Circumcision on Tumblr

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Oct 1, 2014
There's a small community on tumblr for dudes who buy "foreskin restoration devices" that basically just grab and stretch your dick skin until you have a makeshift foreskin. Have a look at (both very NSFW) uncutting and foreskinrestorationprogress.

Usually when I see a Tumblr blog with that many dick pics, I expect to see gifs of dudes fucking.

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Feb 10, 2015

"When I first started thinking about circumcision, I got so mad that I thought I was gonna track down the doc that cut me and give him a piece of my mind.
I found him, found his home address and where he works now. He’s old, but it would still be worth the face-to-face and closure.
But I doubt it would to me any good. He would dismiss me, tell me I’m crazy for wishing I had a foreskin, like most other people I bring it up to.
That’s why I don’t bring it up anymore. People treat me like I’m crazy for wishing I hadn’t been circumcised. It takes me telling them I almost died because of it for them to finally say “oh, wow, that kind of sucks huh.” And even then, that’s only some.
Not everyone has taken the time to think about circumcision. Rarely anyone, actually. It’s not something people really talk about much at all. We’re uncomfortable with it, as a nation, because of our double-edged prude/slut culture. We’re supposed to love sex, but never talk about it. Just like I’m supposed to love missing half of the skin on my penis, and never bring it up."


this website fucking sucks. fuck this shit im out
May 2, 2015