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WOW! Just wow! The loaded potato salad is jaw dropping. It contains all four of Sara's basic food groups: bacon, cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise. I think if you fed this to a draft horse it would stop his ticker. How many calories are in that bowl? There has to be enough to light the city of New York for a week!
Let's do some math:

3 lbs. small Red Potatoes cubed or Russet Potatoes - 1184 calories
1 1/2 cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese - 660 calories
12 strips cooked Bacon - 516 calories
1 cup Sour Cream - 492 cal
1/2 cup Mayonnaise - 789 cal
1/4 cup chopped Green Onions or Chives - 8 cal

For a grand total of 3649 calories. This is just using the measurements she wrote down below the recipe. She adds a lot more sour cream and mayonnaise than is listed. Also a lot more chives, but those are probably the healthiest thing in the whole dish. This looks like a bland as fuck calorie bomb with no flavor payoff.

She said this was to "go with" Easter dinner as a side item. That is a huge side dish.

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I just spoke to a healthcare worker that deals with multiple bariatric cases daily. I showed her the Pretzel Dessert and Southern Hoe Cakes videos. She says "425 lbs, but she's a body type that's hard to get a read on. Mine usually aren't as up and ambulatory as her."

I asked what she thought the abdominal pannus situation was like under the minidress: "I just got off work and I have been dealing with fuckin' Barrys all day. I don't even want to think about this woman's pannus."

She mentioned the Christmas tree.

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She just uploaded a "barbecuegroundporkburgercheddar... cheddarburgergroundporkbabecue.. what did I call it again?" recipe, I give her credit that she washes her hands after handling raw meat, but she spritzes the burgers as they cook by coughing directly into the pan repeatedly. "Wish I had a tamater." I kinda get the feeling that she was cooking dinner and said "What the hell. I'll make me a videya."

I found a few comments on Video 2 that she hasn’t deleted yet.


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I found a few comments on Video 2 that she hasn’t deleted yet.
Went back to the comments. They're still there. I like the one about Betty being annoying and a freeloading sponge. Yes, Betty is annoying, but honestly Sara, Jaime, and Betty are all poster children for why welfare reform needs to happen now--with hair follicle drug tests and stricter (than WIC) rules on what you can purchase.
Because reading the honest comments that still haven't been deleted has reminded me AGAIN that Sara HOGGED very rare resources in a hospital she had to be airlifted to (probably via whale sling) when she had pneumonia--which was likely 100% caused by her obesity. Remember that hospital only had TWO BEDS for her particular condition. Someone could have died to keep this BRAAAAPHOG alive. And when she came back to the trouse...she gets BIGGER and talks about peeling strawberries for KoolAid pie and seeding tomatoes for mUh dIvErTiCuLiTiS--another medical condition that is 100% cured by losing weight.

And I have zero doubt Sara and Jaime are scammers. MLM Ponzi schemes, no real job, Betty arrested for shoplifting... I'd give a King's ransom to know what the tea is on that--if the commenter isn't just guessing.

I had some time today so I went to Sara's channel and did some reading. Looks like she stopped cleaning up the comments because several of the more recent videos have a lot of nasty stuff posted. I mean nasty, not just fat jokes. So does this mean she's not even well enough now to sit long enough at her computer to delete and block?

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Ah boy, I'm just so tired of all these Star Wars
Sara can't pronounce "schnitzel" and Jaime DEMANDS some high dairy fat content in his meal or he won't eat it. I do have to give it up to Sara. I've tried making breaded cutlets like this myself and I didn't do a good job of it, It isn't easy to get breading right.
It's true, schnitzel can be a motherfucker. This article helped me iron out some of the kinks in what I was doing

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