Chris Bryant / Simba Lion / Leader of Furry Menagerie / Furry Valley - Runs a cult server dedicated to doxing, blackmail, zoophilia, animal abuse, & grooming minors

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How many kids has Simba tried to diddle?

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Catch Your Breath
Mod Edit: Simba has been watching this thread and aggressively trying to discredit it. Aside from filing a Google UK privacy complaint against this thread, Simba and his close pals have been aggressively running damage control. From making accounts to screech about the posters in this thread and even trying to dox them to going on Twitter to try to discredit this thread every time it's posted, Simba is trying to make this thread go away. Furthermore, they're trying to encourage their cult members followers to report Twitter postings involving this very thread.

Meanwhile some leakers have come forward with more dirt on Simba. Not only is Simba trying to take ownership of Telegram groups that most likely allow zoophilia, but he's also impersonating his own moderators on Twitter. Some Furry Valley admin documents have been leaked by multiple people who were admins that prove Simba runs his Discord group like some cult.

Anyhow let's get back to the original post, where you can see exactly what Simba AKA Chris Bryant is desperately trying to make go away.

Meet Chris Bryant - A Former Admin of FurAffinity & current owner of Furry Menagerie. Furry Menagerie rebranded to Furry Valley in January 2019 as accusations of doxing, cult-like behavior, grooming of minors, and zoophilia at the hands of Chris came to light. He also has a crush fetish which not only involves him crushing cow shit and being crushed, but also enjoys crushing small animals.

Credit to thread sources: @nonnewtonian @Nightbloom @TheWatchfulFurfag @Connectingdotsanddogs @tiredofitall

Like all mentally ill furries found on Animal Control, Chris has humble beginnings as an edgy 14yo roleplaying as Therian teacher that speaks 23 languages and is a self titled " TLK Guru "

He's going to " hugglez + nuzzlez + give a big bag of snugglez " to everyone filled with his psychopathic tendencies which he has conveniently documented for us on an old LiveJournal account.

Sometime between being an edgy school kid and somehow becoming " the world's greatest Findom master " in the words of one of his " partners " --
-- he also had a short term career as a former admin of FurAffinity.

Proof of former admin status for FA:

The reason he was kicked from his position? He leaked private DM's from the admins on April 8th, 2013. The messages showed Dragoneer protecting another admin after it was discovered he was a zoophile. Exposing Zoophiles is all well and good but you will see shortly why this doesn't even begin to speak for his character
Archive of his blog

Pedophilia and Blackmail
Chris is very lax in regards to minors having access to 18+ chats he runs. Minors as young as 10 can be found in the Furry Menagerie/Furry Valley Discord 18+ channels, where Chris discusses his love of crush porn and how he is friends with people who are into IRL snuff.



When DogPatchPress confronted Chris about a minor being in barafurs, an 18+ Telegram chat he is an admin of, Chris refused to acknowledge the evidence and accused him of defamation. When Patch threatened to expose him for knowingly allowing minors into adult chat rooms Chris attempted to bait him into clicking a link to an IP phishing site.


For comparison, here is how another admin of the barafurs chat who is not a pedophilic sociopath (presumably the Rhagfyr person mentioned in the chat between Patch and Chris) reacted when confronted with information that a minor was in the chat.


Other Testimonies of Blackmailing/Soliciting Minors:
Document Archive
Screenshot collection

"Whosy" refers to Whos-dr, a current and long-time admin of FM going back over 6 years. Alleged to now be around 21-22 years old, this is said to have happened when he was 16, which would've made Simba 22-23 at the time.

Syldra is a former Runescape FM admin, pre-Discord.

Soliciting nudes from unnamed 15-16 year old, doxxing with threats and blackmailing for payment of £1000.
Soliciting nudes from another 16 year old, blackmailing for a Runescape partyhat (valued over £500), former member of FM. Ousted and defamed.
Victim is extremely scared to come forward about this information, from a recent conversation with him

Doxxing and blackmailing 16-17 year old with threats.

He follows a shit ton of minors on his Twitter. This is just the results from searching " 14 " but there's countless others. I could've easily kept going but this is 20 screenshots


There's also Cub Furs / ABDL in his Following list too

The Social Karma System

(Added 3/6/19)

A user has stepped forward with evidence to show that Bryant has been using a social credit system inspired by the Chinese government. Keep in mind that on top of all that is listed below, he also uses IP phishing links in order for new users to join his server.
To summarize:
  • Upon joining, you are immediately messaged by multiple staff members
  • You are pressured into linking ALL of you social media to your account
  • The activity on those accounts are monitored by a bot which gains xp which then gains you certain roles
  • Mods will harass you for not participating in the server enough
  • Encourages paid gambling through Patreon integration - paid donations give you cookies to enter into raffles
Howdy do. Figured I might as well toss my hat into the pile, as myself and another person have been doing more specifically targeted investigations into his discord server since before I even knew about this thread, primarily as a measure to present evidence to Discord staff to have the damn place taken down. It started when the dumb bastard was having his members spam our server's members with invites. I tried the diplomatic route, naturally that failed. I found out I was banned from their server despite having never joined or even interacted with the guy before (as is basically my entire staff team), so I got someone who was on the inside to give me the user tags of their staff members. Every other staff member that I talked to seemed afraid to talk to me, and Simba himself just tried to find out who gave me his user tag, before blocking me when it was clear I wasn't giving him squat. A lot of his staff members were also on my server, and each and every one of them immediately left as soon as I messaged them.

Fast forward a bit, a user on my server decided to take it upon themselves to join and investigate, with me asking questions and them providing answers. From what we've been able to glean, the server is incredibly cult like. I saw you talking about this earlier in the thread, but I feel that I have more specific details that would be relevant to that characterization.

Basically, the server uses social pressure to encourage user participation, and has an XP system operated via bot that rewards basically everything, but as a result, means that everything anyone does on that server is tracked. Every event is tracked, whether you participated in it or not is tracked, it tracks what social media platforms you're following (Because of course people want that sweet XP, so they volunteer that info, meaning Simba gets their social media info as well 'cause they require proof of it.) It tracks how many users someone has invited via a system that requires them to claim who they've invited, meaning Simba knows who invites who if they're doing it for XP. It also further rewards them if that user becomes active in the server.

Beyond that, the events. His admins are extremely heavy handed in encouraging new users to participate in events and integrate with the community, messaging them directly the moment they join any of the server's subsections (like the game groups) and further messaging them if they notice you're not participating in events

As far as the admins themselves, the XP bullshit doesn't stop when you're staff. Even their admins earn XP via staff actions and earn higher ranks of adminship, and from what we've been able to glean status means a lot in their staff team. It isn't even really run like a normal staff team, and any "admin" that's in charge of a game group has basically zero sway or power within their server structure.

It's also worth noting that they peddle a "furry guardian" status on their patreon, and give users "cookies" for excess donations. Cookies are used to enter raffles, which afaik is considered paid gambling given the nature of the system in place.

Relevant links and some screenshots:
Furry guardian membership doc:

Their Discord's ranking and XP system:


Simba immediately outs someone from the "private" advice channel after they expressed suicidal thoughts and takes the opportunity to shill his staff team:View attachment 685984

The following references a shit fest in which r/yiff Discord's owner blew a ghasket and started banning people over Pepe memes (Evilsibe, I'm sure you guys have heard plenty about him.) Simba worked quickly to get one of his people in a staff position after Sibe banned all his own mods, then they stealthily deleted every channel and declared that r/yiff was merging with the then named furry menagerie. Sibe later learned of this and retook ownership of r/yiff. It's also worth noting that this is when myself and my staff team (the ex r/yiff staff team) was preemptively banned from Furry Valley, Simba didn't want us coming over and rallying our community to the new server we were making. He was desperate to keep the numbers boost he got from this.
View attachment 685989View attachment 685990

Stats tracked by their bot that are publicly accessible:
View attachment 685993
The DM my associate got upon joining their Fortnite section:
View attachment 686006

Simba wasn't finished with DPP - Far from it. In retaliation to the callout thread that Patch posted, Simba began to not only sicc his fans after people but also use multiple alts on Twitter in an attempt to get #DogShitPress to trend. It seems as if he'd even gone through the effort to search up his own name and randomly spam people the tag who were discussing allegations around him. The tag never took off though and people quickly figured out that some of the people using it were in fact Simba just using multiple accounts.

Cult-Like Behavior
A reoccurring story from ex-members of Simba's group is that if there is any form of questioning or disagreement with any mod/admin, you would be exiled on the spot. Here are a few examples:

Hero, Slaughterbird & ESO:
The TL;DR is Hero merged his Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) guild with FM's guild but split because he felt Simba wasn't fulfilling his end of the deal. Simba acted cordial in private, but then publicly accused Hero of stealing FM's ESO guild and demanded all FM members to go scorched earth on Hero. Simba also hopped on one of Hero's streams using his PluckyFox sockpuppet to accuse Hero of harassing and threatening him.


Simba and another FM admin harassed a member, Slaughterbird, over their ties to Hero. When Slaughterbird asked for proof that Hero had actually hijacked FM's ESO guild they were banned.


Nolan Seryn:
In a separate incident, a member was blocked from FM's Twitter, banned from the Discord server, and removed from FM game guilds just 24 hours after expressing concern over the evidence against Simba.


Zoophilia Ties / Animal Abuse
Circling back to Patch - he shared Telegram logs from ShadowWoof, a previously outed Zoosadist from the Kero the Wolf leaks. First mentioned here.

ShadowWoof attempted to bargain with Patch by trying to give him the identities of other Zoosadists in exchange for leaving Simba alone. Someone later gave Patch a tip stating that ShadowWoof and Simba were sexually involved and is in fact Simba's " master "

There is also an account of Simba enjoying crushing small animals.
Archived tweet
Video download (SFW/Chat Logs)

Additional Discord logs + Comments:

Simba Responds to Allegations
Here is a Google Doc he published responding to each accusation individually. It's a fucking tedious read so here is a summary as given by @nonnewtonian

Opening Section:
  • Immediately starts by advertising Furry Menagerie and asking people to join.
  • Claims the document "dispels every piece of evidence raised thus far" but it is severely lacking in anything other hearsay and manipulative appeals to emotion. Ironically, says that because some claims against Simba lack evidence they must be false.
  • Says that because only a small handful of people have come forward with evidence, all accusations must be fake
  • Accuses all logs of being faked using a clone Simba account and confirms Simba's Discord account is Simba#7085, which is the same account in the screencaps. Provides zero evidence the fake Simba was the one behind the what was said in the screencaps.
Pedophilia Section:
  • Says all pedophilia accusations against Simba are fake and gay.
  • Zero mention of documentation of minors having access to 18+ NSFW chats or Simba's refusal to act when presented with information on minors in his 18+ NSFW chats.
  • Says anyone accusing Simba of being a pedophile should feel "pure, irrefutable, irredeemable shame." Blatant emotional manipulation to push FM members further against accusers.
Racism Section:
  • Zero mention of documentation proving Simba calls people niggers.
Doxing Section:
  • Denies doxing at the hands of Simba and other FM members.
  • Pulls a “no u” on people accusing Simba of doxing.
Transphobia Section:
  • Pulls a "no u" on everyone accusing Simba of being transphobic.
  • Says warning transgender members of Simba's transphobic behavior is transphobic.
  • Accuses daddydober of harassing Simba by sending him straight porn, but provides zero evidence to back this up. Zero mention of Simba harassing daddydober for being trans via his cronies/his sockpuppets.
Personal Threats, Harassment and Abuse Section:
  • Says Simba blocks anyone banned from FM and is therefore innocent of all accusations of harassment. Zero mention of well known sockpuppeting antics.
  • Again pulls a "no u" on Simba's detractors.
  • Says they are doing people "a large favour" by advertising them on @YiffLinks and @FurLinks. Blatant emotional manipulation, suggesting people who accuse Simba of wrongdoing are selfish and don’t appreciate everything FM does for them.
  • More attempts to personally denounce and defame anyone accusing Simba.
Sexual Harassment Section:
  • Says Patch blamed Simba for letting minors into the 18+ barafurs Telegram chat, when Patch was clearly just seeking out a chat admin to alert.
  • Says Patch ignored that the chat does not allow minors, zero mention of Simba refusing to acknowledge evidence of minors lying to get into the chat.
  • Says Patch not responding to Simba's blatant attempt at riling him up and getting him to click suspicious links is a bad thing.
Impersonation Section:
I have no idea what situation this is referring to. This is a major issue present throughout the document; it has no links to the evidence being posted by Simba's accusers. Simba complains about his accusers providing little to no context, yet he is doing the exact same thing.

Ties to Xanadu and Alt-Furries Section: Claims Section:
  • Denies accusations that FM uses links to gain peoples’ information.
Closing High-Level Comments Section:
  • Accuses Patch of perpetuating FAKE NEWS, but two paragraphs later admits neither Simba or his 80 staff members have actually read through Patch’s articles and the issues he has reported on.
  • Advertises FM’s plan of hosting a convention in 2020.
  • Love bombing of FM members (“our resources are best spent providing the best experience possible for all who we have the privilege to get to know, and who choose us as their home.”). Blatant emotional manipulation, buttering up FM members to get them to side with Simba.
  • Pushes the narrative Hero of None stole FM’s ESO guild and says Hero took down all accusations against Simba. This is false as Hero’s Google Doc with his case against Simba and the tweet sharing it are still up (archive in case it ever does go down), and based on his update to the Doc it appears Hero only took down evidence he could not completely verify.
  • Claims R3M1X/RemixWolf only turned on Simba and FM due to evil doers taking advantage of his mental illness to warp his mind. Blatant emotional manipulation, as Simba advertises FM as a safe place for furries suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. Here he is suggesting people who speak out against him and FM are trying to gaslight the mentally ill into removing themselves from support groups and turn on their friends.
  • Says smaller accusers are just assmad over getting banned from FM. Zero evidence to show which of these smaller accusers took part in FM.
Thank You! Section:
  • More advertising FM’s discord as a “loving home” and asking people to join.
  • Links to a video Simba posted where he shares his sob story about how he was a poor abused autistic kid, and how that lead him to create FM for lonely, depressed, abused, autistic, etc furries. Blatant emotional manipulation to get people to sympathize with Simba, and a subtle attempt to accuse Simba’s detractors of wanting to take away a source of comfort and friendship from the mentally ill, the autistic, and survivors of abuse.
    • Video includes accusations that his childhood abusers threatened to run him over. You’d think someone who was threatened with such a horrific fate as a child would be traumatized by vehicle crush porn, not jerk off to it and demand more of it.

Simba (or someone very close to him) has already visited the Farms in an attempt to dissuade users from collecting more info on him. Thread can be found here

List of Accounts / Discord Servers / Sites / Other Online Activity

Furry Menagerie (FM) Accounts:
*This same Discord invite link was shared by the Gautiers Second Life account, proving Gautiers is another one of Chris' sockpuppets.

Furry Valley (FV) Accounts:
Personal Accounts / Activity

  1. Livejournal: (Archive - 1) (Archive - 2)
F-List Accounts:

Second Life:
SimbaRules Resident - Main account

Pluckyfox Resident
Gautiers Resident
Note - 'gautiers' are a type of high-heeled stiletto shoe that are popular with crush fetishists

Twitter Alts

Cow Crossover


The Diplomatic Monster (Open Zoophile)


Aitrus Otter (Pkrussl's Ex-BF)





Furry Raiders



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Been a while coming, Chris is a creep and his cult has nothing but creepy shit surrounding it.

There's only so much rebranding can do, Chris. See how it worked for out Blackwater/Academi and the Pinkertons. Your gay little club shall always be known as a gay little club.

What I'd love is if Chris does the big brain thing and sends Null a threatening legal letter, as if a hundred other exceptional individuals hadn't tried that already.

Catch Your Breath
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I actually asked the mods to move all of those comments into this thread as it's more suitable here. Includes more evidence. Waiting on them to get back to me but at least we can look at all the comments still
Not sure if that'll work out, seeing how if all those posts were made before the thread, they will all be the first posts for this thread. I'll keep the link up, or better yet, you can put it in the OP.

Cool kitties club

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When DogPatchPress confronted Chris about a minor being in barafurs, an 18+ Telegram chat he is an admin of, Chris refused to acknowledge the evidence and accused him of defamation. When Patch threatened to expose him for knowingly allowing minors into adult chat rooms Chris attempted to bait him into clicking a link to an IP phishing site.
He talks like some furry version of X-Files villain Pusher. I was half expecting him to find that he was "looking for a worthy adversary".

Catch Your Breath
Well I think I have (mostly) everything. If you lot find anything else, I'll update the OP but this seems pretty solid so far. Only thing missing is @tiredofitall's alleged 3 addresses that he has. DM me or post it here when you see this, k?

Could also put a section dedicated to documenting other Lolcows he's interacted with but that would take time.

All I have so far is this guy and Blum
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Catch Your Breath



Simba is a common name yes but would be interesting to find out if this is Simba of Furry Menagerie

(Cross posting just in case it isn't as this blog post could yield interesting info. Not fully read myself yet just saw connection)
This is the same Simba. He has a history of getting into positions of power in various communities and then abusing that power. From what I've read, on Runescape he became a player mod (often shortened to 'pmod') and used his mute abilities to silence those who ticked him off. It got so bad the Runescape higher ups stripped his mod privileges. And then when he got admin status on FurAffinity he leaked chatlogs, as you can see in those Blogspot posts. He did some good by outing Dragoneer's pussyfooting around letting zoophiles be admins and other stupid decisions he was making that negatively impacted the site, but given his blackmail and ruination fetishes he was probably giving his dick friction burns while he wrote those posts.
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Catch Your Breath
This is the same Simba. He has a history of getting into positions of power in various communities and then abusing that power. From what I've read, on Runescape he became a player mod (often shortened to 'pmod') and used his mute abilities to silence those who ticked him off. It got so bad the Runescape higher ups stripped his mod privileges. And then when he got admin status on FurAffinity he leaked chatlogs, as you can see in those Blogspot posts. He did some good by outing Dragoneer's pussyfooting around letting zoophiles be admins and other stupid decisions he was making that negatively impacted the site, but given his blackmail and ruination fetishes he was probably giving his dick friction burns while he wrote those posts.
If that's the case, I'll add this to the OP when I'm on my computer