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Nov 14, 2012
This thread is only for reporting happenings. It is not for any discussion. Any post anywhere on the site may be linked here as a 'happening', but it must be an internal link on the site. Don't worry if your happening is too insignificant; the current problem is that people don't really use it enough.

A post in this thread should look like this:

Ralph's fiance broke her water while out of the city and Ralph didn't stop his livestream to drive up there.

Ralph's ex cohost Gator dropped logs he was fucking black hookers in Vegas while May was pregnant.

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Dec 14, 2021
Lynzee Loveridge from ANN has confirmed that there was interference from Daman Mills’ associates in the coverage of his allegations, with an ADR director threatening that Daman would commit suicide if they didn’t take the article down. She also confirmed that the legal communications between Trayce, Daman Mills, and his lawyer have been shared within the industry.

Also, one of Daman Mills’ VA friends, Laura Faverty, has been confirmed to have been lurking in the KF thread on Daman and is the most likely candidate for the person to have doxxed Trayce, as she wiped her Facebook after evidence towards her being the doxxer was posted.


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Jul 31, 2019


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Apr 17, 2018
A youtuber with over one million subscribers called: ''TheGamerFromMars'' made a Chris Chan Docu he supposedly has been working 2 or 3 years on in secret.

It will be episodic and releases every saturday at 5 PM CET.

Normally this would fly under the radar as another guy wanting to make a Chris video however there is some new Chris footage where the guy with help of Copitz, got an interview with Chris and got some never seen before footage.

First episode mostly explains Chris his childhood with the footage thrown in randomly, no questions been asked to Chris so far however you get to see Chris's room in high detail and his dogs screaming bloody murder.

Link to the thread about it

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Dec 19, 2019

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Jul 9, 2019
IP2 - Jewel Rancid gave birth

Drive to the hospital (she was smoking bongs on the way while having contractions)

Jewel told she's not allowed back into the hospital after giving birth
Baby health update - Also Jewel is already having schizo meltdowns again

You might remember Attila and Jewel from this feature back in March 2021

Teaser clip - Jewel wants her baby back (volume warning)
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Jun 30, 2021
Case dismissed for the harassment injunction Patrick Tomlinson sought against a drunk tard that showed up at his favorite bar and texted him
The judge called this one of the most bizarre and stupid things he’s ever heard of, for both of us.
case info on court website

go to thread awaiting more details from respondent to laugh at Pat
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Dec 15, 2018
I THINK this is a Happening. It is too good to pass up. I've posted a more extensive summary in the Fat Acceptance thread, but I will attempt a TL;DR here because this is too funny.

Here we go; an attempted TL;DR
  • Lindo Bacon, a trans FTM, wrote the original Health at Every Size book. At least the most well known book.
  • Bacon back in September wanted to update her book for its 15th Anniversary.
  • Publisher said no because Bacon is thin and white and they want fat BIPOC only to speak.
  • Bacon attempted to collab with an obese BIPOC named Marquisele Mercedes in order to "maybe" satisfy her publisher.
  • Marquisele Mercedes thinks Health at Every Size is discriminatory against obese people because she doesn't owe anyone health.
  • Bacon attempted normal human interaction with Marquisele, but Bacon was ghosted.
  • Bacon didn't realize she was ghosted, and reached out to Marquisele again after literal months to work on the collab.
  • Marquisele melted the fuck down on Twitter because she was "obviously" ghosting Bacon, and therefore Bacon was not respecting her boundaries.
  • This obviously meant that Bacon was using "white privilege" to FORCE minorities to collab/interact with Bacon.
  • Publisher and Fat Acceptance throw Bacon under the bus for "inappropriate behavior."
At first I thought this cancellation was because Bacon was thin and white (and it is don't get me wrong). But it's also because it is literally white privilege to send follow up emails after literal months of no responses.

Keep in mind that Bacon is probably one of, if not THE most well known face in the current Fat Acceptance movement (her book is certainly the most cited). Now Bacon is the one being cancelled for wasting a BIPOC's time. Which apparently means emailing her months after being ghosted.

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Jan 13, 2019

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Aug 7, 2017
Remember Cosmo streaming for the first time in a while? Well, that was quick.
This is hilariously quick. I wonder what it was. I heard him at one point say "concept of faggot". And at another point he pledged to read every Harry Potter book on stream, which would violate copyright. Hopefully somebody on the Discord will find out more for us.

Edit: new tweet
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honestly cosmo is such a retard for not banning him on sight, deserves the twitch ban, one of the pics was nsfw