Corpse_Husband / Anthony Blue Gamboa - Popular Streamer and Edgy Poser with an army of horny E-girls

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Jan 30, 2021
Corpse_Husband Anthony "Blue" Gamboa is a YouTuber who's famous for his edgy tiktok music and his Among Us streams.
He's a sexy Bishie anime man who raps about E-Girls and totally isn't a chonky edgelord irl.

Now, ladies don't let his good looks fool you this man is not actually Joji, Lil Xan or Andy Biersack.
Anthony got his start as a creepypasta/horror dramatic reader on YouTube. Fans loved his low gravelly voice and how creepy it was. Eventually he kickstarted his career by streaming/playing among us with popular YouTubers like PewDiePie and Pokimaine. Anthony's entire persona is being such a SAD and SOOPER DEPRESSED E-boy as he constantly cries on social media for attention and pity. Up until September 2021 he was living a life of anonymity.


Name: Anthony "Blue" Gamboa
Born: August/8/1997
Residence: 32021 Campanula Way, Unit 13304 Temecula CA 92592

Corpse Husband's IRL photos before being revealed as Anthony Gamboa

Here's how we got that info (thank you to @mommy )

Prior to searching all we knew of his approximate location was two things:
  • He lives in California
  • His family is originally from San Diego.
The way Anthony was tracked down was through methods of combing through places Anthony has noted on social media. The screenshot provided has archived snapchats from 2016, this was when Pokemon GO was super popular and our little NEET was going outside. As you can see the EMWD sign was noted and a quick google search comes up as "Eastern Municipal Water District" which provides water to the Riverside County. Riverside County is where Anthony currently resides in Temecula, California. One thing about cows especially those that live in the city they always go to places that are in their area note the blue basket from Wal-mart and the obsession with Jamba Juice. Both places are minutes away from the apartment complex. As time goes on more things come to light and thanks to @lolwatagain they've found the EXACT park from Anthony's Pokemon GO! snap. Like all of the other locations this is merely a 20 minute walk from his apartment complex

The next step is to confirm the apartment building Anthony resides in which is a bit more tricky considering you have to look at blue prints and listings. Thankfully we have more footage from Anthony's apartment provided by his friend Boyinaband when he was over. Rather than filming against an empty wall they decided to film in his bedroom. The kitchen shots are also from Anthony's tard rage towards tin foil video which also came in handy. His friend even got a nice photoshoot done by the pool where you can see the arched door matching perfectly to the one found at "Vineyards at Paseo Del Sol"
1632343471434.png 1632343646217.png1632344162897.png1632344453849.png

The last step is to figure out the tenants who reside at Vineyards at Paseo Del Sol. Which has to be done with a fine toothed comb. After some research Anthony Gamboa was found with a GASP! Matching address and a list of relatives including a step-dad.
I have it archived right here:
Where does San Diego come into all this? We've got his mom's past addresses and there you go confirmed for SanDiego.
Archived here:
Corpse will only let out a few details of his life. Prior to the dox this is what we knew about him:
  • He has curly hair and straightened it as a teen
  • He was a "Sponsored Parkour Athlete"
  • He has a younger sister
  • His parents are split
We'll start with his grandma's Facebook account and like in true boomer fashion they have everything on the table. (The family list is very important)


Bio-Dad wishing his son a Happy Birthday who just so happens to share the same 24th birthday as Corpse.

Some family photos of Anthony found from Grandma's facebook.

Anthony's uncle (pictured with grandma) just so happened to follow Corpse.

His sister, Ariana is a "professional twitch streamer".

His former Parkour coach was found via Linkdin and Youtube. Anthony is mentioned in the video's description.:

Thanks to our friends on Kiwi Farms we have more photos and Parkour pics to enjoy!!
We also have a new video of his parkour days. (No stunts but is there)
Still not convinced? Here’s a body comparison

We were able to find Anthony's SICK PARKOUR.

Before Corpse gave up on youtube to focus on music and thus becoming more irrelevant he would constantly bitch & moan about "muh mentul health"

Anthony Padilla (from Smosh) has interviewed Anthony twice. First time was an interview of popular faceless youtubers and second was just corpse a year later. In the first one you'll see Anthony's real body and while he's shorter than Anthony he's also got "stocky" proportions. Second video just has an animated stand-in so he wouldn't get roasted for being a manlet again.

I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS (CORPSE, SwaggerSouls, BlackySpeakz)​

I spent a day with CORPSE HUSBAND​

Like I've previously stated corpse has REALLY shitty horror inspired rap music. His lyrics are explicit and he cannot write bars worth shit. Notable tracks are "E-girls are ruining my life" and "Daywalker" with MGK.

Machine Gun Kelly let him feature on a song with him for clout and corpse couldn't even make the song good. When it came time to filming the music video he got some random ethot Valkraye to be his stand in last minute. Anthony told her she'd have hair and makeup done and paid for although it was revealed no hair/makeup staff was around so she had to do it all herself.

One thing that he's known for is his compulsive lying:
Some of these claims are found in his Q&A video and wiki page

  • he claims to be Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese, Native, Irish and Italian. Because of these lies he now has to incorporate broken Spanish into his songs.
  • Alleges that Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) has made his voice significantly deeper

  • Cuts his face up with razorblades before every stream
  • Wears an eye-patch on stream because screens hurt his Widdle babby eyes.



One thing's for sure he has anger problems and posts screaming autistic tantrums on social media like a lunatic. Smashing glass, throwing tinfoil you name it, baby!

His fans are god-tier autistic and faggy as they normally are when they're teens early 20s. Corpse posts a breathing sound bite and it was trending on twitter with #onlybreath within minutes. It got so big that some retard got it tattooed on her arm.
Another instance of a fan getting a corpse tattoo is from the time corpse posted a strand of his hair. For all we know it could be a strand from his pubes.

Corpse loves posting his gross veiny stubby ass hands on social media. Fans tend to draw them a lot and there was a tutorial posted to youtube.


There's gay rule 34 that has been drawn of our thread subject and his friend Sykkuno.

It's also alleged that Corpse's fans have stalked and harassed him, one even showed up to the mom's house dressed as a gas worker.
They're also known to be horny fangirls and will defend their king to the death. Here's an example of what a typical Corpse can look and act like:

View attachment 1617036553353.png
While some are almost 30 like our sperg queen Creepshowart as she made a 16 MINUTE VIDEO dunking on the Corpse haters cause it's totally bonkers my dudes!!!

On Reddit, corpse fans were grieving over the loss of their king's snapchat as it had been deleted by corpse himself. Many speculate that he exchanged nudes with younger fans and deleted it so he wouldn't be found out.

Turns out he was allegedly sending shirtless selfies to fans via snapchat.

YouTube (main):
YouTube (gaming):
YouTube (music):
Instagram: Archived
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Oct 10, 2020
His voice (which I imagine is as "real" as Christian Bale's Batman voice) is absolutely fucking insufferable, I can't stand hearing him talk for more than about ten seconds.
His fans are god-tier autistic and faggy as they normally are when they're teens early 20s. Corpse posts a breathing sound bite and it was trending on twitter with #onlybreath within minutes. It so big that some retard got it tattooed on her arm.
These people are too stupid to live


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Jan 3, 2021
Archive links:
YouTube (main):
YouTube (gaming):
YouTube (music):

Let me know if any of these don't work.

I only knew about this guy by proxy from some of the people he played Among Us with back when that blew up, not surprised that this is where he's at now. There's a thin line between being constantly edgy as branding and being legitimately mentally unstable.

Edit: For whatever reason, the Instagram archive just didn't work, so I've removed that one.
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Feb 25, 2019
Claims to be chronically ill with GERD
I mean if you make sure you drink enough water and maintain a decent die-

"I drink on an empty stomach": Corpse Husband worries Jacksepticeye after explaining his alcoholic preference​


While it's not conclusive as to weather it helps or hurt, that sure as shit doesn't help to drink on an empty stomach. Least he'll have enough fans to find someone who might be down for a liver transplant if need be.

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Feb 4, 2021
oh, fuck, this is Corpse from Offline TV's amongoose videos?

Absolute insanity. Honestly though, I'm not surprised in finding out everyone related to Offline TV is a lolcow one-by-one.
Dunno who OTV is, but yeah. Also the fucking AOC stream was creepy because the chat was shipping AOC with this corpiss


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Feb 25, 2019
Absolute insanity. Honestly though, I'm not surprised in finding out everyone related to Offline TV is a lolcow one-by-one.
Edit: this is an edit of my post to actually have info to back up my bullshit, but yeah, the OTV crew are lolcows in their own right, feel free to go down the rabbit hole with these Asian (and one Mexican) Retards.

Michael used to be edgy boi/Filthy Frank wannabe that made shitty robots from crappy Chinese parts, but now he's tied down by Lily and forced to make more PC content. Lily's a whiny Asian who's all "I can do arts me, huehuehuehue", all the while still trying to maintain this weird innocent façade while Michael pokes and prods her with dumb shit. Fed was an annoying dickhead who got the boot because he couldn't hold down his booze and keep his dick in his pants (allegedly). Toast is terrible with money (and friends, by extension). Scarra is funny but for all the wrong reasons (we're laughing at his autism, not with him). I don't know enough about Yvonne, which is a good hint to that she's boring and probably did pay the ass tax to get in, and everyone pretty much knows how much of a bitch Pokimane is.
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Apr 17, 2018
I know nothing about this guy besides seeing him constantly be mention due to trends on twitter. His whole persona seems like the fakest load of gay online and just generally comes off as groomy. His voice isn't anything special and sounds as forced as a Troon voice. Not even going to attempt to listen to his music but singing about the most basic bitch shonenshit anime characters is pretty cringe but seems fitting for someones whole persona is to be appealing to tumblr children.


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Nov 15, 2014
How old is he now? I would say he didn't live up to his promise.