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this is for 3 people?
It's for three people that are each the size of three people. I've never been a fan of bacon wrapped anything because the bacon always turns out rubbery. Oven roasting the corn and potatoes, and drizzling them with a little melted butter and smoked paprika would probably taste better.

Edit: Jesus Christ I just watched the second corn video. "Look how yummy this looks." Bitch, I think the beetus has taken your sight because all I see is carbonized bacon corn floating in a quarter inch of grease. I'm fucking wheezing. It's like she set her broiler to Auschwitz and took a nap.
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Strawberry and biscuit soup!

Berries and dumplings could be pretty good, but she should have gotten a proper recipe from the internet. They were clearly winging it and there's too much water and sugar in there.

People in the comments are complaining that Betty's there. I like that Sara has a hillbilly friend to cook with. Betty's speech is so unclear that Sara has to translate it. It's hilarious. We even got a goodbye from Betty at the end.

My favourite quote: Do y'all know what gooseberries is?

I do know what gooseberries is!

Stinky Britches
Ironically enough, it looks just like adipose (belly fat).


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Uncle Meat
That's the first time I've seen her use cast iron. The cheap Chinese dutch oven must be new. She appears to not know to heat up the pan a bit before adding the meat, and she also doesn't know that you shouldn't use full heat on cast iron. Betty and the cat wander around aimlessly. She says that 7 qt pot of soup will last three days. I guess the two of them can put down a half gallon of soup a day!

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