Chris-Chan incest leak / Chris has been removed from 14 Branchland Court

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Mar 10, 2013
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I can't fathom why people are hung up over people misgendering someone who RAPED HIS MOTHER.
It's literally this meme:

Wish memes would stop becoming a reality but thats current year for you.


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Mar 21, 2019
Chris doing this of his own volition is 100% in-character and probable for who we know him to be, it was just one of those boundaries most people assumed would stay as a joke and not become a reality because "surely Chris isn't that depraved!". The thing is he's gotten to a point in his disassociation with reality and delusions of grandeur that he can justify any act to himself, even if it goes beyond lines he might have drawn for himself before this (he's always talked about incestuous urges for his mother, but prior to this he seemed to understand and accept that pursuing this would be wrong, or at the very least something he would not do). But now he's a Goddess that exists in a parallel dimension where none of his base urges could ever be wrong, even taking advantage of his likely senile mother to satisfy his sexual whims. This is not to absolve him; he knew by the standards of polite society how this would be received (he knew it was wrong and that he should not do it, but maybe not in the same way you or I would), as evidenced by how he kept details secret from Null but still, revoltingly, kinda wanted him to know by dropping clues. Not ruling out the possibility that the trolls involved might have encouraged and intensified things, but I can absolutely see a scenario where Chris was not incited at all and acted on his own initiative. tl;dr Chris probably raped his elderly mother just because he could and because he wanted to, that's the horrifying, simple truth.
Is it possible? Yes absolutely, anything is possible with Chris. It has been a joke for at least a decade that something like this would happen. But I still can't wrap my mind around him fucking Barb.... and that people knew he was fucking Barb for a month and encouraged him...... That's just too horrifying for me. The audio and messages makes me thing this is a grand troll op but fuck, there is such overwhelming evidence provided by Chris himself that this did happen; fuck what a horrific time to be alive.

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Oct 8, 2019
The amount of money is relevant as to whether he committed grand or petite larceny. But I agree with you that the dollar amount is irrelevant as to whether or not he violated the order of protection by committing larceny against his mother by sending himself money through a PayPal account that is connected to Barb's bank.

I doubt Chris has power of attorney over her given his mental capacity, but even if he did it could still be embezzlement, which is treated as larceny in VA. Larceny is of course a property crime and would violate an order of protection. However, I think they would have to first find Chris guilty of larceny before they could say he violated the order of protection through larceny. I just don't believe Chris could be found guilty of it because of his mental capicity. I admittedly don't practice Elder Law or Crim Law. So I could be wrong. Someone who does would know much better than I do.
Lot of words to say "lol idk."

I honestly cannot read your posts without picturing Lumbergh from Office Space. You sound like a self important cunt. Nobody fucking cares if you practice law here, nobody is impressed. That's why nobody has asked for you to post credentials, because nobody fucking cares. It's far more likely you're just a self absorbed law student larping as a lawyer on the internet by the way you talk, but guess what? Nobody fucking cares enough to ask you to provide proof. Are you getting the point that nobody cares? I'm laying it on pretty thick. Holy fucking shit lmao.

You are an anonymous user on a glorified gossip forum dedicated to a man in a dress that shits his pants and fucks his mom.

Jul 26, 2021
  • slap on the wrist & counseling because some shitty state agency cant be fucked doing its job and finding a crime means a failure on the state as well.
  • Barb moves to housing because family knows now
  • Chris gets some retard grant for a low-level /group apartment
  • Chris finds ways to make themselves the victim, starts entering the reddit victimsphere and posting on /r/raisedbynarccists and trans subs before being banned
  • Returns to being an internet personality and local disaster

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Mar 10, 2013
I am unfamiliar with American benefit system but could he reapply after he leaves prison or would that be impossible?
I've read a little about it and it seems he would automatically start getting payments again since he's not on regular benefits but Social Security Disability Insurance due to Bob setting him up with it.

Payments would get suspended after 30 days of being in prison and start up again after he leaves.


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Apr 17, 2018
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