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Well, that's all, folks
Trois Gymnopédies. Erik Satie? How about Australian composer Peggy Glanville-Hicks?

Sounds more Vaughan-Williams than French.
I agre. There is a Orchestral and Choral work by RVW that is thematically similar. I'm in an airport ATM and can't recollect which one.
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It had become a glimmering gorl,
I wonder how many kiwis play instruments, and which they are. What I play is probably obvious from my postings...

Anyway, here's some underloved Respighi. It describes the journey of the Magi across the desert into Bethlehem, their adoration of the Christ Child, and their departure into the night. The arabesque in the bassoon and oboe is very evocative, and takes a lovely major turn when they reach the Infant. But beyond that, the terrific orchestration captures the bustle and mystique of a Bethlehem evening in antiquity, with wonderful themes in the violins and flutes.

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