1. I'm live with the Ralph Retort and Nick Rekieta to talk about Chris.

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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by XYZpdq, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. If that's the excuse for the youngins, what's the excuse for the one's in their 40s?
  2. [​IMG]
    Im sorry where is the blackface/racism in dressing up as a pokemon?
    Are you saying that its racist because black people look like monkeys? Cause no one mentioned black people, its a fucking monkey pokemon.

    Who's the real racist here, Shrimp?
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    Chicken Picnic

    Chicken Picnic aka Crippled Picnic

  3. Pretty much the same, with "youth" being replaced by them being incredibly mentally and emotionally immature as far as swearing goes and them being actually exceptional as far as the "communicating effectively" thing goes.
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  4. Shrimpy is running low on attention, so he's grasping at straws to see what will get him more attention.
  5. These are people who think "pissbaby" and "shitlord" are actual insults.
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    AnOminous so what
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  6. He'd have been 13 at the time. So not the creepiest thing at first, but growing creepier by the minute. I agree that the vaguely sexual way he refers to underage characters now is extra creepy.
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  7. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten into Steven Universe. Then again, the fanbase would probably tear him apart.
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  8. Too many women for his tastes, and not enough action. Also the fact that Steven gets roughed up in the occasional fight would make him cry abuse. Oh, and Steven having a positive paternal figure would piss him off too, based on how he's talked about fictional dads and his own before.
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  9. I can possibly see him going for the whole Steven is trans angle, but otherwise, you are right. Plus I'm pretty certain Steven is a bit too old for him.
  10. Never heard him talk about his dad. I'm just sure that he isn't there and that's why Shrimpy doesn't know boundaries.
  11. '"Moral Disorder" just sounds like some new neonazi way of dressing up "degenerate"'
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    Hellfire Sugar Cubes
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  12. Hey, that's not fair to Larpers. At least they learn some sort of weapon play and safety.
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    KookiesNKreem Official Vagina Inspector

  13. Screenshot_20180712-133321_Chrome.jpg

    Looks like Shrimpy is upset that we called him out on his love for Ash. He's so upset he's spouting word salads.
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  14. Imagine being so mad about being called a pedophile you admit freely to being a pedophile
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    kcbbq Art trappists gory?

  15. Kiwis and kiwi-ettes, I present to you the Streisand effect.
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  16. For Chris, since you're reading this and I know you don't have the best reading comprehension, that means you are bringing extra scrutiny on yourself by your loud and disorganized denial. You're also helping people find the farms and see your history of bullshit! Go you!
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  17. Imagine being called a loser by a pedo who doesn't want to get a job, gets kicked out of every community he goes, and the only relationship he ever had was from a creepy pedo like him.
  18. That would be like getting kicked in the balls by a toddler, and you are Mike Tyson. Then again, when the biggest loser in the room is calling you a loser, you can laugh at them. See Shrimpdick, you ARE the biggest loser.

    REGENDarySumanai Man of excellent taste

  19. Chris quotes his sock to attack TotalBiscuit and his wife.
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    Hellfire Sugar Cubes
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  20. This sticks out to me.

    "The same people who complain about 'thoughtcrimes' and 'stop shamign sex appeal' to defend ACTUAL pedopandering trash."

    I have no idea what particular instance(s) you're talking about here Shrimp (by all means link me, I have not been through every thread here), but the way you're complaining gives me the impression you're suggesting children have sex appeal. I don't have the words to explain it the way I want to, but basically you're not helping your defense any if I'm understanding this right.
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    Agent Scud

    Agent Scud We need to build a colony laser

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