Craig Butikofer / R3DRUNNER / Beagsmul / X / OverpaidUnderratedArtist - Hypocritical spreg of an artist that whines when people point out how toxic they are


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Craig Butikofer or known as R3DRUNNER/Beagsmul is a furfag artist that hangs around the dregs of twitter and tumblr, once a frequent on the likes of Inkbunny. They spend their time on twitter being an absolute cunt to people with a “Holier than thou” attitude because they believe when they are being honest to users that it’s fair game to treat people like shit, chimps out when people call them toxic on curiouscat, shits on other cub artists, only to turn around and churn out a shitton of cub art for commissioners and even personal work.

Mikachu Drama:


Now if that wasn’t enough, the real cream of crop is the Mikachu drama. According to sources and citations, Mikachu, an inkbunny artist did some fanart for R3DRUNNER, prompting Beagal boy here to chimpout at extreme levels of autism, going as far as to claiming Mikachu was using characters without his permission is steal them, even though R3D is okay with fanart, he seemed to have a big bone to pick with Mika in particular.

The Cubs, oh God, the Cubs…:

I’ve saved this part for last because just going through it all again as I have to write this shit out makes me fucking gag to the point I want strangle myself… it’s the cub porn. Now from what was seen R3D will try to distance himself from all the other cub porn seeking shitheads of the community and take a moral grandstanding when that’s far from the reality of it. Numbnuts here is into ageplay and draws cub porn of their own, hence why they use to have an Inkbunny, this nigga basically don’t got a soapbox to stand on or should’ve have one for how much of a hypocrite they really are.

Bash on them pedophiles, but you ain't no different Craig
Cub 1.jpg Cub 2.jpg Cub 3.jpg Cub 4.jpg Cub 5.jpg Cub 6.jpg Cub 7.jpg Cub 15.jpg Cub 16.jpg Cub 17.jpg Cub 18.jpg Cub 20.jpg Cub 21.jpg
This shit gets worse, I can’t even make this up
Cub 8.jpg Cub 9.jpg Cub 12.jpg Cub 13.jpg Cub 14.jpg
Incest territory:
Cub 10.jpg Cub 11.jpg Cub 19.jpg
That’s Asriel:
Asriel and Flowey.jpg Asriel and Flowey 2.jpg

Other junk:



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oh i added archives to the additional links lmao - 8 post twitter - redbubble - deviantart (a lot of photography submissions) - pininterest (active account) - amazon inactive - very active on google plus (surprising) - 500 px account another active photography account - no uploads but has his face youtube - 2 post account - he was a high school track and field athlete (his facebook confirms he attended that highschool) and there is some web stuff about it attached to his name like a 4th place finish in high jump.

furry accounts - furry twitter - e621 DNP - tumblr - r34 - kofi - trello - - planetminecraft - telegram;O=A - .onion backup of his FA gallery - curious cat - furry redbubble - weasyl - sofurry - patreon (lol) - - twitter r3drunner - photosugar (big ass archive of his tumblr porn) - min-s (yet another full archive of his tumblr porn)

interesting note he deleted his inkbunny account which was his main commissioning platform


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Wonder how he probably feels about it now since his stuff is up there, seems he's busy being a miserable boy

FP 208

oh yeah how i heard about this guy before this thread's previous incarnation wasn't his porn (thank god), but was because he was notorious for starting shit with everyone like some cases in the OP. Anyway here is a recent cow crossover with Zaush

Colossal thinking emoji right here

takes a pot shot at FA

you left FA "a long time ago" because of the cub porn ban and went to inkbunny dude

seems he's busy being a miserable boy
I was just screencapping this

Illegitimate son of Clyde Cash? March 2018 selfie:
Full pic click to expand:


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What I love is how he bashes on Zaush for doing cub shit and being a sociopath and drawing cub porn that's much worse and not seeing themselves as a possible sociopath for how they sperg out about shit.

Too busy imaging being the small child getting pounded probably.
Fixed that for you.
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What I love is how he bashes on Zaush for doing cub shit and being a sociopath and drawing cub porn that's much worse and not seeing themselves as a possible sociopath for how they sperg out about shit.

He thinks "pedo" is 0-5 year olds. He likes his cub characters 10 years old. my favorite is the furry reply going "what the fuck"

meanwhile his favorite fetish is "ageplay/sizeplay/cubs" . Also, he is into cuckolding and has drawn art of his char engaged in it as the cuck....

Cow crossover with his shittalking Jasonafex

You could add brony as well

Here he is getting mad at some criticism


some cub tweets
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Is he too exceptional to realize the Euro is worth more than the USD (currently $1.23 USD to 1 euro). Does he think the larger number means the USD is worth more? :thinking:
Funny he charges Euro when he lives in America.

Funny he charges Euro when he lives in America.
I wasn't aware of that, so he's just intentionally scamming people out of extra money by charging Euro rather than USD. Going by his 150 Euro pricetag, that's around $185 USD.

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