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Climate Change and its eventual effectsLol get fucked Gaia

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by d12, Sep 14, 2018.

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    1. Hello friends! Recently I've been pondering as I sometimes do and the concept of climate change came into my mind. I feel that climate change seems to be one of the issues that people tend to compartmentalize and toss aside for more pressing matters such as the increase in domestic shootings or the imminent declaration of marshal law by the cursed Dr*mph. Despite that, I feel that changing climate is something that will seriously affect all of the world in the decades to come. My question to you is how do you think the changing climate will effect the world and the way we as people live in it?
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      d12 Lurker and Resident Normie

    2. Either the U.S. or China will start working on genetically modifying a strain of plants to grow at an extreme rate and oxygen fix at stupid-fast speeds, which country it will be will depend on if the U.S. can oust the big gay hippies fast enough to implement real change or if the Chinese get tired of waiting and make it a national project on account of their horrid air quality.
      Alternatively, one of Signapore's many many cutting-edge microbiological labs will culture a super-hostile version of phytoplankton like you would have seen in the Paleogene and force the ocean to wake up again.
      Alternatively, current research on carbon-capturing biodegradable substances will advance to a stage where proposed solutions can be implemented; ideally, this would turn greenhouse gas back into fuel in one fell swoop.
      Alternatively, we just go nuclear and use electric cars/factories at an inscrutably minimal cost and let the environment's natural stabilizing forces fix the problem over time
      Alternatively, we keep steady on this course and start bio-engineering the increasingly-wet inland deserts into viable environments and enjoy having a whole lot more beachfront property and having huge landmasses like Siberian Russia or Canada be nearly livable again.
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    3. Wasn't this the plot of a tom clancy novel? release enormous amounts of gas into the atmosphere, turn Siberia into farmland. downside being turning other places into deserts, but oh well.
    4. There will be some wars over water in the future. The Himalayan glaciers are disappearing, and with them the seasonal meltwater runoff necessary for the spring planting, which is already being hotly contested by China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and everyone else in the region whose agriculture is dependent on irrigation from Himalayan tributary rivers. The Chinese got a head start by damming the waters upstream in their territory, but India is also working on some dams in the area, iirc.

      millais The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas

    5. Climate change is going to happen whether you like it or not. Creating feel good legislation that is non-binding tells you all you need about how the "my god we are all going to die" crowd works.
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      Piss Clam

      Piss Clam Squeeze me.

    6. Personally i have faith in humanity's engineers to stabilize and maybe reverse this problem, we just need some political will and sadly that won't happen until a disaster happens. It will be a challenge the likes of which we've never seen, but the reward would be even greater mastery of nature.
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      Dreamland Mural of coral and cold

    7. As much as I hate to go all "fuck drumpf" nothing will happen in America towards climate change as long as our president thinks it's a hoax.
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      Steve Mayers

      Steve Mayers Nazi Punks Fuck Off

    8. Different branches of government and all that.

      As long as a decent enough company can get a decent enough government subsidy/contract from any of the numerous departments to create something, if they haven't already, then they're golden. The tricky parts is actually getting some results.

      At this point in time, the majority of the first world countries have done what they could/want to without going to the extreme. People will keep investing in solar the cheaper it gets, buy electric cars the cheaper they get, etc etc. Technology is ever-improving, requiring less and less power to do the same or more/better.

      The main problem makers, IMO, are the Asian "first world" countries such as India and China. Next to no regulation on anything and if there are any, no one cares. Thanks to China, I foresee the entirety of Africa getting the same treatment. Just watch one of those wonderful e-waste recycling videos that are based out of Africa; just beautiful.

      But I'm a potato and can survive nearly anything, so eat me.
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      Derp Potato

      Derp Potato Just a Spud doing spud things

    9. Emission mitigation isn't some magic solution, especially if the biggest contributors are non-compliant. To be clear, that's the area of most contention at this point, along with the economic ramifications.
      The science of Geoengineering has been stalwartly marching on since its inception in the mid-late 80s, totally unconcerned with the politics of other climate sciences and attempts to shut it down. It outsurvived buttmad fundies worried about tampering with God's green earth, it is surviving mitigation bureaucrats out for a buck and their feels, and it will survive Trump.
      If anything, his relative ignorance on the subject and bravado could be an advantage. If someone tells him he single-handedly can fix the climate with 250bn and slap that onto his Presidential resume, he'll see it as a free win and jump, personal convictions or no. A professional or interested party would see that it's not their 100% perfect cure-all they've been chasing for decades and shut it down immediately, regardless of the ramifications.
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