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Oh man....the Turtleboy story is such a load of drama. TL;DR - I wrote for his shitty blog, quickly realized that it was a low quality, click bait scam farm run by an unemployable megalomaniac ebegging his way into oblivion (while pretending to be a "staff" of 6-8 writers, most of them female, so that he could project some weird image of success....not sure why the affinity with pretending to be women, though) and tried to slowly back the fuck out knowing you don't walk away from a guy like that without someblowback. Well, yeah. I walked away and the guy has been accusing me of everything from child abuse, to "hacking his Facebook", to drug abuse...you name it. Lol. Honestly Turtleboy could probably have his own thread here but I'd be remiss to do it because it's too personal to me.
Teaming up with Cyraxx is an incredibly predictable move on Turtleboys part and will definitely guarantee some ace entertainment.
Turtleboy may be a wannabe Dave Portnoy and a loser so I doubt his credibility but cyrax is infallible and always succeeds in his endeavors so you’re pretty much fucked bc Cyrax always wins

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That Kate, she's the second coming of Hitler!
But there are some kino moments in there, at one point he completely melted down because my response to his relentless and obsessive character assasination campaign was to photoshop his face into memes and he TOTALLY LOST HIS SHIT. It was kino. It's been almost 2 years now and the guy is still obsessed, I think it boils down to a weird sense of jealousy and competition because my irrelevant channel gets slightly more views than his irreverent channel. Very bizarre ego driven delusions going on there.
Turtleboy may be a wannabe Dave Portnoy and a loser so I doubt his credibility but cyrax is infallible and always succeeds in his endeavors so you’re pretty much fucked bc Cyrax always wins
Well Turtleboy is a former history teacher who was forced out due to sexual harassment allegations against him and now believes hes an award winning journalist because he cuts and pastes facebook posts and photos from 2002 on his blog and figured out how fake text apps work, and Cyraxx thinks he's a celebrity because he knows the words to some early 2000s nu metal songs.....so now that they've teamed up I am done for and might as well hang myself on a livestream.

He's live right now. I haven't gotten notifications so Lord only knows how many I've missed today. He's been really prolific.
Edit- These are the links to "Turtleboy Daily News" he had in the description. I think Turtleboy is someone else beefing with Masshole. I've spoiled the direct links because trusting weirdo youtubers websites is not the best idea
Archive - Kate Peter Faces Magistrate Hearing In Leominster District Court For Witness Intimidation, Jamie Genereux Deposed For Lawsuit
Archive - Investigating Kate “Bristol” Peter Part 4: Neglecting Her Daughter, Open DCF Case, Family And Friends Speak Out

Here's a link to Turtleboy's Youtube channel, looks like clickbaity livestreams and stuff, no idea about the history here so I'm not even going to try speculating - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWxTJ-zRHUHfP84jfbCvquA/videos
Be careful clicking on his site because rarely does he update his SSL certificate and the whole site is riddled with popups and malware so you might get computer AIDS. Fair warning. If you can get past that you'll get a good sense of his fragile ego and latent self-loathing homosexuality. Man, its hard not to write up a thread, lol. He recently ran for school committee in his hometown, got absolutely murdered in the election, and then wisely deduced that the reason that he lost is because he is a Republican, and Democrats are "winning machines" that work sly and ingenious witchcraft like analyzing voting trends and polling data, and "until Republicans start doing that we will always lose." :story:


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His break didn't last so long. Can't download because it's age restricted and I've never figured out the whole cookie file thing.
put nsfw before the url:
then change this to
Which uses the same player as here, and you can just expand the menu bottom right and download

Horizontal Horror

First thing I tried but it doesn't load anything. Just a grey box in the middle of the page.
I just tried to archive it and it looks like it was a live stream that recently ended. Live streaming on youtube works by recording a series of segmented video files which will then be re-encoded into youtube's traditional video and audio codecs at the end of the stream. This sometimes takes up to 24 hours to do depending on the length of the stream. When it is finished, archiving tools and websites are able to download the complete video file.

For future reference, it's a good idea to record the best parts of youtube streams that you think will be deleted soon with screen capture software asap before this re-encoding process begins. If they private or delete the video before the process is finished you may not be able to access those parts of the stream again.

Khuntbag Kate

That Kate, she's the second coming of Hitler!
He dropped a devestating diss track on the whole Insane Clown Posse. They might as well quit now!


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Can't download​
I recorded it because it was short and I haven't checked in on Chance in a while

[ARCHIVE | yall need to leave ed alone]


IP2 feature
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