Dramacow Dayton HyperNova / Earl Shultz / Cade Dorian Paradoxa / Earl David Shultz / th3bl8ckm8sQu3r8d3 - Autist Psycho Tranny Who Screams at and Beats Family on YouTube; Steals Money from them for Queer Boutique; Believes that he's Engaged to Christina Ricci

When will Earl finally get kicked out?

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Queen Of The Harpies

"Get some cunt in your life there, dipshit."
'Investing' in fashion while starving. Sorry, hun. but it's your own damn fault you're being starved and beaten

Queen Of The Harpies

"Get some cunt in your life there, dipshit."
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Apparently Earl was turning troon while still dating that person from “10 years ago”. I always assumed he snapped and went troon due to them breaking up, but it now seems they actually broke up because he went troon
He proves in this post that he has an oedipal complex and doesn't know the meaning of basic vocab.

The Fifth Waltz

Thoticus Maximus of the Roman Imperial Legion
True & Honest Fan
I like how he openly admits to recording his family's convos.


No shit your dad isn't going to be pissed.
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