Trainwreck Cyndi Wilde / Kitty Danger - Obese "damsel in distress" fetishist superheroine

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BP cow hopeful Cyndi Wilde / Kitty Danger of New York is an obese "damsel in distress" bondage fetishist


Her super cringe superheroine videos were featured on Tosh.O a couple years ago.

Around that time she claimed to delete everything but continued to remain active.


She claims that allowing herself you be featured on Tosh.O was a mistake and that none of her vids is actually sexual


She's still around and making videos, some of them definitely sexual. The following is about 8 minutes of her struggling tired to a chair


However the real gold still remains in her superheroine/"damsel in distress" vids in which she gets kidnapped and tired up in every one




And of course the bad art showing a distortion in self perception




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She's also active on fetlife

Kitty Danger's Fetlife notes that she is into:

Into: abduction play (receiving), being captured by an evil villainess.(receiving), being tied to a chair (receiving), being tied to the railroad tracks(receiving), binding the heroine to the railroad tracks (receiving), bondage(receiving), captive superheroines (receiving), catsuits (wearing), costumes/dressing-up (wearing), couples in bondage (receiving), damsels in distress (receiving), damsels in peril (receiving), damsels in peril - perilous devices (receiving), peril play (receiving), predicament bondage (receiving), pursuit, take-down & capture (receiving), sawing (receiving), superheroines(wearing), superheroines bound, gagged and in dire peril (receiving), superheroines in bondage (receiving), superheroines tied to rockets(receiving).

She also noted in August that she's been quite ill

NEW UPDATE 8-16-2018!
Health issues have been keeping me offline and away from my video work, but things have finally turned a corner. I've improved enough where I can again make new content. I've done a three part video series based on my old CYNDI WILDE persona featuring my iconic pink satin Chinese dress and classic DAMSEL IN DISTRESS perils. So I'm back and brand NEW stuff is finally here!!!

Also, I would like to apologize to everyone who sent me messages and friend requests, I'll try and get back to everyone ASAP.

Her intro on fetlife is bland
For almost 15 years now I have been producing and staring in my own DAMSEL IN DISTRESS and SUPERHEROINES IN PERIL videos. I went under the name CYNDI WILDE for most of that time and made over a hundred videos and appeared in photo sets at MORAXIAN'S GAMEROOM. About a year ago I had an incident that forced me to retire my CYNDI WILDEpersona and re-branded myself as KITTY DANGER. I had continued making videos and my YOUTUBE channel featuring previews of my videos came to the attention of the producers of the television show TOSH.O on COMEDY CENTRAL. I was featured as the VIEWER VIDEO of the week for 9 episodes on season 9. I luv wearing my sexy outfits and being tied up and gagged (a kink of mine since I was a kid) and acting out dangerous deathtraps. I tend to have more mild, campy tastes mostly influenced by the likes of '66 Batman and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and other Saturday morning fare of long ago. I have a very small studio in which I shoot and do everything on greenscreen typically with me playing multiple roles and cheesy special effects.
Drop me a line if you want to talk.

I am surprised fart sniffing isn't one of her fetishes because she seems quite up her own ass.

The 247 images on her profile are just the same shit basically.

Fun chunker you got here.


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Jul 10, 2017
So how long until Rorshach drops her down an elevator shaft

Weird angle aside, the videos are pretty funny, but maybe hold off until there’s something truly cow-worthy about her?

Does she have any other social media to mine?


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Jul 10, 2017
This is Beauty Parlour, sir, not the Lolcow subforum. Take your patriarchal oppression from this lady thread.
I’m a lady and as such, my oppression is not the patriarchal kind, but just the regular bitchy kind!

The kind that calls other women fat!

That, this bitch is fat and ugly. I hope her next clip sale is “KITTY DANGER TIED DOWN TO CHAIR, HELPLESS, FORCED TO HAVE EYEBROWS FILLED IN PROPERLY!!!”
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