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Francis Dollarhyde

And the woman, clothed in the sun.
Amazingly, her claimed starting weight is 22 elbees higher than her ending weight in 2016 three days beforehand, meaning either she lied about ending at 467, the person making the video fucked up writing down what she said, I fucked up copying the video, or Amber gained 22 pounds in ~3 days.

Amber lied and slipped up. She always downplays her weight. No way she is only 5604 now. I am betting she breaks at least 590 next week. And I am not a gambling man at all.

Prince Lotor

Homoerotic overtones? What homoerotic overtones?
Thank you for the easy access to this information :semperfidelis: I've been trying to remember the timeline, but she buries any information deep in a video during long rambles like I've seen several pathological liars do.

So December 7th she reports her weight as 556, and approximately 3 months later she is claiming she put on no more than 8 lbs while visibly being at least 10% to 15% larger (55 to 75 lbs).

Torrid Try On from December 19th (Timestamped at 5m38s 'cus AL extra AF)
Torrid Try On from March 5th claiming to weigh at maximum 8 lbs more (Timestamped at 9m30s for relevant direct comparison outfits)
Her 2nd set of tits alone look like they've put on 10 lbs. Until I see some sort of live weigh-in I'm going to assume she's over 600 regardless of her self-reported numbers.
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I salute your autism but I personally would take the numbers from any of Big Al's 500 elbees + weight ins with a grain of salt because she has gotten so fat by that point that she cant keep her layygs together on the scale and the readout constantly stutters so she just takes whatever the lowest number that flashed for two seconds was and claims thats her weight.

Big Tiddy Goth GF

If the chromosome’s a Y, you’ll always be a guy.


Looks like the dancing has really worked out for our gorl.

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