyberbully who makes money off of degrading someone else and being low self-esteem as hell…
Trumoa said:
…you bottom feeder you bottom feed literally off of chantal's ass like all of your dinner all of your food all of your bills comes from bottom feeding chantal's butthole…
Trumoa said:
… your mom should have aborted you that's what she shoulda did she should have scraped you as a fetus you waste of space…
11 Sept 2020
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:drink: :drink: :drink:

I'm sure Charles will ignore the criticism from a fellow black creator because... reasons.
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Charles has finally changed her pinned comment. Only to replace it with a comment from December about her being a hypocrite. I wonder what prompted the change and this particular tweet? Is somebody big making a hit piece on her? There is beef between DC and Here For The Tea and Rich Lux has been spotted in Chantal's comment section (Instagram I believe). I wonder if it is something to do with actual drama channels catching wind of the Anti/Haydur Nation dumpster fire and are prepping to cash in on those coins?

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FYI- this is the Coal parody account. It uses a capital i in place of the l to make the handle look identical. The real Coals pinned comment of her exceptional weightloss remains unchanged for two years.

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This is some absolutely tragic stanning behavior — but check out Chuck unabashedly lapping up the flattery and putting on a show of beneficently tossing out "happy birthday"s as though she were an actual celeb throwing a dazzled fan a bone.

Tragic Charlie Stan is Tragic.png

Also: "i respond a lot faster on twitter majority of the time." Ell oh ell: no shit, Chuck. At this point, you could just change your name to Deathfat McTwitterGorl and call it a day.

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I thought I made myself clear in Boston.

I don't even understand what she's getting at here. Charlie Kong go back to throwing barrels instead of scraping the bottom of one to find something to get "offended" by.

happy birthday Nick Gur is always a great bit. people keep trying to get Chantal to say it. she will one day and I can't wait.
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if u eat like a n00b, u will be pwned like a n00b
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Disillusionment towards the grifting gorilla grows.
"Rambling Dan" / "DEVILS REJECT" (archive) recently uploaded the following reaction:
10 May 2021 - URL Archive
"Goddess Raven Show" (archive) becomes the next in a long line of black women to assblast Chucky for her weight loss failure.
Despite the solid points made by Raven, Fat Fuck Chuck will ignore this video like all other criticism from creators of colour.
29 April 2021 - URL Archive

ETA: Charlie Gold fan art from Auna Naki.
Chuck hasn't found the time to throw this post a like despite her constant twitter activity.

What a fucking bitch.

ETA 2 (to prevent double posting)

Goddess Raven Show (archive) posted a video yesterday (15 May 2021) questioning Big Chuck's absence from her largest platform.
Some of my favourite
(abbreviated) comments from this upload are quoted and time-stamped below:
Goddess Raven said:
"You must be so proud of yourself making these judgmental mother effing videos Charlie [...] there's something really demonic about your ass [...] something really not right with your spirit. There's something off that makes my literally makes my skin flipping crawl when I look at you [...] damn you really give me the heebie motherflipping jeebies. Damn [...] bring your ass back up on here and do a gosh damn weigh-in."
Goddess Raven said:
"That forehead reminds me of that damn dude from star trek - the black dude. All you need is them ridges and you'd be his twin."
Klingon Koal.jpg
Goddess Raven said:
"Ain't no bunch of men knocking down your mother flipping door especially if they catch a look at your ass without that damn makeup girl."
15 May 2021 - URL Archive
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Just checked and our gorl is down another thousand subscribers. Zachary Midol is going to pass her any day now. Hope the local liquor stores are well stocked.
Holy shit. I never thought I’d see it. I remember when Zachary grandma was around 50-60k, and Coal was flying into 140-150k. It really is a work of art what’s happened to this toad.

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Holy shit. I never thought I’d see it. I remember when Zachary grandma was around 50-60k, and Coal was flying into 140-150k. It really is a work of art what’s happened to this toad.
I will give him this-Zachary Michael was the only one who was somewhat smart about his channel. He distanced himself from the in fighting, and continued to keep his videos somewhat light hearted. He also does some other things like recreating meals and reacting the the Slaton's show. He never got down in the mud with DC, Charlie, the Geek room, or the twitter speds to the extent the others did.

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