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Jack Awful

Laughs at Tards
Apr 27, 2015
Coconut mılk or cum?
You decide.


Busy in the Orgasmatron
True & Honest Fan
Jun 17, 2016
Enjoy your vacay Null. Resting does a world of good.

I broke my toe so I’m spending too much time doing nothing in a time of nothing.


Incel CEO
True & Honest Fan
Mar 7, 2019
Have a good vacation Null! I'll keep you in my prayers man

Jan 3, 2019
I made the coffee and am now drinking it.
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit... Was it good? I'm waiting on my coffee maker thingy to warm up & it will be my first cup in over a week. I'm very esssssscited for it. I'm also essssssssssscited for Jersh the Errrrrverlerd to enjoy his vacation. After I get that caffeine jolt running through me, I am going to bake up a shortbread crust & make a fruit tart. Much habbenings here in Ye Olde Hellhole.


pronouns: nig/nigger/nigself
Jul 15, 2019
Managed to sell off what I had left of my reserve list magic the gathering collection. I plan on using the money to upgrade some of my snake enclosures.

Hope your vacation goes well, my dude. Everyone needs to take some time off for R&R every once in a while.
Oct 19, 2018
I was typing about trains In @cowPoly 's thread when the garden was shoad fuck deleting shit i typed, I'll post it here.

I fucking love trains, You need to put yourself into the mind of an 1800's pleb. Journeys that would take days with horses (if not weeks on foot) turned into just a few hours, speeds humans could only attain by jumping off a cliff made safe for everyday use.

Early railway engineering was comparatively far more impressive than pretty much anything until the silicon chip, It's hard to put into words just how fucking astonishing early railway engineering was.

Fuck going up and down this slight valley, build a giant viaduct It'll save about a minute on journey times.

Fuck going over or around this fairly gentle hill, build the worlds longest tunnel. The engineer was such a G he aligned it so the sun shine through every year on his birthday.

A train that goes underground and under rivers? Yeah, fuck it sure why not!

Niggas still writing with quills by candle light designed and build stuff that's still impressive and functioning.