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Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by A Witty Name, May 17, 2013.

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no one can help you


What will Phil's on-stream e-begging tips goal be?

  1. < $1000

  2. $1000-$1999

  3. $2000-$2999

  4. $3000-$3999

  5. $4000+

Article Available:
The Lolcow Wiki has an article on Darksydephil
  1. I guess two worlds collide here. Donations keep the pig alive, but the conclusions differ. On the one hoove you could say it's important to show Dave wrong by actually not supporting his lazy lifestyle and see how he crashes all by himself. On the other hoove you have people who want to keep up the wild ride by "trolling" Dave in the wrong believe he did everything right and somehow this makes them chuckle. It's like Normal World meets Bizarro World.

    Nothing we can do, we pressed the buttons, nothing came out. But it should be perfectly fine to explain how these troll-money burners are not very different from a sincere mindless fan. So far there was really no good explanation of the benefit of giving Phil money. Please, someone enlighten us.
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    #71441 Wurstbrot, Oct 11, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018

    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  2. i guess you are right , but i mean like secretlife telling us we did something wrong , as if we can control each other kinda got to me and i wanted to air it out , but you are right me man

    nah man giving dave money is just dumb don't get me wrong but i was trying to say is people like hypocrisy who is obviously aware of what he is doing will continue to do what he does, he ATTENDS the pig's stream daily , so what im saying is this guy is spending his money on his entertainment the same goes for the garden variety dsp fan
    my point was we can't control what people do you know, there will always be that GUY who will do it and getting pissed about it is pointless , but then again isn't life pointless to begin with ?
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    Zack the ripper

    Zack the ripper Super villain

  3. You'd think King of Hypocrisy would have gotten banned immediately way back when he first showed up, since his name is obviously meant to reference Phil's "King of Hate" moniker, and his hypocritical attitude.

    But he's giving money regularly, so I guess Phil can put up a wall of defense over his paper-thin ego for the sake of some easy moolah.
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    Jmboote "I didn't die, you just remembered it wrong."

  4. Lads, I think it might be time to revive "#whereiskat".


    Haven't seen her in a looooonnnggggg while. No pictures. No random Q&A streams. Perhaps she has finally moved on to greener pastures.
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    Noob-Noob Jealous dumbfuck

  5. Tbh Kat not appearing on stream isn't that weird, especially not after the whole cucking thing came out. I can see why neither of them wants her on stream after that. However Phil's weird behaviour does point to something. We all know he's a lazy fuck, so the fact he's extending his streams would suggest that they're the only source of human interaction he gets now. He's extending his streams because he has nothing else - I wouldn't be surprised if he never sees Kat anymore.
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    Pubic Enemy #1

    Pubic Enemy #1 Oi m8 wot if ur mam was an email

  6. He’s exhibiting the same behaviors and, “putting on a smile,” in front of his audience, despite the fact that he literally only streams anymore and has been eating frozen dinners and shit. I don’t know if she’s gone, but judging from everything we know and everything he’s said in the last few weeks, she’s got one foot out the door.
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    thebonesauce The North American Jape

  7. If she's not gone (which I don't think she is yet), she definitely seems to be trying to avoid him. Erratic work hours, gym visits. Maybe he's waiting up for her because she's chosen/been given a shift where he's awake in the hopes of coming home with him asleep.

    Something's going on, but even if Kat suddenly pulled up here and confirmed she's left Dave and provided proof, Phil would still pretend everything is fine.

    He has to have the "perfect life". How else can he seem cool to the exceptionals he's cultivated.
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    samovski feelsoldman

  8. Even if she's not gone, it's hilarious she went from Soulmaid to roommate so fast.

    Phil flew this bitch halfway across the country, bought her clothes and a new phone, lets her use his car, doesn't make her pay bills, and probably spoils her on their nights out with dinner reservations and staycations and shit.

    And here she won't even make him dinner anymore.
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  9. Personally, I hope that Kat sticks around, at least until Halloween is over. I want to see what type of slutty shit Phil forces her to wear because I now he won't be able to help using her.
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  10. --------------------

    For starters, how about...........

    "There's nothing I can do, I was pressing buttons"
    "You guys know my address from the detractors, just drop by my GATED community and buzz me saying that you are dropping a 50 bit cheer in my mailbox and I'll let you in, okay? *Snoooooooooooort*

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    N0thingICanDo I'm Pressing Buttons (show controller)

  11. Assuming he’s going to show Kat at all in any way :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:
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    thebonesauce The North American Jape

  12. ----------------------------



    This kinda explained why Wagginz has been a whale while being as stooopid and autistic as fuck.............

    2018-10-11 (1).png wagginz.png
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    N0thingICanDo I'm Pressing Buttons (show controller)

  13. Maybe they just broke up? Kat has a pretty good deal living there for free, and Phil is too awkward in real life to tell her to get the fuck out.
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  14. "But no pahliticks, guize. I'm naht guna put up with it anymoar."
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    Nurse Ratchet

    Nurse Ratchet That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow
    True & Honest Fan

  15. I mean, that’s my current theory. She’s either gone or on her way out. Phil has a tendency to keep up appearances on stream and can not admit that he fucked something up. He didn’t even mention the Panda thing until he absolutely had to. By then he was already talking to Kat and had seen her a few times.

    He’s such a sucker, he can’t stand to see people say, “I told you so.”
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    thebonesauce The North American Jape

  16. Alright, Adolf Hitler just cheered and he said "love you Phil, been a long time fan, can't wait for the stream" ACK ACK ACK I love you too Adolf.
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  17. Haha valedictorian just spent about a half hour fucking around with every little detail of the appearance of his gay ass wrestling character, got everything just the way he wanted it, wasting his viewers time and being boring as fuck... then exited without saving. We're still not even close to any kind of gameplay. And he turned all the music off so there's dead silence then, duhuh, that's stoopid, duhuh... this is a stream of an almost 40 year old man sitting on a couch in silence tweaking his video game wrestling character, opening loot boxes, and goat laughing. Don't forget dave is a good streamer who deserves a good living from doing this, holy shit.
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  18. Wow, what a boomer move.
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    TheKatIsNowGone Have you seen my missing Kat?

  19. Update on stream:

    Even with a team mate on am unfair 2 Vs 1 match, Phil's own character still got knocked out of the ring by Johny Gargano, Phil then waving his noodle arm as you can see here and said:

    “There's nothing I can do"

    2018-10-11 (2).png
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    N0thingICanDo I'm Pressing Buttons (show controller)

  20. So is that one shitty little $20 skeleton the extent of his decorations for the pigpen? I feel like that's pathetic, even for dave...
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