Chris Pratt asks followers to pray for Kevin Smith - Euphoria ensues

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Yknow, I just wonder, has it occured to these idiots that prayer isn't like attempting magic? That maybe Chris Pratt isn't asking for a beam of light and a resurrection, but just going "Please let my idol be treated by the smartest doctors there"?

I mean, isn't it kind of a miracle in itself that we know so much, and people can be so intelligent, that we can kick Death in the balls on an hourly basis with modern medicine?

Have these idiots ever heard of the idea of a small miracle? Jesus wasn't supposed to be the baseline.

Henry Wyatt

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To be fair, Chris Pratt knows the evils that science can create.

A white fucking dinosaur.

A what now?!

Also this "controversy" is fucking stupid. Chris Pratt just wanted to be nice and wish someone well
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