• "we have an Italian OP telling us about an all Asian film crew interviewing an autistic tranny. Say what you want about this part of the internet but its damn diverse."

Dramacow Dave "Danielle" MuscatoAtheism activist and Bernie Bro

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Sheikh_Speare, May 2, 2016.

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  2. I wouldn't feel safe sharing a bathroom with him, and I am a dude.
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  3. I love how he keeps making this asinine comparison.
    It's NOT Republican men in Congress wanting to use the ladies room.

    It's this fetishist who has a 5 O'clock shadow by 12pm and loves to take pictures in dressing rooms and bathrooms.
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  6. Muscato could do with thinking along the lines of "sure my biological sex is male, but I'm a transwoman. Don't like it? Then we're not friends! Cya!"
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  7. So if he's saying doctors called him a male after seeing his penis, but he believes he's a female, shouldn't he chop his dick and balls off if he truly believes it?
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  8. Another superb quote from this individual. I got the feeling there are many more to come.
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  9. I love watching how salty troons get when people don't buy their shit. Propagating our species necessarily demands we are able to identify the opposite sex. This is true of all sexually dimorphic creatures, yet Dave Muscato thinks changing a letter on a piece of ID somehow invalidates millions of years of evolution.

    I don't believe for a second any of these dudes actually believes they are female. It makes them so angry that they cannot control what people think and how people perceive them. I can't think of anything more privileged than demanding that people see them as something other than what they are.

    They can exact all the legislation in the world, they can force people to call them"she" or "ms", they can shame and shun anyone who speaks out, but they CANNOT force anyone to ACTUALLY believe they are female, and I enjoy watching them try to argue otherwise.
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  10. What is hilarious is he is an atheism Sperg, so he knows exactly why the argument "my Bible proves god is real" is illogical, but can't seem to understand why "my ID proves I'm female" is exactly as stupid. It's the exact same argument.
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  11. Glad to see this being brought up. He turned his back on reason, and it hurts my fedora heart. Or perhaps his atheism advocacy was only attention-whoring to begin with.
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  12. This is part of why it makes me so glad to see him get grilled. :neckbeard: are so glad to grill Christians, but at least some Christians aren't entirely self serving assholes, and have some higher minded basis for their faith. Davey is just a gross fetishist.
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  14. Did the "team of medical experts" tell him to sue the doctor who "made the mistake"? By "misgendering" our pretty pretty Danielle when "she" was 5 seconds old, he subjected "her" to years after years of harassment, so there is real damage done. And "she" can call those "MD specialists" to be expert witnesses!
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