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Is JacobTMK the Fatman?

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Nov 14, 2012
Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber ("mcyt") who catapulted to e-celebdom in a single year. In 2020 he went from 1 million subscribers to 10 million. As someone who produces video game content with voice overs only, his identity has become a game to his fans who are overwhelmingly young teens.

Though in his defense, if these were my fans I'd not want to show my face either.

As of June 9th, Dream stans might want to upgrade from chair to loveseat and ottoman, because Dream is in fact fat as hell. (Infographic courtesy of @why am I fucking here)

These ladies might not like him as much if they knew he was a cheater and was in a relationship with a woman named Samantha Guidotti (sqmglqm) where they both repeatedly cheated on each other. For whatever reason, there's a Twitter account dedicated to archiving evidence she's a cheater (Archives), after she leaked messages about him cheating on her.


A lot of the information about him cheating is scrubbed hard from the Internet, which leads me to believe he's paying a team of people to manage his reputation. I'm having to look at archives of archives of tweets with only thumbnails available. (Source / Archive) (More info on the cheating.)

Clayton is the most famous speedrunner in history. His Minecraft videos, which get TENS OF MILLIONS OF VIEWS, are mostly him speedrunning Minecraft to kill the final boss of the game in under an hour while under certain conditions (i.e. his friends are trying to kill him).

Problem is, in his world record speedrun of the game, it looked like items he was getting were being dropped at disproportionately high rates. This inclined people to believe he had modified the game to give him an unfair advantage. Here's a 14 minute long video regarding that by Geosquare alleging that he did. (Original Link)

The allegations prompted Minecraft and the Speedrunning community to investigate his highscore. They released a fucking 22 page long statistical analysis of his drops.

The result was in: he cheated, and his score was removed.

He released his own response, claiming his own world-renown astrophysicist statistician which he could not name (literally) said he actually didn't cheat. (Original Link)

Don't bother with any of that shit, just watch Dunkey's video because it's 3 minutes long and funny. (Original Video)

Obviously, this sort of drama pisses a lot of autistic children off, and now Dream enjoys a huge hate fandom.

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