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How much will a dent spend on a PC Phil will barely use?

  • <$500

  • $500-$1000

  • $1000-$2000

  • $2000-$3000

  • $3000+

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Nov 10, 2021
Hi All

I need some help to understand some things, I think I might be having a psychotic episode.

I used to be constantly on YouTube a few years back. But thanks to a new job and social life I haven't been on it much for a long time.

Recently I thought I'd get reacquainted wth Vidya games and YT and see how many of my old favorites were still around.

So far Total Biscuit is dead, Boogie looks like he died and got stuffed by a taxidermist, Movieblob is barely alive (somehow), Jim Sterling's a fat lady now, Spoony is a depressed recluse and Metokur has space AIDS.

But fucking DSP is still rocking on with the same old shtick??

I'm trying to catch up on this thread, but he's survived: getting banned, getting fired from partnerships, being totally toxic, saying racist & homophobic shit, jerking off live on stream, bankruptcy and playing video games like a blind, exceptional, one-armed 4-year old chimp.

And now he has a 10k thread on here & people are paying him $200 a day to put on a vest or something?

Is this reality now, or have I finally lost my mind?


Feelin' Healthy
Dec 15, 2018
I miss the sons of Kojima
I'm not going to lie; they had like 3-5 really good Let's Endures.

Ironically, the last one they did with the Godfather was probably the best one. Mostly because Leanna was screaming that DSP the entire time.

It's actually weird looking back at TIHYDP from 5+ years ago because DSP while angry ranting actually still seemed to be having SOME enjoyment of the games. He hadn't hit the bitter old man status yet.


Jose Cuervo

Apr 1, 2021
Missed the 10k festivities.

I’m not going to lie, having that thread closed got me into tears. It’s been tough, it has…!
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Zappin’ And Spazzin’

"This is NO paradise..."
Jan 4, 2020
Now I promised a reward for reaching 10,000 pages in the previous thread, and here it is…another thread!
Now, you guys loved the last thread, you all LOVED it, people told me behind the scenes that the last thread was perfect and they had no complaints, so we’re just gonna keep doing the same thing we’ve always been doing.
Sound good? Okay? *nrkh*