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When will the tip goal be raised from $150 (set July 22nd) to $200?

  • Never

    Votes: 37 6.1%
  • Within a month

    Votes: 341 56.3%
  • 2+ months

    Votes: 64 10.6%
  • Tax begging time (December-March)

    Votes: 164 27.1%

  • Total voters


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Your mahds like the lawnmower and pissing into the toilet sfx?
I bet they're the type of detractor who'll be throwing fistfuls of cash at Phil one day.
Some denthead mod named Jay literally thinks it’s his own stand up comedy routine and superchats $2 at a time to make TTS say his shitty quips.
I’d argue it’s almost Swagginz-tier, but I have pity for Swagginz because he’s a retard.


Hate Army lieutenant
just wanna say that phil said he knew the mass effect stream tonight would be slow. in my eyes, that means he knew that there would be no whales on tap tonight. so he was trying to get as many tips as he could from the "organic" viewers.
Yep. He did the same last ME3 stream (mentioned on the early stream how the contributions would be slow), but [redacted] appeared to mod his chat at the last minute. That's why he had to say that 'last stream if [redacted] hadn't show up, it would be another slow stream.'

Fun fact: Phil can see all the mods that are in the stream chat, even if they don't appear to us in the list. That's why he just engages in clown mode all of a sudden, because he can see that a paypig showed up.

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The bait-and-switch for his next stream surprise is pretty fucking ballsy and may signal a new tactic in the DSP begging arsenal.

Of course it's entirely possible that the thing was supposed to arrive on a certain day and it didn't, and DSP had to push the surprise reveal back, but... what professional streamer would be so fucking braindead as to not have the thing you're revealing on the day you're promising to reveal it? Even if it got delayed or misplaced, that's what a professional plans for.


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Are we already memory holing the pahsitive change happening after his day off?
I was kinda looking forward to the chair reveal, it would be fucking retarded like the other stuff. But he seems to think adding these little things will somehow net him more money. He's such a strange creature never addressing the obvious problem of his shitty personality.

He certainly is getting less and less money since going to YT. I missed the Black shirt Phil so I hope to see this make a reappearance in some form as the begging gets more desperate.

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@Agent Proper Good job on the Top-Haters.com video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4FcootzwBE

Even though I've read through the archive of the site a couple times passively listening to you go through it let me notice different things than when actively reading it.

Like for example Phil is about 21/22 when he was word-vomiting out that nonsense but he is already firmly entrenched in classic narcissist tactics like demanding that criticism meet certain criteria and be submitted correctly or it automatically is invalid and completely dismissed, meanwhile none of this applies to him and all his criticism is automatically valid and must be given the utmost gravitas.

Even in his very early 20's he is already an extreme narcissist. That entire website is essentially an early monument to Phil's ego masturbation. Even if you go back to the things Phil talks about from childhood they sound heavily swayed down the narcissistic spectrum. Phil has probably been like this his whole life, at least from 12 to 13 or so. There's an early forum post as WoahMoses! when Phil was 18 where he is posting about a local MvC2 tournament where he describes losing, losing again in Losers bracket, buying his way back in to the tournament, then going on to win that is full of excuses and Phil's conclusion at the end of the post is "after tonight I am certain that I am the very best there is in this state at MvC2."

This brings me to a second thing I noticed. From the way Phil laments and bellyaches about SF culture changing from 'playing in arcades and shit-talking people to their faces' to 'online Xbox matches and faceless internet posting' it sounds like Phil literally never had any friends. Like I think the same way Leanna was his first girlfriend I think John Rambo was his first real friend. In all his early postings he talks about practicing at home by himself so that he could occasionally act like a Big Dick Chad at the arcade.
He's talked about how ethnic neighborhood kids would smash his toys. He's said he never could own a bike because 'niggers would steal it'. He's talked about a couple drinking buddies he had in high school that he never saw again, and that's it until John Rambo. Oh, and that T Carter guy whose death he used to talk shit online to Viscant, among other ways he would exploit it.
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