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Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by A Witty Name, May 17, 2013.

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no one can help you


What will Phil's on-stream e-begging tips goal be?

  1. < $1000

  2. $1000-$1999

  3. $2000-$2999

  4. $3000-$3999

  5. $4000+

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  1. Isnt calling people exceptional individuals banable? When was he raging over people getting views for playing a spomgebob game anyway?

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  2. Gonna laugh if Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom wins a Paypig's choice poll
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  3. Imagine you're pulling in $90,000 as a Boeing, Microsoft, or Amazon Employee in Washington (which are, in Phil's eyes, the three companies that employ people in a 7 million population state). Imagine that you gross $3,750 per half-month, and you get the following taken out of your check:

    Federal Tax: $450.00
    Social Security: $227.50
    Medicare/FICA: $53.20

    You wipe your hands of that, and 60-80 dollars of a PPO/HMO, because you never see that, right? You take home somewhere around $2,950 and you wash your hands of it, and at the end of the year you file a 1040 and pull back 600 bucks and spend it on a TV or a Playstation and budget the rest of it out. That's what adults too.

    Now, imagine you're Phil. Instead of taking home $2,950 and not having to worry about long-term risk, you're taking home $3,750 and your take home is much more significantly impacted. You're doubling your SSI/FICA input as 'self-employed' - that's $280 the average 'wage slave' doesn't think of. You're probably paying an extra $250 in health care per month just to avoid an ACA penalty. Over the course of a full year, you have $32,000+ of debts and obligations that the average employee never sees - costs that just come out of their Net Pay that they never have to consider. (

    Now, imagine the average consultant, entrepreneur, small businessman with those obligations - he pulls 35 cents out of every dollar he earns over the course of a calendar year to pay for those obligations. If he's smart, he pays his federal taxes quarterly or even monthly - I won't spoil it for you. He's not smart. He melts down at a $11k+ Federal tax and $13,500+ FICA/SS obligation annually, and the last two years we've seen that in November/December since the IRS doesn't give a comfortable 3 month window for payments on self-employed businesses or S corporations that don't at least front part of their tax obligations quarterly. Again, none of this includes medical insurance payments, which are still heavily subsidized by an employer - get laid off and pay for COBRA coverage, you'll realize how much your employer drops in to your healthcare per year in America.

    tl;dr: if you made as much as phil self-employed, you'd be paying $10,000+ in medical, SSI, and unemployment insurance that your employer covered. you'd also, unless you went out of your way to fuck yourself over, never see the federal tax obligation Phil's been neglecting to pay all year. Complain about him unfairly getting his adSense back, but remember that for every drop we pay into our retirements, Phil's dumping it into a black hole of a Rust Belt condo off of I-95;.

    Edit: My original FICA/SS obligation assumed an employee contribution - as 'self employed', Phil doubles the Medicare and Unemployment contributions. I still don't feel comfortable talking about Washington B&O Tax, as I've seen 3 different rates Phil's 'business' could be taxed at. I get that he's thrown out specific numbers, but Phil Is A Liar.
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  4. That doesn't exist anymore.

    Did we ever get lore on why DSP's previous mod DeepDrive or whatever got banned from Twitch?
    EDIT: Never mind, I guess he's not.

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  5. 17:00 "thank you darksydephil"

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  6. The highest rate I've seen is 1.5%, so I've always used that. And based on the ballpark numbers he's given, that rate works out to him having made ~$90-100k per year he's been in WA, which matches pretty well with the income.
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  7. Did Dave just use a lolcow reference in his own chat? What?
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  8. According the twittersphere, tevin made it to the persona 5 fanarts. Again.
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  9. Max doesn't really need the money (although I say that without knowing how finances); I don't think I've ever been to a stream he does where he's not getting dozens of subs and ridiculous resubs. I'm sure he knows exactly what he has in overhead so giving money back somehow I can absolutely see him doing.

    . . .on a tangent, people like Max, Kripp, Disguised Toast and Trump (to name a few) are exactly the successful streamers I think of when Phil whinges about "the muppetry of successful streamers." These guys aren't clowns, their overlays aren't crazy offensive and they aren't preoccupied with tips and subs. They play their games until it's time to quit, have a pretty reliable schedule, actually take time to exist in the real world and seem to enjoy what they do. Trump, the least popular of the group, in terms of stream numbers, still manages to pull 150-200K on his YT videos. . . even when he's playing not-Hearthstone his viewer numbers are usually 1K or above for fringe titles like Cult Simulator or Surviving Mars; these are numbers Phil would kill for. Hell Max just spent the last few weeks replaying Resident Evil and the stream numbers were gigantic.

    TLDR: Phil is beyond out of touch on what makes a successful steamer, and even if he could get his"schtick" in order, his personality and ego would kill any quality he'd hope to squeeze out.
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  10. From my understanding, a successful streamer is like a good bro, his mind is one with his audience, they love their audience, it's like a very chilling party with everyone. They do not wait for a signal to interact with their fans, they just do it dynamically, constantly, they want to talk with the group, they play with you. Twitch is about personalities for a good reason. This is also why PDP's "Bro Fist" approach works so well, it makes him charismatic, he appears like a friend.

    Phil is way too distant to his audience to ever achieve that, he just plays a game and people are just being tolerated to watch. And better throw money, you ungrateful fuck.

    Kinda like, you have to be nice to be well received, not really a surprising concept. You would think Phil would have learned that after 10 years.
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  11. The irony is if Phil ever tries to become one of the good, friendly streamers he'd immediately lose audience, money and eventually go bankrupt in a matter of months.
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  12. Not necessarily. I think he would surely lose some people who watch him for the toxic show, but the rest would stay and still know he needs that money, which he really does, to pay the bills. Then he would also gain new fans who stay for the friendly environment, the sub, they donate, maybe even big dollars from time to time; it's for a nice streamer, right?
    Phil doesn't need to get better at games, his failures and blindness would still be part of the hilarious "worst 21th century gamer show". He's

    But thinking about a possible nice Phil isn't even worth thinking about, this nearly drifts into philosophy. What if the Sun dies tomorrow? Wouldn't happen, it's not part of reality. Just like a nice positive Phil is an impossible occurrence. It's not part of his personality and will never happen. And I don't count pretending to be nice to pay the bills, like when it's Christmas (the festivities of love and giving big money) , I mean sincere niceness.
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    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  13. I think what they meant was that even if Phil managed to uphold a mascarade it would crack within a couple month and he'd piss / scare away all the audience he'd gain as FakesydeShill...
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    HerrKlicks negative detractor meme!

  14. Phil’s strawman streamer is just a major projection of his own streaming habits.

    Like you listed, Phil thinks that successful streamers are annoying because they act like clowns using exaggerated reactions to cater to kids and idiots, have lazy or offensive overlays that don’t really tell you anything except where to buy their merch, are so obsessed with getting tips and subs that they barely engage with their audience, are so disconnected from reality that they can’t comment on anything outside of streaming or gaming, and are only in it for the money.

    Gee, who does this list remind you of?
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  15. This.

    In Phil's opinion it is not possible to play and interact with the chat at the same time.
    Guess what? Max is able to talk with his chat and still play even though he gets 10k viewers on his stream.

    Or someone like Cloud805, who gets around 1-2k people on stream answers questions from chat while simultaneously playing a match in a fighting game. (which according to Phil isn't possible at all.)
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  16. Moderating the chat properly and actually banning some of his supporters would be the first straw.

    Toning down on the scummy begging will be the next.

    Shutting his mouth and barely talking so he doesn't make random toxic outbursts will surely drive away even more people.

    The new people who come to watch a mostly silent guy playing a video game horribly will not be enough to sustain his "job"
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  17. It's weird. It's like he's still stuck in the youtube streaming mindset where no shout outs, thank yous and what not. But then goes ahead and does those things he said he didn't like, while still having the mindset in the past. Simply delusional thinking. He really thinks the shit he says does not ever apply to him at all.
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  18. Another big issue is that he's just not humble. He believes he's getting what he's owed basically. I'm sure you've all seen Youtube videos or been on streams yourself of these streamers who get low views and they're either new or sometimes they're not, sometimes they've been around a while and just get low viewers then some guy comes in and gives them $100 and they freak out over it. But I mean its not only low viewer streamers thats just something I remember seeing before but I know that there's high viewer streamers and really popular streamers who are appreciative of like $2 and stuff and will answer their cheer in depth, fuck they don't even need to cheer for them to answer a question.

    And for DSP I remember two specific instances that you guys might remember too, but Swagginz I think it was gave him $300 in one go and had given him like $500 in one week and was like "Swagginz just tipped me 300 dollars! Thats the most I've ever had. Wow, thank you." and went back to streaming. I remember during a vice city stream as I was on Tevin's stream as he was restreaming it and a guy gave him $200 and Phil goes "Wow I just got a 200 dollar tip from [person I forgot who it was] and he asks me to rank the GTAs. To be honest I don't really have favourites, they're all good. I like 5 a lot though. Thank you for the 200 dollars. [snort] So there you go." and he went back to playing.
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  19. You're assuming he does only that, i.e. he doesn't for once recognize his failing and try to improve his streaming. Yes, this would take time, muslces don't grow overnight, but if he REALLY wanted to be a quality streamer and have that reflected in his content, his audience and his financials, he could. He is lazy though and has thinner skin and a bigger ego than POTUS.

    I've honestly never seen any of those four streamers "clown" in the way Phil describes it. Max has Dark Souls videos where he's reacting appropriately to dying, Trump has this "slump" he does when he gets blown out in Hearthstone, and I'm sure other streamers have these quirks but nothing like Phil describes. I think he's seen like a "best of" collection of folks like Jack and Pewd's and just extrapolates that to all streamers and then calls it a day. The guy needs this to be true (along with the "raw, unedited gameplay" malarkey) to keep his sanity.

    . . .how easy would it be to sit back and give someone who does that like 2 minutes worth of attention? This is how you know he thinks so little of the actual fans and only views them in terms of the money they provide.
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