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Feb 15, 2015
The topic of circumcision has been of much debate in the past several years. I'm sure that many of us are already familiar with this topic in some way, but for those who want to learn more details about the subject and how it causes so much controversy, I am going to give a brief introduction to the topic and points of contention before getting into how this applies to Tumblr and all the different blogs and content I was able to find on the subject.

I wanted this to be set in the same tone as some of the other threads related to specific topics that get brought up on Tumblr, just FYI before we get more into this. Just as a disclaimer, the objective of this thread is to document and point out interesting, funny instances of Tumblr people talking about circumcision.

I am going to quote from this article from The Huffington Post on this topic to get this thread started so that it is clear what kind of content that I want to discuss and pull from the Tumblr pages on this topic:

A circumcision is a surgical procedure where the foreskin (the skin covering the head of the penis) is removed. This is often done while a newborn is still in the hospital, using local anesthetic, by an obstetrician or pediatrician. Some parents opt to have it done later, by a urologist (a doctor specializing in the male reproductive system). The American Academy of Pediatrics acknowledges that there are benefits to the procedure but does not recommend routine circumcision, instead leaving it to parents to make the decision based on personal, medical, and religious factors.

See that bolded part at the end? That's where a lot of the controversy with this topic lies. I wanted to see how much of this controversy has spread to Tumblr and gathering specific content of people on the website having heated debates about circumcision and other assorted bits of sperging associated with it. Before I get into posting some of the content I found, I'll go ahead and continue to explain the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision so that it is clearer what these debates are about and I'm going to quote from the article again:


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), male circumcision can reduce the risk of contracting HIV from an infected partner by 50-60 percent, and also reduce the risk of men transmitting sexually transmitted diseases like HPV and bacterial vaginosis to their female partners. There's also evidence that circumcision may reduce the risk of penile cancer. For babies and young boys, there is a lower risk of infant urinary tract infections if they are circumcised.


While the risks of circumcision in the United States are very low, the most common complications are inflammation and minor bleeding. Occasionally, more serious complications can occur. For example, the foreskin might be cut too short or too long, or not heal properly.

Despite the relative safety of circumcision, it is a highly volatile topic. "The negative ideas or the negative thoughts about circumcision right now in the U.S. and also in Europe are that... basically, you're cutting a healthy child's penis for really no good reason," says Mikael Brisinger, MD, an obstetrician in Los Angeles. "And a lot of people who are worried talk about ethics -- is it okay without the child's consent? Is it okay to expose a child to the risk of surgery for, some people say, very little medical benefit?"

Lastly, there's no scientific evidence that circumcision affects sexual function or satisfaction, but there are many anecdotal reports from anti-circumcision groups who feel that this is a legitimate concern.

On later circumcision:

Some toddlers and young children have a condition called phimosis, where the foreskin is too tight to be retracted (pulled back) over the head of the penis. This typically doesn't require medical intervention unless the child begins to
suffer from repeated infections, in which case circumcision might be recommended. But there are other circumstances, like when a child has a "trapped penis" (a foreskin which is so tight that urine can become trapped inside it), repeated infections, birth defects or other penile dysfunction problems, where circumcision might be the best solution.

Some parents choose not to circumcise, believing that it should be their son's decision - one that he can make later in life. Adult circumcision does occur, not only for medical reasons, but also for cosmetic or social concerns.

With that overview out of the way, now I can get into the actual content that I've been able to find so far. There's loads of this stuff on Tumblr just if you type in circumcision into the search bar there. Some of the blogs I've been able to find are as follows and I'm going to post a little sample of the kinds of content that's on there.

When I was doing my Google search, I already came across several blogs that talk extensively about circumcision. Here are a few that I was able to find so far:

This fellow decided to get circumcised at the age of 34. It might be an interesting one to look at for content purposes:

There's a lot of pictures of actual dicks on this Tumblr blog, but I did find this screencap interesting enough to post here:


This woman has her own thoughts about circumcision which you can read here.


From the Controversial Parenting search on Tumblr comes this long text wall from user of-speckled eggs:
So my mom has a friend that works at one of the hospitals that I may give birth at, she asked me to give her a copy of my birth plan so that she could talk to her friend about what would be possible and what wouldn’t. (i have a very demanding birth plan haha) At the end of my birth plan it says “Circumcision (if it’s a boy): haven’t decided yet.” Now a month ago if you asked me about this I would say HECK YEAH I’M CIRCUMCISING MY BABY IF ITS A BOY, but after seeing a video of an actual circumcision, it did waiver my decision a bit. When my mom read that I haven’t decided yet she FLIPPED OUT and was like YOU WILL CIRCUMCISE YOUR BABY DON’T EVEN START WITH ME THAT’S DISGUSTING blah blah. I understand where she is coming from, my mom used to work at a nursing home where some of the men were uncut, and would always express how sad she was because they get infections all the time and all of them have prostate cancer. After doing my own research I’ve read that yes circumcision does lower your chance of getting infections and prostate cancer by a small percent. Is that small percent worth putting my baby in that pain? Is it worth the chance that something will go wrong, however small that chance is? I haven’t decided yet. I feel I would have to talk to a doctor and get their opinion. I don’t really think about it often because I don’t even know the sex of my baby yet, so I’m not gonna be super proactive about this until I know that it will be an issue. But having my mom flip out when she has done NO research and her main argument is “They did it to your brother and he’s fine! And your boyfriend! And everyone guy you know!” Like yes mom I know that, my main concern is that I don’t want to hurt my baby if it isn’t necessary. She doesn’t even know how it’s done, she didn’t watch my brother’s get done, and she REFUSED to watch the video I tried to show her, saying that “Watching that wont change my mind. No matter how they do it, no matter if they use anesthetic or not, it takes 5 minutes he’ll be fine.” She has no idea and wont even educate herself so what gives her the right to bark at me?

If you want to find more content, there's a ton here as well.

Additional blogs of interest, some of which is NSFW: (circumcision fetish blog)

All of these are from the first two Google search results of typing in "tumblr circumcision."

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Sep 24, 2015
Ah this topic. There's some dude on tumblr who was obsessed with it a few years ago, I don't remember his username but if anyone was discussing female genital mutilation, he'd reblog their posts and accuse them of being fine with mutilating helpless male infants.
Just baffles me when people bring that up like it's the same thing.


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Jan 29, 2015

What an odd thing to put forward as your online identity. "Before you say anything, you should know that I have a RealPenis©. Ok, please continue, this forum IS about classic TV shows after all."

I think it's important to understand why this is a dumb topic to fight over so that we can laugh at the tumblr war without this turning into a slappy sped fight. This IS a honeypot topic, but why? Because circumcision discussions fit a lot of the topics on tumblr in that they are all examples of:

"The Internet Tire Fire Formula"
Or "How to be a grandmaster double black belt troll in 15 minutes or less."

1: Pick something that you have in common with a minority of people in your online spaces which cannot be easily changed (cut/uncut penis, race, lineage, size of toes, color of skin, lesbianism, etc.)

2: Start a thread about how one of these uncommon sociological traits is better than the alternative with no apparent reasons or logic, just agreeable sentiments for the minority.
(Down With Cis, cut penises can't feel sex, darker skin is more oppressed, straight people are closed-minded idiots, etc.)

3: After the initial and inevitable outrage, insist that the majority of people should stop being a Nazi because, as a minority, you suffer from oppression which they are making worse by merely existing. (Girls expect cut cocks, you can't get rid of privilege, my ancestors were killed by your ancestors, hard to find a gay partner with all these straight people around, etc.)

4: You're done! From here you can just watch:
- The minority you represent will agree with and publicly support your points, however baseless they were at the outset, and could fight the entire war for you.
- People will start pretending to belong to the minority and can perform astounding mental gymnastics to justify to themselves why they should be included.
- A heirarchy system develops as mobs form and the topic itself is banned from most forum conversation.
- Articles and blogs shoot up to exclusively talk about how this can be fixed when really there's no easy fix to "people are basically different, inscure, and apparently elitist."
- Society crumbles, Cthulhu rises, and humanity's last breath is spent etching their opinions onto a stone tablet so alien visitors in 6097 will find them and know that uncut cocks were best. (This effect is unobserved but inevitable)

Homework: Think of something rare about yourself that you cannot change. Post on 4chan about "how bad it must be to not have this trait", and count the replies.

I look forward to tumblrites defending and discussing their wedding tackles in excruciating detail. There's always gold in them there hills.
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