Comfy games and recommendations - Sitting comfy while the world burns

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Since more and more people are having their lives put on hold with the current pandemic lets hear recommendations for comfy games.

I'll start off with a more well known and good pick with Stardew Valley.

In this Harvest Moon like game you inherit a beat up old farm, and start clearing it up and growing crops for cash. From there you have a plethora of things to do, these include building addition structures and decorating your farm, raising animals, fishing, going into a dangerous mine for minerals, and more. There is also mod support so after playing the base game you can install all kinds of mods further extending the amount of time you'll get out of this game.


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The Animal Crossing series is maximum comfy. You just toodle about and have a nice, quiet time.
I find Pokémon to be nice as well, especially if you get into the deeper mechanics like breeding or min-maxing. Autism not required.
On the other side of things, any game can be comfy if it’s one you really like to play. The Dark Souls series and Resident Evil 4 are games that I play to unwind, but only because I’ve played them so many times that it’s like rewatching a favorite movie.
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First Nier. It has farming, hanging out with your misfit friends, saving your daughter(sister in Japan's PS3 version), entertaining banter with said friends, and this:

This is heard everytime you get past the logos. At the very least, you'll be too busy laughing to remember the world burning.

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Jagged Alliance 2 1.13. Ramp it up or tone it down at your own discretion. Be prepared for enemy mortar teams and there's always that elite soldier who's going to fuck your hit up with a LAW after eating a long burst out of a 5.56 assault rifle.
Deus Ex with Shifter mod.
Stalker CoP with Misery mod.
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Possibly unpopular opinion, but Night in the Woods is quite a nice game if you really want to take it easy while still doing interactive stuff. It's essentially one step up from a visual novel, and the behind the scenes stuff related to it may be a dealbreaker for some, but the music and art style are gorgeous and the story's quite absorbing.

I also recommend Donut County which is a really great little puzzle game. Again, the music and art style are really nice and it's got an interesting premise. Only trouble is, you'll be done in about an hour.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is also a lot of fun, and satisfying to play while not being too challenging. The gameplay is inventive and the graphics are wonderful. There's also a lot of level variety, even though it all takes place in the same building.

Also going to second Animal Crossing. The new one's out, and if you've never played the other games in the series, this is a great place to start.


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I really like creativity tool games. Warioware DIY on the original DS is the unsung sequel to Mario Paint, and it's full of all kinds of fun stuff to do. The main gig is that you can make simple Warioware style games, but its also got a music tracker and a comic book drawing thing. It's a lot of fun to use.

That being said, Mario Paint works really really well in emulation since you can just use your normal computer mouse. Same for touchscreens, and Snes9X EX is free on Google Play.

And if you have a 3DS, the Art Academy series is fun, and actually teaches you some painting techniques. Get that if you're neurotypical, or Pokémon Art Academy if you're autistic.


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On a similar note to the previously mentioned Katamari games, the Wii exclusives The Munchables and Rabbids Go Home are fairly laid back and comfy, with gameplay that's similar to, but not identical to the Katamari games.

Same thing with the de Blob games.

The Scribblenauts games are also good if you want a laid back puzzle game.

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Weirdly enough, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

That is not the sequences where you're being chased by monsters of course, but the ones where you're simply exploring environments, the wintery atmosphere, the lack of people, it's got the feeling of curling up in blankets on a cold winter's night and telling ghost stories.

The psychiatry sequences as well, the music has a calming, comfy feeling but with an undertone of creepiness, same as Dr K, he exudes trustworthy authority, but sometimes says creepy things.

It's spooky and haunting rather than the typical Silent Hill approach of in your face "oh shit, run away!" hellish horror, which I thought was an interesting take on it and the sequences that do go for the more traditional Silent Hill style horror are the weakest parts of the game.

That may not be the type of comfy you're looking for, but like I said, it's the comfy of telling ghost stories at a sleepover kind of vibe.

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It's a simple but fun little city-builder. Goal is to get a little village community up and running. There aren't any major existential threats in the form of hostile npcs or disasters, but just making sure you have enough foodstocks and housing can be challenging enough. A comfy little game which doesn't require constant hectic micromanaging but is still engaging enough.

Age of Empires 2. Preferably the new shiny definitive edition.
AoE2 is great, but I disagree on buying the new edition solely because Microsoft can go fuck itself with its attempts to 'definitively' re-rerelease the same fucking game every 5 years and splitting the userbase with its shitty business practices.

HD is the way to go if you want peak comfiness and something that works on Mac and any Windows that isn't 10.


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The new animal Crossing takes a couple of days of setup, but i'm having a nice time switching between it, Doom Eternal, and Nioh 2.

Might I also suggest looking into some older JRPGs. That's what I'm gonna be doing now that I've been laid off due to this fucking death plague.