Chelsea Marie Young / SagittariusShawty / sagshawtyyy - R.I.P. DMX! 350+lb hooker vlogger extraordinaire, based blobfish, body count of 400+, OnlyFans entrepreneur, sloppy drunk

What's next for Shawty?

  • Gets evicted from her apartment

  • Massive weight gain

  • Knocked the fuck out/whacked by client

  • Life-threatening STD

  • Gets cancelled by the YouTube drama community

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Here's Sagi's lives from yesterday, I was asleep when I did this so I think I've put two of the streams together as if they were one stream.

Making noises
I think this one should probably be two streams:

Part 1:
5 mins Getting a red wig, blue wig after that. Tatiana is making her chicken so she has food to eat for the week.
9 mins: shows off her ruined Penneywise tattoo
Talking about Madse
25 mins covers her face on live because her skin is spotty
Stop trying to dox Madse.
30 mins she didn't beat up anyone in her apt. (Talking about the girl who got beat up on her birthday)

Part 2:
She's going to do a reaction to Zachary Michael's reaction video for her Kenny video
5 mins
Yelling at someone in chat for accusing her of doxing
9 mins yelling at DMX
20 mins ear piercings don't close up
25 mins: When she was in jail everyone was pissing and shitting themselves because they were all on drugs.

Haven't watched this one yet.

Part 1:
Ordering food
20 Mins: Watch Party Plans
45 Mins: Gets pissed at someone in chat making comments about how she eats.
52 Mins: wants to start a podcast - needs a partner
Sleep sex demons
Second Clip: Talking to her cousin in chat. Chat are pissed that her cousin is 12 ad she's a mod.
Third Clip:
17 Mins: Puking is cool.
35 Mins Trick calls and pays Sagi to tell him he has a tiny penis. He cums while she's talking to him.

View attachment 2161585 Sagi is a very classy and modest women . She exuberates good self esteem( Im being sarcastic). Who tf would write that they want a train on them, all over social media. Does she not have any respect for her body.
tbh I think the whole train experience is a kink that's looked down upon. I don't think that makes her not to have self respect. I respect that she's open about that kinda stuff but disgusted that ppl still want to have sex with her. and no she had no respect for her body. remember the bed she used to sleep on at her dad's house? 🤕


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Here's Sagi's live from yesterday. I don't have timestamps because not a whole lot happened in it, She has realised she needs to be posting videos to make money because her pay is shit this month. Asks for video ideas. Checks her YouTube stats, her largest audience is late 20's - early 30's in USA. Makes and eats a chicken wrap.


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She posted these on twitter.

Warning. It's gross.

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Man, I used to be supportive of her, because I could relate to her mental health struggles and losing a parent. But she's truly become such a shitty person, or maybe always was. Nowadays she just does dumb shit and then uses her issues as an excuse. The fans also blindly follow her, because they think she's funny when she's harassing some guy at his house. Such a trainwreck. IMO she really had the potential to grow as a person on youtube, because she didn't have to sell her body anymore, but I guess you can take the hooker off the streets, but you can't take away the streets from the hooker.


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Sagi's latest live:

Start to about 16 mins she's talking about when she was sucking to man in her twitter pics dick he nutted on her couch and DMX started licking his cum. It's pretty funny how she talks about it also 'That's new nut, I just had that in my mouth today' LOL
18 mins
Her lips have deflated so she's getting more fillers in June.
29 Mins
Pissed off that people tell her she eats gross. Every girl should have an OF
37 mins
Some rare self awareness
45 mins
Back to talking about what happened when she was sucking that dude's dick. 'maybe DMX just likes nut' LOL
1 hour 1 min
Sagi doesn't swallow

may 13th between 2-4 or 5 am Sagi was live unable to sleep and I managed to listen to her live in YouTube with about 200 viewers. Sagi couldn't sleep and was scared of taking melatonin, her fanbase was giving horrible advice so Sagi had to google side effects of melatonin and almost wasn't going to take them... but ended up taking them? she blamed Emily for making accounts and saying rude things to her and claimed to have banned her 12 times this live. for the most part Sagi and the chat were talking about their signs and how horible certain signs are specifically in men whilst talking about how horrible it is that people judge and fat shame and how ppl don't know her and think the worst of her.... also talking about getting a wig and her fans are trying to tell her to buy cheap ones off Amazon cuz 500 is to much (which is nonsense cuz wigs and weaves can cost thousands). for the most part it was boring af then she k.oed. I managed to get a ss of one trolls comment before it got deleted.


thanks poster above me. isn't it abuse to let your bunny drink your tricks Nutt off the carpet? she did shout us out in the post above cuz viewers claimed kiwifarms doxxed her and Sagi blamed Emily (shout out to Emily if you are reading this you are the mvp ily). foodybeauty was also mentioned in the previous video above someone said Chantel said Sagi copied her with onlyfans content regarding something about food and Sagi said she don't need with her and Sagi doesn't copy anyone (especially lil peeps tattoo on her face).

Sagi o/f is terrible idk how she keeps subscribers. she post videos like once a month or every other month... idk if anyone actually has her o/f on here but her dick sucking abilities isn't even All that in my opinion.

back to the video above, I've never heard of anyone who gets nut in there mouth and spits it out in the carpet let's dudes jizz on her new couch and not even attempt to clean up after and omg dudes actually make out with her??? isn't it an unwritten hoe rule to not kiss your tricks for obvious std/hygienic reasons??? I also respect this grimey dude who taxed her on her 2 of her white claws lmao. and some ironic twitter updates about her being called stuck up Screenshot_20210514_113305.jpg

who's letting Sagi be there social worker?Screenshot_20210514_113340.jpg
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This is a girl who was scared to take melatonin but somehow has a standing kolonopin prescription something most smart Drs only put people on for 2 weeks tops either her Dr is an idiot or she's just really that dumb.

Well this is the same woman who is afraid to go outside and is afraid to sleep at night because she thinks someone will attack her but has no issue going to strange men's houses that she just met online that day. And getting in their cars with them.

Enola Straight

Everybody betrayed me! I fed up with this world!
DMX is a fucking trooper :semperfidelis:
Aren't pet rabbits notoriously frail-hearted? I'm pretty sure I've heard before that it's not uncommon for them to die from heart attacks. How in the hell has DMX not croaked given the amount of random sped yelling Shawty does even in her streams alone?

Either way, keep hangin' in there little buddy! 🐇

Tupolev Tu-160

Very boring live, she almost dozes off at the start. Someone asks her why she breathes so hard and she calls them an ignorant piece of doodoo. Fights with people in chat and accuses them of being obsessed with her. Someone asks her when she got morbidly obese and she tells that person to kill themselves and laughs about it. Says she won't regret anything she said tomorrow. Goes into her bedroom. Films the ceiling. Live ends.

Edit: Another pointless short live. Sagi's sweating and drinking tap water, which she thinks is disgusting.
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