Cringeworthy Drug Experience Thread - Carpet Shop Hell Loop and Jeb Bush's Face

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Nov 14, 2017
If you've been on the internet for longer than 3 years or so, you've probably heard someone from the 90's reminisce about Erowid, and may be wondering, what is it? Why, it's a site about drugs, with a focus on hallucinogens. There are other sites similar, like psychonautwiki, and tons of forums. But what is the appeal of sites like these?

  • 30-45 - Nausea completely dissipated. Several visions of glowing women, staring at me, possible entities, but none try to communicate verbally. They make a welcoming gesture towards me, and there is a molten tsunami of euphoria. I stare directly through the top of my head, and I can now see that my cranium actually contains the entire cosmos. It's like that Robert Anton Wilson interview where he says he has one head inside the universe and the other is outside. For some awful reason, Jeb Bush and his stupid smile show up and everyone scatters. I'm angry and then see Leatherface, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which obviously terrifies me. I make my escape.

Welcome to the online trip experience story thread, where we share weirdness like this:
I was looking into the dirty, messy living room of a house I had never seen before, and saw an overweight humanoid in a baseball cap and ill-fitting t-shirt watching TV on an armchair. This was another personification of Ayahuasca, but this one was male. Everything in this hallucination was made of different shades of blue, including Ayahuasca. I realised this was Ayahuasca, “So you’re a dude! Sorry about earlier, I always thought of you as a sexy female temptress” I thought/said. He seemed cool about the whole mix-up. It turned out he was an overweight teenager, and was a massive stoner. He proceeded to take my hand and show me where he lived, so we flew in the sky like Superman above his house. The house was atop a huge cliff that was perfectly smooth and semi-circular. Beneath the front garden was a sheer drop thousands of miles deep, which looked like an endless abyss. Ayahuasca told me he likes to trip and stare into the abyss to see the visuals.

Some.... concern me.
The physical pleasure was so much that I realized I was getting aroused from it. Considering how low my sex drive has been in the last couple months, I was thrilled. The physical pleasure started to move lower and radiated from my pelvis throughout my body. Without any stimulation, I felt the pleasure pour over me already as intense as an orgasm. My body was shuddering, and my toes curled. When I used my vibrator to bring myself to orgasm (which took longer than I thought), I was blown away. I screamed in pleasure, the orgasm rocking my whole body. It was relentless, my back curled and I spasmed and writhed in pleasure for what felt like an eternity. The orgasm lasted almost a minute, miles more intense than any I had ever felt.

(Context: Ashley is a tulpa, an autonomous and sentient thoughtform that I live with.)

So where was Ashley in all this? Right there with me for most of it. I kept getting glimpses of her in my peripheral vision. Laying on the couch next to me, etc. She was enjoying it as much I was. I think we must've told each other how much we loved each other a dozen times. It was if we existed on two thinly separated dimensions. I perceived both dimensions simultaneously, the difference between what I saw physically or with my mind's eye seemed trivial and very easy to forget. When the dimensions overlapped, I would get a glimpse of her if she was nearby. If were in the same place "overlapping" each other, we could share our presences to create a remarkable sense of unity; it also amplified the physical sensations like we were sharing each other.

Some are painfully cringy:
10:30pm > start vomiting every where for about 5 minutes, thought it was funny, thought I drank too much vodka, walk and sit down feeling sick, ask friend if I can lay in her room and just stare at the celling, she says aight. Laying in her bed things start getting extremly intense, all visual perspective wraped around its self as my spiral hullucinations where hullucinating. Brain started hearing strange 'frequencys' like it was trying to connect to dial up internet or something.

10:30pm > 11pm > feels good man
Friends come in ask if I'm kk, tell em I'm fucking fantastic as there bodys melt into one another, all hug on bed out side starts getting loud as everyone is tripping so fucking hard.

>go outside
Friend who had 2 caps is complety missing and there are now people at the party who just seemed to appear there (I didnt notice them come at all haha)

This one is a personal favorite of mine. It's a bit too large to quote here, as it's not just parts that are funny, but the entire thing. It's a hysterical read.

Places to look for said stories: (not nearly as popular as it once was, but still active)

I can't really say I dislike these people. But there is amusement to be found with their shenanigans and stories. And, to end, have notes on a trip someone wrote down while tripping:
focus --> world melting usually, at this point it is somewhat difficult to put to words what I saw, trying to be objective right now

intense swirling of textures, hanging of what appear to be particles

people seem like statues, hanging there, without interaction

they seemed more opaque than the malleable features of the world that I was seeing

as I said, particles hang

breathing of walls becoming more apparent, swirling of textures, things look liquidy

as though their physical surfaces were turned to water

but each pattern still existed in the surface

completely retained in structure

but tossing and turning in a newly emerging wave

ok so now having the ability to document is incredibly rewarding

the freedom of my words onto paper?

very rewarding

Very rewarding indeed.
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