Horrorcow Cyrax / Chance J F Wilkins / Cyraxx Nation / Cyraxx / SKXRFACE / DJ Shadowblayde - From the hills have eyes, infected penis, Retarded Dwarf with RAGE. Plagiarist & Liar. Failed polymath, wigger, rapper, juggalo. Grandma abuser. 3rd generation pedophile-rapist. Stuck a stylus up his ass. Sent his dick pics to a pedo hunter. + his trolls

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Happy Holidays
True & Honest Fan
Does Cyrax purposely kill his channels once he's nearing 1000 subs and he can maybe make more than $20/month?
yeah, its very annoying keeping track of the little guy.
[he would be a lot bigger if he didn't wipe everything every couple of weeks.]

Spawn Of Ruple

Chance gets confirmation that Benderboyz and Marty all made tons of cash off the back of his hard work. all while he got nothing.

He's not feeling too good after finding out out his talent was exploited while others profited of his art.

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